Terminologies in Synthesis Repertory


Explanation of difficult words and rubrics in Synthesis Repertory by Frederick Schroyens


  • Acarophobia-Fear of insects
  • Acrophobia-Unusual fear of heights
  • Affability-friendly; courteous
  • Aichmophobia-Fear of pins
  • Ailurophobia-Fear of cats
  • Algophobia-fear of pain
  • Amathophobia-Fear of dirt
  • Amaxophobia-Fear of riding
  • Anarchist-a person who rebels against any authority
  • Anemophobia-Fear of wind/air
  • Animus –hostility; ill feeling
  • Anthropophobia-Abnormal fear of people or society
  • Aplomb-self assurance
  • Ardent-eager ; passionate
  • Ascetic –severely abstinent / self –denying (increased self control)
  • Astraphobia –morbid fear of thunder storms
  • Audacity-daring/bold
  • Autophobia-fear of being alone
  • Avarice-greed for wealth
  • Basphobia-fear of walking
  • Bellowing-deep loud roar
  • Belonephobia-Fear of pins
  • Benevolence-kind and helpful; charitable
  • Bereavement-deprive of friend or relative esp by death
  • Blasphemy-talk irreverently about
  • Brontophobia-fear of thunder storm
  • Calumniate-slander/ malicious misrepresentation
  • Catoptrophobia-Fear of mirrors
  • Chagrin-acute vexation/ disappointment.
  • Charlatan-falsely claiming knowledge or skill
  • Circumspection- Cautious/ taking everything into account
  • Clairaudient- The ability to hear sounds and voices that are outside of the natural range of hearing.
  • Condescending attitude-graciously consent to do a thing while showing one’s superiority/to be on equal terms with
  • Conformism-conventional; person who confirms to conventional practice
  • Contemptuous-showing contempt ( feeling that a person deserves reproach)
  • Contentious-quarrelsome
  • Coquettish-flirt
  • Culpability-deserving blame
  • Cynical-person with pessimistic view of human nature
  • Cynophobia-fear of dogs
  • Debauchery-excessive sensual indulgence
  • Defiant-open disobedience; bold resistance
  • Depreciation-decline in value
  • Desolate-uninhabited
  • Despotic-absolute ruler; tyrant
  • Discernment-having good judgement or insight
  • Dotage-feeble minded senility
  • Dromomania-pathologically strong desire to travel
  • Encopresis-involuntary passage of faeces
  • Ergasiaphobia-fear of responsibility/work
  • Exasperated-irritate intensely
  • Exultant-rejoice
  • Fanaticism-bsessively devoted to a belief
  • Fervent-intense/ ardent
  • Foppish-man excessively devoted to style and fashion
  • Frivolous-not serious/ silly
  • Gluttony-excessive eater/ insatiably eager person
  • Haphephobia-Fear of being touched
  • Imperious-over bearing; domineering
  • Impertinence-irrelevant;insolent
  • Impetuous-acting rashly/ suddenly
  • Importunate-making persistent requests
  • Improvident-lacking foresight; wasteful
  • Imprudence-rash; indiscreet
  • Impudent-impertinent(irrelevant)
  • Inexorable-relentless [relent-yield to compassion]
  • Intriguer-one who does underhand plotting; secret arrangement
  • Laconic-using few words
  • Lecherous-lustful
  • Litigious-contentious[ quarrelsome]
  • Lypothymia-a condition or feeling of faintness
  • Mendacity-lying; untruthful
  • Mysophobia-pathological fear of contamination or germs
  • Obsequious-exhibiting servile compliance; obedient in a servile manner
  • Obtunded-dull; less than full mental capacity
  • Pavor nocturnes-night terrors esp seen in children
  • Pedant-person who insists on strict adherence to formal rules
  • Perfidious-breach of faith
  • Pertinacity-persistent; obstinate
  • Petulant-impatient/ irritable
  • Ponophobia –fear of fatigue esp through over work
  • Presumptuous-unduly confident; arrogant
  • Reticent-avoidance of saying all one knows or feels; taciturnity
  • Reveling-make merry
  • Scorned-contempt; reject or refuse to do as worthy
  • Servile-like slave; subservient
  • Taciturn-uncommunicative
  • Taphephobia-fear of being buried alive
  • Temerity-rashness; audacity
  • Tipsy-slightly drunk; showing intoxication
  • Unscrupulous-unprincipled
  • Usurer-person who lends money at exorbitant or illegal rate
  • Vacillation-fluctuate in opinion/ resolution
  • Vagabond-wanderer; having no home
  • Vanity-unreal thing; conceit about one’s attainment or appearance
  • Wily-cunning
  • Xenophobia-unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers


  • Mortification-humiliate;wound person’s feelings
  • Stupefaction-insensible
  • Vexation-annoying; [ vex-irritate]


  • Chirping-uttering thin sharp note
  • Concussion-temporary unconsciousness due to head injury
  • Ebullitions-effervescence; boiling or bubbling up;hot flashes
  • Fuzziness-indistinct; blurred
  • Horripilation-goose flesh
  • Pithy feeling-condensed and forcible
  • Warbling noise in head-sing in gentle trilling way


  • Amaurosis-partial or complete blindness
  • Amblyopia-poor sight not due to any detectable disease of eye ball or visual system
  • Asthenopia-eye strain;a sense of fatigue brought on by use of eyes for prolonged close work.
  • Astigmatism-defect of vision in which the image of an object is distorted due to irregular curvature of cornea or lens.
  • Esophoria-tendency to squint in which the eye, when covered, tends to run inwards towards the nose.
  • Exophoria-tendency to squint in which the eye when covered , tends to turn outwards .
  • Hyperphoria- A tendency of the visual axis of one eye to deviate upward.
  • Melanosis-disorder in production of melanin
  • Onyx- ‘claw’ or ‘fingernail like opacity
  • Staphyloma-abnormal bulging of cornea or sclera of the eye.
  • Suggillations-black and blue mark; a bruise
  • Tenonitis- is a rare eye disease, an inflammation of the Capsule of Ténon
  • Vacillate- sway from one side to the other; oscillate
  • Xerophthalmia-cornea & conjunctiva become dry, thickened & wrinkled.Vit A deficiency.


  • Hemeralopia-day blindness- poor vision in good illumination.
  • Nyctalopia-night blindness- inability to see in dim light.
  • Polyopia-sensation of multiple images of one object.
  • Scintillations- a rapidly oscillating pattern of visual distortions, often associated with migraine aura
  • Scotoma-a small area of abnormally less sensitive or absent vision in the visual field,surrounded by normal sight.
  • Stereoscopic-perception of shape, depth and distance of an object .Due to binocular vision , brain receives 2 images which it interprets as a single 3 dimensional image.


  • Favus-a type of ring worm of scalp
  • Hydrops-abnormal accumulation of fluid in body tissue or cavity.
  • Reverberations- the persistence of sound in a particular space after the original sound is removed; like echo
  • Steatoma-any cyst or tumour of a sebaceous gland
  • Wens-sebaceous cyst 


  • Autophony- is the unusually loud hearing of a person’s own voice, breathing or other self-generated sounds
  • Torpor-sluggishness; a state of diminished responsiveness 


  • Angioma-benign tumour composed of blood vessels or lymph vessels
  • Chafed- become sore as a result of rubbing
  • Chloasma-ill defined symmetrical brown patches on cheeks or face.
  • Comedones-black heads- plug of fatty material in the outlet of sebaceous gland.
  • Prognathism-the state of one jaw being markedly larger than other,therefore in front of it.
  • Sordes-brownish encrustation that form around the mouth and teeth of patient suffering from fevers.


  • Corrugated- a series of parallel ridges and furrows
  • Desquamation-process in which outer layer of the epidermis is removed by scaling.
  • Epulis-swelling on gums
  • Glutinous- sticky
  • Noma-gangrenous infection of the mouth that spreads to involve the face.
  • Pyorrhea alveolaris-disease of tissue surrounding the teeth, with inflammation of gums, resorption of bone & formation of pockets around teeth.
  • Scorbutic gums-affected with scurvy
  • Thrush-yeast infection of moist area of the body seen in vagina, mouth & skin folds.


  • Periodontosis- was previously used to describe certain types of chronic eriodontal diseases that exhibited degenerative bony changes


  • Aerophagia-swallowing of air
  • Qualmish-a feeling of sickness, faintness or nausea
  • Rancidity-having sharp disagreeable odor and taste
  • Retching- is a process in the human body where gastric (and sometimes duodenal) contents are forced into the esophagus, but do not enter the pharynx
  • Undulation- a wavelike motion to and fro in a fluid or elastic medium
  • Veal-meat of young cattle (calves)


  • Enteroptosis-prolapse of the intestine
  • Meteorism-gas or faeces expelled from the anus with explosive force
  • Pneumatocele-are thin-walled, air-filled cysts that develop within the lung parenchyma; resulting from pulmonary trauma.


Verminosis-infestation with worms


Ichorous-burning, thin, acrid pus like discharge from an ulcer or sore


  • Berger’s disease- IgA Nephropathy
  • Nephrosis- refers to a non-inflammatory nephropathy


  • Balanitis-inflammation of glans of the penis
  • Blenorrhea-gonorrheal urethritis
  • Celibacy- a state of being unmarried, or a state of abstinence from sexual intercourse
  • Cryptorchism-testicles fail to descend into scrotum and remains in abdomen or inguinal canal.
  • Empyocele-a suppurating tumor of scrotum
  • Chordee-painful downward curved erection of penis usually caused by gonorrheal inflammation of corpus spongiosum.
  • Priapism-persistent abnormal painful and tender erection of penis esp when due to disease.
  • Sarcocele- A fleshy tumor or sarcoma of the testis
  • Varicocele-is an abnormal enlargement of the vein that is in the scrotum draining the testicles


  • Infantilism- the persistence in an adult of markedly childish anatomical, physiological, or psychological characteristics.
  • Kraurosis vulvae- is a cutaneous condition characterized by atrophy and shrinkage of the skin of the vagina and vulva often accompanied by a chronic inflammatory reaction in the deeper tissues.


  • Stertorous –loud snoring/noisy inspiration occurring in coma or deep sleep
  • Tremulous-shaky


  • Adam stokes syndrome- Sudden collapse into unconsciousness due to a disorder of heart rhythm in which there is a slow or absent pulse resulting in syncope with or without convulsions.
  • Atelectasis-collapsed or airless state of lungs; imperfect expansion of lungs
  • Stenocardia- angina pectoris; owing to an acute disadvantage of blood supply of a myocardium


  • Emprosthotonus-a tonic muscular spasm in which body & head are forcibly flexed forward.


  • Ballism-a condition characterized by twisting, shaking, and jerking motions; a form of severe chorea.
  • Contortions- involves the dramatic bending and flexing of the human body
  • Genu valgum-inward curve of femur; knees close & feet widely separated
  • Genu varum-separation of knees; legs bowed outwards
  • Gressus-stepping; a course; pace
  • Ischias-pain in the hip joint
  • Onychophagy-nail biting
  • Paronychia-inflammation around the nail
  • Rhagades- fissures, cracks, or fine linear scars in the skin, especially such lesions around the mouth
  • Spina ventosa-swelling of a bone( gives appearance of bone filled with air)due to TB, cancer or bone decay.
  • Smuttiness-to become blackened or smudged.
  • Subsultus-abnormal jerking or twitching


  • Narcolepsy-uncontrollable tendency to have attacks of deep sleep of short duration at any time.
  • Somnolence-drowsiness; sleepiness
  • Sopor-Unnaturally deep sleep.


  • Abattoirs-slaughterhouse
  • Blasphemy- irreverence toward holy personages, religious artifacts, customs, and beliefs
  • Declivities-downward slope
  • Grotesque – distorted forms
  • Insurrection- A violent uprising against an authority or government


  • Quartan-Paroxysm returns every 72 hours
  • Quotidian-Recurring every 24 hours


  • Zymotic fever- an obsolete term in medicine, formerly applied to the class of acute infectious maladies.Now, restricted in medical nomenclature to the chief fevers and contagious diseases (e.g. typhus and typhoid fevers, smallpox, scarlet fever, measles, erysipelas, cholera, whooping-cough, diphtheria etc


  • Acanthosis-Thickening of the epidermis
  • Dermatographism- is a form of urticaria expression where one is able to write on the skin. It is a heightened sensitivity of skin whereby when pressed with an object or fingernail, the skin shows raised eruptions of urticaria.
  • Tetters- Any of various skin diseases, such as eczema, psoriasis, or herpes, characterized by eruptions and itching
  • Scrofuloderma- is a skin condition caused by tuberculous involvement of the skin by direct extension, usually from underlying tuberculous lymphadenitis.
  • Sclerosis-Hardening of tissue due to scarring after inflammation or aeging
  • Keratosis-Horny overgrowth of skin


  • Besnier boeck schaumann disease – sarcoidosis- abnormal collection of chronic imflammatory cells resulting in nodule formation in multiple organs.
  • Borreliosis-Inflammatory disease spread through tick bite;lyme disease
  • Brown seguard syndrome-flaccid weakness & loss of feeling in the skin due to spinal cord damage.
  • Da costas syndrome- known as soldier’s heart, is a syndrome with a set of symptoms that are similar to those of heart disease, though a physical examination does not reveal any physiological abnormalities. Now it is considered the manifestation of an anxiety disorder and treatment is primarily behavioral, involving modifications to lifestyle and daily exertion.
  • Duchenne friedrich syndrome-a type of muscular dystrophy
  • Hidradenitis-inflammatory infiltrate around eccrine glands
  • Kimmelstiel Wilson syndrome-diabetic nephropathy
  • Mentagra-homoeopathy
  • Pompe’s disease-glycogen storage disease type II;results in profound muscle weakness
  • Rombergs sign-Unsteadiness when standing with eyes closed
  • Scheuermann’s disease- skeletal disorder of childhood resulting in kyphosis
  • Synalgia-referred pain 


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