TV Programmes on Homoeopathy

Materials for public awareness in Homoeopathy & Health – TV Programmes

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TV Programmes

Tribute to Hahnemann 2014 by  Dr. Navneet Bidani

Homeopathy is not slow actingDr Sreevals G Menon

Monsoon Fever- Homeopathy management Part 1 – Dr G Sivaramakrishnan

Monsoon Fever- Homeopathy management Part 2 – Dr G Sivaramakrishnan

Indigestion and Homoeopathic Management ‘My Doctor’-Reporter Part 1– Dr Nazarulla

Indigestion and Homoeopathic Management ‘My Doctor’-Reporter Part 2 – Dr Nazarulla 

Homeopathic Treatment in Paediatrics Part1

Homeopathic Treatment in Paediatrics PartII

Weil’s Disease and Homoeopathy-Arogyam Hi Vision Live Part 3

Weil’s Disease and Homoeopathy-Arogyam Live Hi Vision Part 2

Weil’s Disease and Homoeopathy-Arogyam Live Hi Vision

Peptic Ulcer Homoeopathic Treatment-doctor Live Part 2

Peptic Ulcer- Homoeopathic treatment Doctor Live

Sun Stroke, Sun Burns ‘My doctor’ Reporter Channel Live Part 2

Sun Stroke, Sun Burns ‘My doctor’ Reporter Channel Live Part 1

Vertigo and Homoeopathic Treatment- ‘My doctor ‘Live Part 2

Vertigo and Homoeopathic Treatment- ‘My doctor’ Live

Poor appetite in children 1

Poor Appetite in children 2

Homoeopathic Treatment of headache Part 2

Headache-Homoeopathic Treatment Doctor Live Part 1

Mumps-interview with Dr MG Oommen

Hepatitis and Homoeopathy Medicine at  Indiavision Live

Chicken Pox- Interview with Dr MG Oommen

Dr Nazarulla’s TV Programmes for Public awareness 

Thyroid and Homoeopathy

Speech on Rainy diseases

Conjunctivitis :

Food in thyroid :

Goitre in pregnancy :

Fever and Homeopathy treatment :

Fever and Homeopathy treatment| Part 2 :

Vertigo and Homoeopathy :

Vertigo and Homoeopathy Part 2 :

Indigestion and Homoeopathic management :

Indigestion and Homoeopathic management  Part 2 :

Diarrhoea and Homoeopathic management :

Diarrhoea and Homoeopathic management Part II :

Poor appetite in children :

Poor appetite in children part2 :

Poor apetite in children Part 3 :

Cholesterol and Homoeopathy :

Cholesterol and Homoeopathy Part 2 :

Nasal congestion in children and homoeopathy :

Nasal congestion in children and homoeopathy Part 2 :

Diseases of ear nose and throat :

Diseases of ear nose and throat Part 2 :

Hepatitis and homoeopathy :

What is IEC?
Information, Education and Communication (IEC) in health programmes aims to increase awareness, change attitudes and bring about a change in specific behaviours – effectively utilised for creating awareness about Homeopathy among the public.

IEC means sharing information and ideas in a way that is culturally sensitive and acceptable to the community, using appropriate channels, messages and methods. It is therefore broader than developing health education materials, because it includes the process of communication and building social networks for communicating information.

IEC interventions should involve the active participation of the target audience and adopt channels, methods and techniques that are familiar to their world view.

Health information can be communicated through many channels to increase awareness and assess the knowledge of different populations about various issues, products and behaviours.

Channels might include interpersonal communication (such as individual discussions, counselling sessions or group discussions and community meetings and events) or mass media communication (such as radio, television and other forms of one-way communication, such as brochures, leaflets and posters, visual and audio visual presentations and some forms of electronic communication).

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