Tamil Nadu PSC Homeopathy Medical Officer Question Paper 2007

1. Ascaris is also called

  • A) Roundworm    B) Flatworm
  • C) Fluke                D) None of these

2. Moderate severe Lymphadenitts is caused by

  • A) Virus                 B) Mycobacteria
  • C) Streptococcus D) None of these

3. Repolarisation of ventricles must ·

  • A) Begin in septum       B) Begin in apical epicardium
  • C) Begin at AV node    D) All of these.

4. Increased pressure within Carotid sinus produces .

  • A) Rreflex bradycardia      B) Reflex hyperpnoea
  • C) Increase in heart rate D) Increase in venous pressure.

5. Severe hypertension may cause

  • A) Pulmonary oedema   B) Rise in coronary flow
  • C) Visual acuity                D) All of these

6. Mycobacterium Kansasi  are

  • A) non-specific          B) tuberculous bacilli
  • C) leprous                  D) none of these

7. Superior oblique muscle is supplied by

  • A) Oculomotor nerve    B)Trochlear nerve
  • C) Abducent nerve        D) Trigeminal nerve

8.Which of the following regarding Mandibular nerve is correct?

  • A) Branch of facial nerve
  • B) Purely motor
  • C) Passes through foramen ovale
  • D) Related to Sphenopalatine ganglion

 9. The base of the Heart is formed by the

  • A) right atrium alone   B) left atrium alone
  • C) right and left atria  D) right and left ventricles.

10. The horizontal part of the duodenum crosses the midline opposite to.

  • A)Vertébra L1            B) Vertebra L2
  • C) Vertebra L3         D) Vertebra L 4

11 . Glycerol is converted to glucose in

  • A) Heart  B) Muscle
  • C) Liver    D) Brain.

12.  E.Coli are

  • A) Gram -ve bacilli    B) Gram +ve cocci
  • C) Gram -ve cocci – D) Gram +ve bacilli

13. Cluster testing is useful   detecting case of

  • A)  Diabetes  B) STD
  • C) Cancer       D) Measles

14. ln Typhoid, widal test detects

  • A) O Antigen      B) H Antigen .
  • C) V Antigen       D) both [A) and (B)

15. Ketone bodies are byproducts of Metabolism of

  •  A) Carbohydrate   B) Fat
  • C) Protein                D) all of these

16. Clostridium Tetani can cause

  • A) Tetanus       B) Rabies
  • C) Tetany         D) none of these.

17. Which of the following pair is gram +ve  Cooci ?

  • A) Streptococci and Staphylococci    B) Staphylococci and Klebsiella
  • C) Streptococcci and E. Coli                D) Klebsiellae and  E. Coli

18. Shock leads to A ·

  • A) Disparity in cardiac output and demand
  • B) A collapse
  • C) Dehydration
  • D)   all of these·

19. Conduction velocity is least in

  • A) AV Node      B) SA Node
  • C) His bundle   D) Purkinje fibers

20. Following are Ketogenic except

  • A) Alanine     B) Tyrosine
  • C) Glycerol    D) Fatty acid.

21. Which  is not a common cause of meningitis in adults ?

  • A) Str. Pyogenes -Group A  B) Staph aureus / H influenzae
  • C) Group B streptococcus   D) Myco TB

22. In TB meningitis, CSF finding is

  • A) no sugar        B) low sugar
  • C) persistent proteneuria  D) polymorphonucleocytosls

23. Lepromine tests is strongly positive in

  • A) borderline leprosy        B) Tuberculoid leprosy
  • C) Intermediate leprosy   D) Lepromatous leprosy.

24. A positive Mantoux test indicates that the child

  • A) has   TB infection
  • B) has had BCG vaccination recently
  • C) is suffering from active TB
  • D) all of these

25.  Streptococcus: pyogenes produces all of the following except

  • A) Impetigo contagiosa    B) Erysipelas
  • C) Boil          D) Parmonychia

26. In R·S, most common Paediatric Cocci are

  • A) Pneumococci        B) Staphylocooci
  • C) Streptococci          D) all  of these

27. Skin infections are caused by

  • A) Staphylococci        B) Streptocooci
  • C) both (A) and (B)    D) none of these

28. Professional death sentence has to be passed by

  • A) High Court           B)State Medical Council
  • C) Sessions Court    D) Central Government.

29. Which nucleus is not found in the flow of fourth ventricle ?

  • A) Abducens N              B) Dorsal Vagal N
  • C) Facial N                      D) Hypoglossal N. A

30. Major site of acetoacetate formation from fatty acids is the

  • A) Kidney          B) Adipose tissue
  • C) Liver              D) Muscle

31. The most common mode of transmission of Leprosy is

  • A) skin to skin contact          B)droplet infection
  • C) insect vectors      D) through fomites

32. Insulin has …. . amino acids

  • A) 49   B) 50
  • C) 51   D) 52

33. Continuous  murmur over manubrium is most likely to be on account of

  • A) patent ductus arteriosus     B) aortic stenosis
  • C) mitral stenosis                      D) aortic insufficiency

 34. All bacteria are killed by

  • A) dis infection    B) sterilisation
  • C) both A & B       D) none of these

35. Best way of killing bacteria is by

  • A) Autoclave              B) Incineration
  • C) Refrigeration        D) Hot air oven

36. Smear for Malaria are taken

  • A) at  night                 B) at time of rigors
  • C) both (A) and (B)    D) none of these

37. Dr.Koch is known for

  • A) Tubercle Bacillus  B) Postulates
  • C) both (A) and (B)     D) none of these.

38. Acid fast bacilli were known for

  • A) Tuberculosis    B) Cervical Adenitis
  • C) Leprosy             D) all of these

39. Virulent staphylococci can cause

  • A) food poisoning    B) abscess
  • C) seborrhoea         D) both (A) and (B)

40. Rectum begins in front of

  • A) 1st Sacral vertebra    B) 2nd sacral vertebra
  • C) 3rd Sacral vertebra    D) 4th Sacral Vertebra

41. Warning notice is

  • A) Issued by the Government
  • B) issued to the doctor by Medical Council.
  • C) issued to the public
  • D) none of  these

42. Most important features of inflammation are

  • A) colour, ruber, tumour, pallor and loss of function
  • B) tenderness & oedema
  • C) exudation & transudatation.
  • D) redness and pan

43. Measles is most Common

  • A) Spring      B) Winter
  • C) Autumn   D) Summer

44. In Indian Medical Council Executive Committee consists of

  • A)  the President
  • B) the Vice president
  • C) the President. the Vice-President and 7 to 10 others
  • D) none of them.

45. Calcium requirement during pregnancy per day is

  • A) 400 mg   B) 300 mg
  • C) 500 mg   D) 100 mg

 46. Egg has all the vitamins except

  • A) C     B) B1
  • C) E     D) B6

47. Normal pleura is

  • A) 1 cm above the1st  rib    B) 2 cm above the 1st_ rib .
  • C) upper edge of the 1st rib D) lower edge  of the 1st  rib

48. The oculomotor nerve supplies the muscle of eye

  • A) Superior rectus  B) Superior oblique
  • C) Medial rectus    D) inferior oblique

49. Gangrene leads to

  • A) bad odour       B) colour change
  • C) putrefaction   D) all of these.

50. Recommended   dietary of protein for an average 70 kg male is

  • A) 65gm    B) 110gm
  • C) 80gm    D) 30 gm

51. Muscles Hypoglossal is supplied by nerve

  • A) Lingual   B) XII cranial
  • C) Facial     D) V Cranial

52. Which of the f01l0wlng cranial nerves does not contain parasympathetic fibers

  • A) III          B)  VI
  • C) IX           D) X

53. Which of the following could result  from a destructive lesion of the left  oculomotor nerve ?

  • A) Loss of left pupillary constriction when light is shown to the left eye
  • B) 4 Loss of left pupillary constriction when light is shown in the right eye
  • C) Paralysis of ciliary muscle in the left eye
  • D) All of these.

 54. Features of optic nerve are except .

  • A) Myelinated fibres    B) Unmyelinated fibres
  • C) Sheath of Schwarm   D) Glial cells

55. Total vital capacity is decreased but timed vital capacity ts normal in

  • A)   Bronchial Asthma    B) Chronic Bronchitis·
  • C)   Scoliosis     D) all of these

56. Fourth heart sound ts heard in

  • A) early diastole    B) early systole  ·
  • C) late systole       D) late diastole

57. Infection by group B streptococci

  • A) can be followed by rheumatic fever
  • B) occurs in neonates
  • C) in persons debilitated by underlying systemic disease
  • D) can be prevented by vaccine.

58. A patient with  fever of l03°F, bradycardia nd leulcopenia probably has

  • A) Tydhoid        B) Malaria.
  • C) Meliodosis    D) Brucellosis

59. In Salmonella food poisonin true is

  • A) diarrhoea and vomiting     B) vomiting. no diarrhoea
  • C) diarrhoea. no vomiting      D) long incubation period

60. About typhoid  true is

  • A) blood culture is positive within 7 —- 10 days
  • B) blood culture positive within 3 to 4 days
  • C) blood culture is positive within 24 hours
  • D) all of these

61. Craving for alcohol in any form, falling of hair, pains from darkness to daylight are characterized by

  • A) Mercurius     B) Syphillinum
  • C) Tuberculosis    D) Medorrhlnum

62. Tooth decay at the roots and crowns remain sound in

  • A) Mezerium           B) Thuja
  • C) both (A) & (B)     D) none of these

63. In Sciatica, pain is aggravated by standing, and letting the foot rest on floor. During rest from previous exertion. Amelioration from walking. The drug is

  • A) Rhustox   B) Pulsatilla
  • C) Sepia        D) Valeriana

64. Sexual  debility from inordinate use of salt and violent sexual excitement leading  to aversion to coition causing sterility.  The drug  is

  • A) Lycopodium    B) Phosphorus
  • C) Selenium          D) Natrum mur

65. Tongue of  ……. patient is foul and becomes clear at each menstrual nisus.

  • A) Lachesls    B) Pyrogen
  • C) Sepia          D) none of these.

66. The relationship of Sepia and Natrum mur is

  • A) inimical                B) antidote
  • C) complimentary     D) follows

67. In   laryngitis, selenium patient complains of aphoria resulting from

  • A)  cold exposure    B) overuse of voice
  • C)   overheated        D)  none  of these

68. Indicated after injuries to glands where stony hardness is present in the cellular tissues. The drug of choice is

  • A) Calcarea carb    B) Spongia
  • C) Conium                D) all of these

69. The complaints of Zincum met is relieved ·

  • A) before menses  B) after menses
  • C) during menses   D) before, during an{d after menses. ·

70.  Rhustox is …. sided medicine.

  • A) left                                            B) right
  • C) right upper and left lower    D) no

71. Second edition of Boenninghausen’s characteristics and repertory by Boger was published in

  • A) 1927   B) 1940
  • C) 1935   D) 1937.

72. Who gave the concept of doctrine of Pathological general

  • A) Boennonghausen    B) Kent
  • C) Boger           D) Knerr

73. How many remedies are available in Boger Repertory ?·

  • A) 504     B) 464
  • C) 414     D) 450

74. Synthetlc  Repertory was published in

  • A) 1960    B) 1973
  • C) 1945   D) 1952

75. Bogcr’s Card Repertory was published in

  • A) 1907   B) 1928
  • C) 1936  D) 1942

76. Autovisual  Homeopathic Repertory was introduced by

  • A) Dr. Shankaran B) Dr. Jugal Kishore
  • C) Dr. Patel           D) H. C. Allen

77. How many medicines are there in Knerr’s Repertory ?

  • A) 408      B) 501
  • C) 540     D) 420.

78. In Sinusitis the discharge from the nose contains the fragments of the nasal  cartilage indicates the drug of choice is

  • A) Aurum met    B). Cupr met
  • C) Stan. Met       D) Plumbum met

79.Remedy for the presence of “White Amorphous Salts”itn urine is

  • A) Lycopodiom   B) Berbaris vulg
  • C) Hydrangea   D) Pariera brava.

80. Remedy for Neuralgia of Stump after amputation is ·

  • A) Aconite    B) Allium Cepa
  • C) Bryonia    D) Pyrogen

81. The base of the heart is related to

  • A) descending aorta   B) tendon of diaphragm
  • C) Azygos vein             D) tracheal bifurcation

82. A Nucleus in brain common  to IX. X. and Xl cranial nerves is

  • A) nucleus ambiguous    B) nucleus solitlarius
  • C) red nucleus                 D) dental nucleus.

83. Section 191 IPC relates to

  • A) legal practice to medical doctors
  • B) giving false evidence
  • C) Factories Act
  • D) punishment for false evidence

84) Which nerve passes through Meckel’s cave ?

  • A) Trigeminal         B) Facial
  • C) Abducens         D) Trochlear

85. Oedema is pitting type in legs due to

  • A) renal failure        B) cardiac failure ·
  • C) Anaemia              D) all of these

86. Severe hypertension may cause

  • A) pulmonary oedema     B) reduced visual activity
  • C) rise in coronary flow     D) all of these. “

87. Lower border of costo diaphramatic recess is at the level of which of therib?

  • A)  12    B) 8
  • C) 6        D)10th Rib

88. Neoplasm is defined as .

  • A) new growth         B) benign growth
  • C) malignancy          D) all of these

89. Cause of death in sulphuric acid poisoning is

  • A) perforation of stomach or toxemlc spasm of glottis
  • B) due to shock
  • C) circulatory collapse
  • D) none of these

90. For contraceptive sterillsatlon consent of ………. should be obtained. ·

  • A) husband   wife   B) husband alone
  • C) wife alone         D) father-in-law alone

91. Hydramnios is associated with all, except

  • A) Tracheo-oesophagial  Fistula      B) Anencephali.
  • C) Toxaemic                                        D) Renal agenesis.

92. Trial  labour is contraindicated in

  • A) elderly primi gravida    B) major disproportion
  • C) severe P.E.T’     D) all of these.

93. Commonest type of vertex presentation is

  • A) left occiptto transverse    B) left occiptto anterior
  • C) right occipito anterior      D) right occiptto posterior.

94. Sure sign of intrauterine death is

  • A) spalding sign        B) gas in the aorta
  • C) absence of foetal movements     D) failure of gowth of uterus.

 95. Definite  sign of pregnancy is

  • A)Uterine supple             B) Ballotment
  • C) Foetal heart sound     D) Amenorrhoea

96.In vitro fertilization ts not  indicated in

  • A) Endometriosis                   B) Tubal block
  • C) Cervical lncompetency     D) both (A) and (C)

97. Vulvo vaginal candidiasis ts commonest in

  • A) Addison‘s disease         B) Cushing syndrome
  • C) Diabetes                         D) Malnourishment.

98. In prevention of premature labour the drug  is

  • A) Caulophyllum     B) Asarum Europeum
  • C) Aurum trtphylum    D)Fer. met

99. Retention of urine after labour.The drug of choice is

  • A) Avena Sativa       B) Arnica
  • C) Drosera               D) Dulcamara.

100.Dlarrhoea and vomiting, bloody discharge from bowels during menses. The drug

  • A) Amy  Nitrate  B) Aconite
  • C) Ant. Tart         D) Ammonium Mur

101. The upper end of the superior vena cava is situated at the level of

  • A) upper border of the first right costal cartilage
  • B) lower border of the first right coastal cartilage
  • C) middle of the first intercostal space .
  • D) upper border of the second right costal cartilage

102.In the mid axillary line the pleura reaches as low as the

  • A) 8th rlb     B) 8th intercostal space
  • C) 9th  rib    D) 10th rib

103. Hyperacusis is a condition in which normal sounds appear too loud. The condition can be produced by injury to the

  • A) Vestibular nerve        B) Cochlear nerve
  • C) Facial nerve                 D) Chorda tympani

104· Which is the most common position of the Vermiform appendix ?

  • A) Retrocaecal                B) Pelvic
  • C) Sub-caecal                  D) Pre-ileal

105.At approximately what distance from the ileocaeal junction is- Meckel’s  diverticulum located on the ileum ?

  • A) 30 cm      B) 60 cm
  • C) 90 cm      D) 120 cm

106. Seventh Cranial nerve supplies

  • A) all muscles of facial expression
  • B) all muscles of facial expression excluding orbicularis
  • C)   muscles of facial expression and mastication V
  • D) all muscles of facial expression excluding levator palp. superioris.

107. The only pharyngeal muscle innervated by the glossopharyngeal nerveis the

  • A) Stylopharyngeus         B) Palatopharyngeus
  • C) Superior Constrictor   D) Middle Constrictor.

108. Blood Fluke is also called

  • A) Schistosomium haematobium    B) Schistosomium Pulmonale
  • C) Paragonimus          D) Kala-Azar

109. Cerabral féver is caused by

  • A) Pl. Vivax         B) Pl. Falciparum `
  • C) Pl. Ovale ·      D] Ka1a·Azar.

110. Tuberculosis is also called

  • A) Koch’s lesion     B) Kahn’s lesion
  • C) Lewis’ lesion D) none of these

111.ln renal calculus, brick dust red or yellow sediment odour of musk. The drug

  • A)  Ocimum Canum    B) Selenium
  • C) Sepia                        D)Conium

112. Strangulated Hernia. The drug of choice is

  • A) Nux. Vomica    B) Robinia
  • C) Rhustox             D) Chamomilla

113. Which organ is most severely  affected by shock?

  • A) Heart      B) Kidney
  • C) Lung        D)  Liver.

114. Disease  which come under the scope  of Homoeopathy  ?

  • A) Iatrogenic disease
  • B) due to   natural calamities
  • C) Disease where there is domain of similia
  • D) All the above

 115. Sources of Homoeopathic  Medicines are     ·

  • A)  Metals        B)Halogens
  • C) All the poisons   D) all of these

 116, Atrophy of the sides of the body is a symptom belonging to

  •  A) common symptom          B) disease symptom
  • C) pathological symptom   D) second grade general.

117. Homoeopathy is based upon which of the following logic ? _

  • A) Norvum Organum
  • B) Inductive logic
  • C) Deductive logic
  • D) Both Inductive logic and Deducttve logic.

118. Which of the following medicines is very effective in ‘Hyperemesis grav1darum’ ?

  • A) Pyrogen                                    B) Graph
  • C) Symphoricarpos racemosa    D) Ruta

1 19. In Dysmenorrhoea  more profuse the flow, greater is the sufferings

  • A) Vib. Opulus .   B) Nux. Vom.
  • C) Bell                D) Cimicifuga

120. Menses irregular, continuous oozing of watery blood until next period. The drug

  • A) Secali Cor. B)  Sars
  • C) Aconite     D) Thuja. A

121. Which type of Malarias not seen in India?

  • A) Ovale     B) Falciparum
  • C) Vivax     D) P. Malariae

122. Which of the following species commonly causes ‘Cerebra1 Malaria’ ?

  • A) P. Malariae    B) P. Vivax V
  • C) P. Falciparum D) P. Ovale.

123. Sudden onset of cough followed by increasing dyspnea is characteristic of

  • A) Pleural effusion            B) Lobar Pneumonia
  • C) Myocard1al infarction D) Pneumothorax.

124. Most of the deaths after myocardial infarction are seen within the first

  • A) 1 hr         B) 6 hrs
  • C) 12 hrs     D) 24 hrs

125. Diarrhea and dermatitis is due to   …………….. deficiency.

  • A) Riboflavin    B)Thiamine
  • C) Niacin           D) Pantothenic acid.

126. Crackling crepitation  unaltered by coughing is characteristic of

  • A) Pulmonary tuberculosis       B) Interstitial lung disease
  • C) Klebsiella  Pneumonia            D) Lung

127. Causes of acute pulmonary oedema are all except

  • A) inhalation of irritant fumes
  • B) sudden exposure to high attitudes
  • C) acute left ventricular failure
  • D) deep sea diving

128. Angina pectoris   most commonly

  • A) Mitral stenosis
  • B) Aortic stenosis
  • C) Mitral  regurgitation
  • D) Aortic regurgitation

129. Smoking most commonly causes Q

  • A) Carcinoma lung              B) TAO
  • C) Chronic bronchitis         D) Myocardial Ischemla

130. Which remedy is  indicated in the initial stage of meningitls ‘?

  • A) Bell            B) Helleborus
  • C) Zinc met.  D) None of these.

131. Cotton dust causes which one of the following occupational lung disease ?

  • A) Byssinosis          B) Siderosis
  • C) Berylliosis          D) Slllcosis

132. Varying pulse pressure with normal rhythm is seen in

  • A) Left ventricular failure   B) Asthma
  • C) Respiratory failure          D) Cardiac tamponade.

133. Wh1ch is not a complication of Rheumatoid arthritis ?

  • A) Endocarditis           B) Pericarditis
  • C) Splenic infarcts       D) Polycythemia.

134. Following are true for acute bronchial asthma, except

  • A) Intercostal muscle retraction    B) Monosyllablic speed
  • C) Cyanosis                                       D) Decreased respiratory rate. .

135. Bronchopneumonia due to measles, occurs due to

  • A) Sinusitis                           B) lmmunomodulator
  • C) Bronchial obstruction  D) Aspiration

136. Pulmonary embolism causes all, except

  • A) Bradycardia            B) Decreased  cardiac output
  • C) Arterial  hypoxia   D) Acute right ventricular strain.

137. Which  of the following is true about Malaria?

  • A) P. Falciparum can cause relapse
  • B) P. Vivax does not contain pigment granules
  • C) P.Vivax causes enlargement of affected RBC
  • D) Schizogony of P.Ma1aria occurs in 48 hours.

138. The complication least likely to   in a case of chronic bronchitis is

  • A) Pulmonary Hypertension      B)Pneumothorax
  • C)  Emphysema                                 D)Amyloidosis

139. Malaria affects the following organs, except

  • A) Bram                    B) Heart
  • C) Liver                     D) Kidney

140. Which of the following are independent mk factors for Atherosclerosis ?

  • A) Diabetes                        B) Hypercholesterolaemia
  • C)   Smoking                      D) All of these.

141. Fatty change / degeneration occurs in

  • A) liver              B) lungs
  • C) spleen         D) muscle

142. Fatty degeneration is characterised by

  • A) loss of appetite           B) Jaundice
  • C) Lethargy                       D) all of these.

143. Staphylococcus is producing

  • A) Alpha Lactamase              B) B -LactAsmase
  • C) gama – Lactamase           D) none of these.

144. Meningiococci are.

  • A)   Gram negative            B) Gram positive
  • C) Diplococci                      D) both (A)  and (C)

145. Media for culture for Neisseria is

  • A)  Robertson’s medium        B) Theyer Martin medium
  • C) VR medium                         D) none of these. .

146. Ascariasis also leads to

  •  A) Spleen involvement           B) lmmune deficiency
  • C) Pulmonary Eosinophilia      D)   (B) and (C)

147. Pinworms  lead to bleeding and Anaemla. The statement is ·

  • A) True                                              B) False
  • C)  for pregnant women only       D) none of these.

148. HIV   is associated with

  • A) B Lymphocyte            B) T Lymphocyte
  • C) Large Lymphocyte    D) Small Lymphocyte.

149. HIV virus leads to

  • A) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  • B) Acute Immune Syndrome
  • C) Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  • D)  Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

150. Recently, tuberculosis is becoming a. disease of

  • A)  young  females    B) elderly males
  • C)  elderly females    D) Young children

151. Hookworms can complicate

  • A) Renal failure               B) Bloodless – Anaemia
  • C) Perianal infection In D) none of these

152. E Coli is

  • A) more frequent than E. Hlstolytica    B) lessfrequent  than EH
  • C) none of these                                       D) Co-exists with EH

153. Malariai Parasites are

  • A) vector oriented                  B) causing night rigor
  • C) intra erythrocyte               D) all of  these.

154. Common Plasmodium are

  • A) Pl. Vlvax               B) Pl. Falciparum
  • C) Pl Malariae           D) all of these

155. Salmonellla causes

  • A) Enteric fever         B) Typhoid fever
  • C) both A) and (B)    D) none of these.

156. Salmonella acts by

  • A) Endotoxin           B) Exotoxin
  • C) Antigenicity        D) none of these

157. Food poisoning is caused by

  • A) Staphylococcus         B) E.Coli
  • C) both (A) and (B)         D) none of these

158. The Angle of Louis is at the level of

  • A) lower border of T 3           B) upper border of T 4
  • C)  lower border of T 4          D) upper border of T 5

159. The esophagus

  • A) Passes through at the vertebral  level  T 10
  • B) is found between the trachea and thoracic duct in the superior mediastinum .
  • C) is typically ventral to the azygos vein in the lower thorax
  • D) all of these.

160. Two types of failure leading to shock

  • A) after load and pre-load
  • B) left ventricular and right ventricular
  • C) both (A) & (B)
  • D) none of these

 161. Headache preceded by blindness or blurred vision. The drug is

  • A) Kali  bichromium     B) Gelsemium
  • C) Lac defloratum        D) all of these`

162. Breasts inflamed painful in least jar. Must hold them firmly when going up or downstairs. The drug is

  • A) Lachesiss            B) Lac. Caninum
  • C) Hydrastis           D) Cup. Met

163. Eye bum, ache, and feel strained, hot like balls of fire. Spasms of lower

  • A) Ruta.         B) Rumex
  • C) Ran. Bulb  D) Sepia.

164. Cough with lowness and soreness in the chest with inability to expectorate,  sputa must be swallowed  by taking cold water. The drug is

  •  A) Causticum          B) Pulsatilla
  • C) Dulcamara          D) Cina

165. Shifting type of pain in multiple joints. The drug is

  • A) Hypericum    B) Verat. alb.
  • C) Pulsatllla        D) Calendula

166. Asthma, better by lying down and keeping arms stretched far apart. The drug is

  • A) Ars. alb.       B) Psorlnum
  • C) Tabacum      D) Ruta

167. In bronchial Asthma, patient is better by bending the head backwards. The drug is

  • A) Hep. sulph               B) Kali bich
  • C) Rhustox                    D) A ur met

168. In fever pains in bones are severe. The drug is

  • A) Eupatortum                   B) Arnica
  • C) Ars. alb.                          D) Aconite. .

169. Commonest Heart disease in India is

  • A) Rheumatic           B) Ischemic .
  • C) Congenital            D) infective endocarditis.

170. Deaths due to measles are almost   due to

  • A) Encephalitis           B) Meningitis
  • C) Dehydration          D) Pneumonia.

171. Ambragrlsea is prepared from

  • A) a sarcode            B) nosode
  • C) plant kingdom   D) none of these.

172. Vertigo on seeing flowing water is a symptom of

  • A) Argentum nit.       B) Ferrum met.
  • C) both (A) and (B)    D) none of these.

173. Time seems interminable, space, illimitable ts the indication of

  • A) Ambra griesa        B) Conium mac.
  • C) Cannabis Indica    D) none of these.

174. Incontinence of urine can only urinate when lying, cannot get out of bed quick enough from which the child is roused with difficulty. The drug is .

  • A) Causticum   B) Pulsatilla
  • C) Kreasote .    D) None of these.

175. Involuntary micturition due to weakness of the bladder in girls and women  when becoming cold. The drug is

  • A) Causticum  B) Kreosotum
  • C) Rhustox     D) all of these.

176. Sensitive to flower and odour, periodical headaches associated with vomiting, aggravated by light relieved by passing flatus up and down. It is seen in

  • A) Pulsatilla        B) Sepia
  • C) Sangunaria D) all of these.

177. Mechanical injuries from sharp cutting instruments, Post surgical operations.

  • A) Arnica
  • B) Staphysagria
  • C) both (A) & (B)
  • D) none of these.

178. Sensation of fall in inner parts, feels a ball in the rectum, even after passing stool. The drug is

  •  A) Merc. Cor.          B) Ignatia
  • C) Sepia                     D) Phosphorus.

179. Afraid of sharp, pointed things as pins, needles etc.  is symptom of

  • A) Mercurius        B) Spigelia
  • C) Silicia                 D) None of these.

180. Cannot keep from falling asleep in the evening while sitting or reading hours   before bed time. Wakes at 3 or 4 AM,  Falls into dreamy  sleep at daybreak

  • A) Pulsatilla           B) Kali carb
  • C)  Nux vomica .      D) none of these

181. Drowsiness, sleepiness and dryness of skin and mucous membrane  are  characterised by

  • A) Opium A       B) Nux moscahata
  • C) Bryonia         D) all of these.

182. ln hemorrhagic condition, the character of blood of Lachesis is

  • A) dark watery offensive cougulable
  • B) bright red non-coagulable
  • C) drk clotted sour smelling
  • D) none of these.

183. The leukorhoea  of Hydrastis in characterized by

  • A) thick yellow discharge             B) hanging from os in long strings
  • C) profuse watery greenish        D) scanty  white acrid.

184. Great forgetfulness, remedy for fear of examination in students is the  characteristic symptom of

  • A) Lac caninum      B) Medorrhinum
  • C) Alumina             D) Anacardium

185.  The common name of Eupatorium perfoliatum is , ·

  • A) Marigold       B) Bitter root .
  • C) Bone sett       D) Butter Cup.

186. During severe diarrhea  veratrum alb is characterized by

  • A) craving for ice
  • B) cold perspiration over forehead Q
  • C) both above
  • D) none of these.

187. Nux vomica belongs to ……. temperament

  • A) bilious            B) Sanguine
  • C) irritable         D)all of these

188. The menstrual flow of kreosote is worsen by

  • A) motion     B) lying down
  • C) day time   D) night

189. Eating warm food ameliorates the liver, chest and stomach symptoms. Liver remedy craves hot milk, hot fluids. The drug is

  • A) China                  B) Bryonia
  • C) Chelidoneum    D) All of these

190. Bad effects of suppressed sexual desire or sudden deprivation of sex in widows symptom of

  • A)Lachesis         B) Sepia
  • C) Conium mac. D) none of these

191.Dry hacking cough from slightest inhalation of cold air, wants to cover upto had with head cloths. The drug is

  • A) Belladona         B) Nux vomlca
  • C) Hepar sulph     D) Rumex.

192. In typhoid  fever rises upto 105° —· 106°F and the pulse rate is high out of  proportion to the temperature. The drug is

  •  A) Baptisia       B) Ars  album
  • C) Pyrogen        D) All of these

193. Morning sickness in phosphorus is aggravated

  • A) by eating and drinking                    B) during early morning
  • C) by keeping hands   warm water    D) by all of   these

194. Medicine taken from poppy seeds is

  • A) Nux-moschata         B) Nux vomica
  • C) Cedron                      D) Opium.

l95. Sctatlca. pain in spine and down the arms all neuralgic pains are brought on by suppressed eruptions. The drug is

  • A) Spigelia        B) Kalmia
  • C) Mezereum    D) Kali carb.

196. Prolapse of uterus, excessive sexual desire and profuse menstruation are characterized by

  • A) Natrum mur       B) Sepia
  • C) Murex                 D) all of thes

197.  Psorinum Asthma  is relieved by

  • A) lying on abdomen
  • B) bending head backward
  • C) lying down with arms and legs spread apart
  • D) lying on sides with head high.

198. In constipation, the character of phosphorus stool is

  • A) long slender dry like a dog’s stool
  • B) soft painless .
  • C) round blackballs offensive odour
  • D) none of these.

199. Skin symptoms, of petroleum are worse in

  • A) winter               B) summer
  • C) fall of spring    D) none of these

100.Rapid heartbeat  150 — 170/min is the characteristic symptom of

  • A) Lilium  Tig      B) Mercurius
  • C) Sepia               D) Sulphur

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