Thyroid disorders and Homoeopathic Sarcodes

Dr Rekha Srinivasan
My guineas being my own kith and kin. Because all age groups are available with an extra bonus to Observe them all the day long. My other aim being framing Strategic treatment courses so as to help beginners . Even though I won’t consider myself anything near to well versed in Hahnemannian Philosophy, still I want to share my experiences with others who are like me so as keepup the spirit of being Puritan and to Show that Hahnemannian Homoeopathy will be the Toast of our Fraternity till ages to come. At present I am using Drop doses succussed 10 times every subsequent dose, as recommended by Hahnemann in 6th Edition.

Here I have put forth few of my cases mainly troubled with Thyroid Dysfunction but symptoms as varying as allergy, childlessness, delayed Menstrual cycles ,obesity etc. But Sarcodes cannot be limited to rectify Hormonal Disorders only as in some cases it could be Similimum Posterior Pituitary can be adjuvant in the treatment of patients suffering with Stroke aftermath if found suitable.

Nowadays we are encountering more and more Hormonal disorders than our pervious generations, simply because of our Lifestyles and our tendency to deviate from Nature’s ways. May be boom in Lab Services coupled with Layman desire to get tested has increased especially Thyroid cases.

Thyroid disorders are of very special interest to every doctor. Because not only that those are perhaps most frequently encountered hormonal disorders next to none other than DM. Likewise any suppressive treatment or even great stress can lead to it. Especially Adolescents are very vulnerable, besides women in change of life, and Pregnancy goes without saying.

Etiology: Stress, improper food habits, Familial Tendencies, Suppressive therapies, dwelling in Endemic areas. Even though hundreds of remedies are there to treat Thyroid related disorders Sarcodes are forerunners Thyroidinum being the king. As there is no shortcut to cure without catching hold of Similimum there is no other go without rectifying underlying Miasm or Disorder.

As Allopath put Pregnant females under risk group if they have a family history of DM likewise we can borrow that idea in Patients with Family history of thyroid disorder but Euthyroid in Laboratory findings , where indications pre-eminently being Obesity and in females irregular periods & infertility are noted. So, I have made it a point to ask routinely about Thyroid status of family tree along with DM,TB,CA etc.Few of my cases got cured because I administered keeping in mind their tendencies ,mother had Hyperthyroid state and her two kids being painfully thin were helped with Calc carb Calc Iod as Constitutional remedies and Sarcodes as intercurrents.

In another case mother had had her Uterus removed at an age of 35.She had developed DM & HBP after that operation and was reluctant to take allopathic drugs lifelong, besides her similimum Nat mur in 10m drop doses she is carrying it on phase remedies like kali carb, kali sulph ,arg met ,she responded to these remedies after I considered the fact that her daughter had hypothyroidism who was treated with thyroidinum 3x for 3 months along with calc carb 30 upto 10m in an increasing order who got rid of her extra kilos at the same time her menses became regular.

So it’s the other way round,eventhoug no mentionable family history she (mother)responded well to thyroidinum and now to Ovaries 3x(considering her early menopause.) Another of her daughter who has allergic rhinitis and delayed periods is also on Thyroidinum 1m drop doses and bromium for her acute attacks.

This case seems worth elaborating, A Mentally retarded boy of 15 had recurrent ear discharge which was sanious in nature which got ameliorated with Merc sol 6 till 1M in increasing order and occasional Syph 1M.He was best at routines enjoyed his special school, but his adenoid facies gave out about his intellect. He even had heavy snoring. Considering his mother’s thyroid deficiency he received Baryta Iod 6 Od daily for a month which cured him.

I think all Sarcodes go very well & hand in hand in helping patients to attain the cure if Hormonal imbalances are to be blamed in a given case.A lady of 22 yrs with strong family history of thyroid deficiency who was otherwise apparently healthy turned to me for treating her infertility. Thyroidinum 3x for a month helped her get rid of irregularity of her Periods. Her headaches reduced her overall health improved.Even she showed symptoms of pregnancy which got terminated abruptly but she Conceived after taking Ovaries 12 grain Od for 10 days.

In case of stress triggered Thyroid states I got a case where menopause lead to hypothyroidism She received Thyroidinum in increasing potency order and Graphites 6 od for 3 days followed by one week gap, for her peculiar thickening of skin like a hard board.

In another case extreme cold weather triggered Thyroid deficiency . She is responding well to thyroidinum 3x Od daily and her constitutional drugs . Hyper thyroid cases respond very well especially to higher potencies. A male of 25 yrs of age with stress triggered hyperthyroid state who improved a lot on Silica was not helped by Thyroidinum neither 30 nor 3x got on well with Posterior Pituitary and improving gradually.

Another classic case of Hyperthyroidism of four years standing with(?) Lunar syndrome,Cardio-Megaly-inferiolateral ischemia, left thalamic infarct and what not a known chain smoker since his adolescence (his age is 58 yrs). Perspiration is very profuse thirst is unquenchable. His BP was 20070 mm of hg.Treatment was started with Tabacam 6 od daily and Thyroidinum 1M single dose. He reported back after one week with slight improvement and told me he felt very good on the day he took Thyroidinum. So I started Thyr 1M solution Od once in a week 10 succusions each dose and Iberies 200 was added Od once a week dose. Still his numbness of left arm reduced but profuse perspiration and tiredness continued along with drastic weight loss after six months. Case was reviewed and Iodum 30 solution was given which has prompted him to recommend me to his friends and relatives.

Here I have put forth a few cases to give strategic view to tackle Thyroid cases as well as think of hormonal especially Thyroid disorders beforehand to cut short of treatment time in a given case. Think of watery solutions succused 10 to 20 times every next dose in all chronic cases which can be repeated even every day(in my experience every other day works wonders) as advocated by Hahnemann in 6th edition of Organon.

More details can be obtained from Hidden Treasures of Last Organon a book by Pierre Schmidt. So, hopefully good case taking with catching hold of Similimum coupled with remedy solutions will definitely going to change the trend of wait & watch method in Homoeopathy in next few years.

 Dr Rekha Srinivasan BHMS,.
Raj Homoeo Clinic, R.G.Sundarraj Illam
New no 145,Kutchery Road, Mylapore, Chennai-600 004


  1. eclectic homeopaths recognize hypothyroid,always chilliness feel low temperature sluggish circulation,clavicular pads of fat,skin dry rough prone to eczema,hair no luster premature gray.Baba homeopaths look at scarcity of hair at eyebrows outer third and always constipated.even if TSH secretion is not able to stimulate thyroid or if T4 ok but TSH high,please go to homeopaths,i have seen low thyroid persons under some tension treated by modern doctors as hyperthyroid.try thyroidinum 3x and fucus q.

  2. emotional upset created hyperthyroid can be treated by nat mur every third day troubles more high potency required,when checked by stethoscope heart rate slows down when checked at pulse it accelerates.palpitating heart hyperthyroid repeatedly puts hand at throat lachesis high potency.thin rapid pulse eats much tall dark haired cervical glands hard iodum high potency but blonds hyperthyroid with swelling thyroid profuse perspire bromium high potency.anaemic nose bleed history hyperthyroid exhausting sweats ferrum met high potency alternate red pale face.hyperthyroid has to sit up to breath as chest constricted spongia 30c worse midnight like arsenic.acute case hyperthyroid head hot eyes wild red feet cold belladona 200c.tosses in bed fearful anxious aconite 200c acute.lycopus q to 3x works well all hyperthyroid cases eclectic practitioner remedy.thyroid is linked with metabolism controlled by assimilation of iodine,thyroidinum 3x for dark haired bromium 3x for blonds light haired is now widely used for hypothyroid and 200c for remedy required if one can control emotions and nervousness.

  3. Dear mam,

    Thanks for sharing the above experiences.
    With your success rate with thyroid treatment I was hoping you could help me too.
    I’m on thyroxine since last 5 years on 100 mg every morning.
    Initially my tsh was 12.8 with a swelling in the left goitre however with continuous thyroxine it came within control.
    However I’m uneasy with thyroxine and want to get rid of thyroxine.. Hate being dependant on the medicine. If I don’t hv it one day I feel swollen, depressed and lazy.
    My symptoms also include frequent pain in leg joints specially at night. Frequent thirst and get nervous easily. I read lot of reviews on thyrodinum medicine and decided to give it a shot with thyroxine. I’ve been taking thyrodinium 6x 200 for last few weeks twice a day, I miss my thyroxine once in a while.. Not sure if its tge right one for me but I immediately feel uplifted after having it.. So thought I should continue until I get some help from a homeopath. Would appreciate if you could help my case and advise me medicines accordingly. Thanks

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