Telemedicine Practice Guidelines for Homoeopathic Practitioners by CCH

The remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology Practice Guidelines for Homoeopathic Practitioners by Central Council for Homoeopathy India 

Telemedicine can help to increase the availability of homoeopathy to the level where health care is difficult to reach. Telemedicine can play a particularly important role in cases where there is no need for the patient to physically see the RHP (or other medical professional), e.g. for regular, routine check-ups or continuous monitoring. Homoeopathy Telemedicine / Tele-consultation will enhance primary health care immensely. 

India’s digital health policy advocates use of digital tools for improving the efficiency and outcome of Healthcare system and lays significant focus on the use of telemedicine services especially in the Health and Wellness centres at the grass root level wherein a mid-level health care provider / health worker can connect the patient to the doctor through Technology platforms for providing timely and best possible care. 

In spite of this policy till now there is no legislation or guidelines for Homoeopathic practitioners on the practice of telemedicine through video, phone and internet based platforms (webchat, apps etc). Lack of clear guidelines has created significant ambiguity for registered medical professionals of the Homoeopathic systems raising doubts on the practice of telemedicine.  

The purpose of these guidelines is to enable Homoeopathic practitioners to use telemedicine tools. This will be done by providing information as well as training which will be updated from time to time in the coming years. Telemedicine will continue to grow and be adopted by more health care practitioners and patients in a wide variety of forms.

These guidelines will give practical advice to registered homoeopathic practitioners regarding telemedicine to encourage them to consider the use of telemedicine as a part of their normal practice as well as in disasters and pandemics which pose unique challenges to provide Healthcare.

The practice of Telemedicine can prevent transmission of infectious diseases reducing the risk to both doctors and patients by avoiding social contact. These guidelines will provide norms and protocols relating to doctor patient relationship issues of liability and negligence, evaluation, management and treatment.

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  1. Telemedicine will prove a positive change in health care treatment in such epidemic crisis.These services will help patients save travel and wait time as they can consult a doctor at their own convenience and at the comfort of their home.

  2. dear sir,
    Most of the Drs are not even competent to take case of the patient sitting before him and takes days to cure the patients. A close personal contact does not show a full success. Drs do not agree on one remedy on the same case. Homeopathy is not fit today to under take telemedicine practice.
    regards c s gupta

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