The other Song basic and advanced courses in Homoeopathy

class roomThe other Song 12 day basic course in Homoeopathy

Focus :

To demonstrate to students and early practitioners that:

  • Homoeopathy is effective and practicable
  • It gives short – term & long – term results
  • It offers holistic, enduring solutions
  • Its concepts are easy to comprehend and reproduce
  • Proper training makes way for expertise and assured success
  • To emphasize the correct application of homoeopathic principles
  • Providing exposure to the most experienced homoeopaths on single platform


  • Explanatory focus on principles of Organon, Materia Medica and Repertory.
    • Concept of health and disease
    • Simple cases with known remedies
    • Understanding rubrics with cases
    • Study of Materia Medica with cases
    • Utility of Repertory
    • Management of acute cases
  • How to build a successful practice with useful tips
  • Success stories of Homeopaths : what can be imagined can also be achieved
    • Introduction to the concept of Sensation method and Synergy

Eligibility: For 4th year students, Interns, MD students, Early practitioners

Course Fees : Sponsored by academy  for students, interns, MD students and candidates within one year after completion of internship.  For practitioners over one year in practice : Rs 5000/-

Dates :

  • 9th March to 21st March 2015
  • 15th June to 27th June 2015
  • August  2015 (dates to be announced later)
  • 14th December to 26th December 2015

Advanced Course


  • Exposure to advances in the sensation method
  • Newer approaches to case-taking, analysis and patient management
  • Finetuning and refinement of clinical skills
  • Practical skills of integrating symptoms and the system method (Synergy)


  • Case taking in difficult and challenging cases
  • Management of follow ups, posology, repetition of doses
  • Refinement in the art of case taking
  • How to deal with patients in denial / projection / rationalization / intellectualization
  • Parameters of depth analysis in a case
  • Exploration and assessment of miasms and levels of experience in a case
  • Exploration of kingdoms
  • Plant kingdom and differentiation between similar families
  • Mineral kingdom and differentiation between the rows
  • Animal kingdom and differentiation between the classes

Students are expected to carry Allen’s Key Notes & Kent’s repertory

Eligibility: For practitioners in general and especially those who have attended basic course at ‘the other song’ academy

Course Fees :

  • For Practitioner : Rs 7500/-
  • For all ex students from basic course (including satellite centres) : 50% concession in the fees

Dates :

  • 6th April to 18th April 2015
  • 16th August (Sunday) 2015 to 28th August (Friday) 2015
  • October 2015 (dates to be announced later)

Web : or  write to or call +91 (0) 22 42616605/631


  1. I m interested in learning basic and advance homeopathy.. I want to start my clinic.. Please provide me with course details and fees and timings..

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