The art of homoeopathic treatment based on chest x ray in lung disorders

Dr Athulya C Soman
PG Scholar
Department of Practice of Medicine
Father Muller Homeopathic medical college and hospital
Deralakatte, Mangaluru 575018

Interpretation of the chest X-ray in homoeopathic treatment may appear intimidating at first but knowledge of a few basic rules and an understanding of how the radiographic appearance may be influenced to diagnosis as well as to homoeopathic treatment. [1] A structured and logical approach to      X-ray interpretation is described, drawing attention to the abnormal signs and reportorial approach, homoeopathic medicines for the disease conditions.

Keywords: chest x-ray, homoeopathic remedies, reportorial approach, radiological findings, Murphy’s repertory and Synthesis repertory

Chest X-ray is a radiation method used to diagnose lung disorders. Its accuracy and reliability depends upon the physicians who read it. Thus the physician should be well versed to identify such cases and select a homoeopathic remedy that acts specifically upon certain part and pathological stages can be achieved.


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Download the full paper with x-ray findings 


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