The story of my Homeopathic Experimental life

research6Dr Devendra kumar

My dear lovers of Homeopathy, physicians, students and research workers in the field of homeopathy this narration contains my thoughts on the subject of Homeopathy I experienced at various stages of my life. I wish to bestow my experiences to the profession as I hope these thoughts will be constructive for the profession in introducing modern techniques into the profession to identify Homeopathic medicine without label as well as selection of Homeopathic medicine for the suffering humanity in a short possible time with more accuracy by using current techniques in this computer era.

I wish to present my thoughts in the form of a story so that I will have more freedom to express my thoughts in a raw form; the forthcoming homeopaths might find a precious stone in this material. I wish to present various incidents in my life which motivated me to think on homeopathy; this will help in knowing the evolution of thought process in a common individual. In this regard I wish this story should reflect my first contact with Homeopathy, various incidents that provoked me to think on something different subject, the factors inspired me till the date along with my experiments with Homeopathy. This will be an utmost contribution to the profession till the end of my life. I will not weary you much I am departing into the subject which I intended to narrate.

My first contact with homeopathy:
I was born and brought up in machilipatnam which was a small town beside the sea, Bay of Bengal. My town was used to effected by cyclones. These factors in my childhood lead to think on the waves in sea, the air currents, formation of depression in sea water. I was brought up in a society where people think Homeopathy is nothing but sugar  pills, some people think homeopathy  acts very slow, some think homeopathy  produce over heat in body and very few believe, homeopathy treats the disease from its root cause. My father is a gold smith, mother is housewife. My father’s profession was of making bangles with copper and zinc alloy called dutch matel. I learnt the whole process and techniques involved in making bangles from my father.  I also used to make bangles in summer holidays. We are of 5 children I am the second child. My father used to take us to a homeopath for any minor ailment as I remembered. One incident I bear in mind which shows my father’s blind belief on Homeopathy. One day my elder sister of age 10 fell down in a dry water tank of 20 feet depth and became unconscious, immediately my father took her to my family homeopath, he gave some tinctures to apply on body and applied some drops of medicine on her tongue, surprisingly my sister was alright. When I got swelling over my left parotid at the age of 12years, it was cured by the same homeopath. These are few experiences I had with Homeopathy at my childhood.

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