UGC finds 27 innovative courses from Kerala unviable

The nine courses that are viable include Bachelor of Recreation, Leisure and Sports Studies

Most new courses that were proposed by colleges under the state of Kerala for approval under the University Grant Commission’s (UGC) innovative programmes for the year 2012-13 were rejected as they were found unviable.

UGC recently released a list of viable and non-viable proposals under the innovate programmes for teaching and research in interdisciplinary and emerging areas. Of the proposed courses 27 were under the non-viable list and only nine were under the viable list. This list will be presented to the screening committee for final approvals.

According to the UGC the courses that were rejected mostly lacked innovative competence or were routine and common. Some proposals were also rejected because of lack of faculty with specialisation in the proposed field and the infrastructure required for the course.

Three of the nine viable courses were submitted by colleges affiliated to University of Kerala, three others were from Kerala University, two by MG University and one by Kannur University. Of the unviable proposals, 10 were submitted by colleges affiliated to Calicut University, 12 from University of Kerala, five from MG University and one from Sanskrit University.

According to a report in TOI a UGC official said that institutes were allowed to submit maximum of two proposals under the innovative programme scheme that lays emphasis on selection of proposals with innovative ideas with a field orientation, preferably interdisciplinary in nature.

Most of the proposals that were found viable were submitted by Physics and Chemistry departments. Courses that have been found viable include PG Diploma in Sustainable and Green Energy Technologies, PG Diploma in Cheminformatics and Drug Design, PG Diploma in Industrial Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry, MTech in Nano Science, MSc in Medicinal Chemistry, Bachelor of Recreation, Leisure and Sports Studies and BA in Islamic Finance.

UGC introduced the innovative programme to support specialised courses at undergraduate and post graduate levels, including one year PG diploma after post-graduation in interdisciplinary and emerging areas. It also accommodates brilliant ideas and innovative proposals to influence teaching, research, academic excellence, societal growth and relevant activities in various disciplines which meet educational, national and global priorities. UGC will provide 100 % financial assistance for these courses for the first five years [Source]

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