Swiss government declares homeopathy is ‘cost effective’

Swiss government report declares homeopathy is ‘cost effective’ in treating patients
Dana Ullman at Natural News

Drawing cost data of participating physicians from Swiss health insurers, this review included all expenditures covered from consultation costs (diagnostic and therapeutic procedures), costs for medication (directly dispensed or prescriptions), costs for external laboratory analyses and costs for physiotherapy.

The Swiss report found that total practice costs for physicians who specialized in homeopathic medicine had an overall 15.4 percent reduction in overall health care costs associated with their practice, as compared with physicians who practiced conventional medicine as well as those physicians who practice other “complementary and alternative medicine” treatments (but not homeopathic medicine).(2) The significant reduction in health care costs from homeopathic treatment represents a potential savings in hundreds of millions of dollars or more in many countries.

This significant 15 percent saving from homeopathic care confirmed from an independent Dutch study that analyzed claims from a major health insurer also found a 15 percent reduction in health care costs associated with alternative medical care by physicians who were trained in homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, or anthrosophical medicine (Kooreman, Baars, 2011).

Besides finding reducing costs to homeopathic treatment, the Swiss report referenced a significant number of randomized double-blind clinical studies showing efficacy of treatment from homeopathic care.

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  1. The report or even the thought that Homoeopathic treatment is cost effective is absolutely correct .
    If the people and the Government make it as a first line of treatment even in case of EMERGENCY you are sure to find postive results, the Insurance companies can save a lot.

  2. Dana Ullman asserts that this Health Technology report says that homeopathy is “cost effective”. However, the HTA itself does not say this. In fact, with respect to cost efficacy the report is quite inconclusive and states it is unable to draw any definitive conclusion. Dana refuses to admit this, and has refused to answer questions as to why he has so blatantly misrepresented the report’s findings.

    Here are some relevant extracts from the report summary:

    “A general health-economic statement about homeopathy cannot be made from the available data.” and:

    “Reliable statements of cost-effectiveness are not available at the moment.”

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