Understand the natrum mur personality from rubrics of mind from Kent’s repertory

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The Repertory help us to find out the required symptoms, together with medicine or a group of medicines under different grades. The Material Medica and Repertory are complimentary to each other. This article is an attempt to understand or to read any drug under different rubrics. In this article i have tried to explain the personality of Nat.mur under different rubrics of mind related to it with interpretation of rubrics . Here, I have took only those rubrics in which Nat.mur cover three grade marks.

KEYWORDS- Natrum. Mur, Mineral kingdom, Understand with rubrics, Interpretation of Rubrics, Common salt ,Kent Repertory.


“Common salt” which we ingest almost at every meal. But before it’s proving can anyone believe that the thing they consume in every meal can possibly be any curative value.

A salt represents the union of two qualities which balance each other and together are appropriate in certain life situations. Of the two components of a salt, the cations need to form a relationship while the anions sometimes seem to repel a relationship. And  NAT.MUR contain both the elements of the salt Sodium (cation) and Chlorine (Anion) and it expressed together in a patient, in the same situation need to form relationship and at the same time the ability to withstand rejection.

Natrum Muraticum or sodium chloride or common or table salt is one of the schussler’s twelve tissue remedy. He stated that the salts which remain after combustion form an essential part of every cell even if they are only present in extremely small quantities and that any change in their proper quantitative will disturb normal cell function and cause disease.

Physiological Relation- it enters almost into every tissues of the body and is contained in all body fluids. it regulates the body’s fluid balance; it act on the  digestive system in which it promotes the digestion  in  low concentrations  and act on the stomach where it favouring the secretion of gastric juice. salt act on the glands producing an increase in the glandular secretions. in respiratory organ where it loosens the mucus. it excreated through the mucus ,therefore natrum mur is must be the remedy in all catarrhs. has favourable effect on deficient blood composition.

clinically- A great remedy for certain forms of intermittent fever, anaemia, chlorosis, many disturbances of the alimentary tract and skin, Hypothyroidism, Goitre, Addison’s disease, Diabetes.


  • ABRUPT- having sudden transition from one subject to another . Rudely.

This individual is usually a closed, reserved and has trouble expressing affection. They feel good when they are isolated and when you start to ask questions you simply disturb them in their isolation and only after insisting a bit, they will say something but usually in an abrupt way.

  • ABSENT- MINDEDNESS- in absent- Mindedness there is no fixation of mind  at all. Forgetfulness of one’s immediate surroundings.

NAT-MUR  is absent-Mindedness because he/she is absorbed in past disagreeable occurance.


Hypochondrial- a hypochondriacal anxiety about health emerges, particularly in regard to heart disease. This hypochondriasis is related to the fastidiousness seen in Natrum mur. The patient is driven by a compulsive need to avoid contamination – always cleaning, washing hands, disinfecting everything.

  • AFFECTIONATE- Affection beyond normal limit which may be cause a concern.

clingy children will always be afraid of losing the one they love, and will lavish affection on them in the same way that their parents lavished it upon them. The clingy Natrum child loves to look after others. She has been taught this by her dependent parent. 

They develop intense emotional and sentimental attachments for people, but they don’t show their feelings.Natrum mur. feels affection but does not express it easily;

  • ANGER- strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism.

Anger is the first step to overcoming fear of most Natrum, and the rebellious Natrum child is simply making a bid for his own right and needs.

  • CONSOLATION agg – To comfort in time of grief or loss.

For NAT-MUR consolation aggravate him. As they are more closed, reserved their main fear is to be radicalised. That is why they do not like consolation, because they have the suspicion that when someone is consoling him deep down he is laughing at him, or will use this knowledge against him latter on.

  • CONVERSATION agg A spoken exchange of opinion, thoughts and feelings.

NAT-MUR is emotionally sensitive he is buried the original pain deep inside. He is not entirely happy and that he hates to take about how he feels. The closed Natrum  does not talk about how he feels, since he know that he will not be understood and he is right. He has not learned to cut off from his feeling entirely yet and so he tends to seek solitude, rather than have to pretend that he is happy. He does not want to admit either to himself or to anyone else that he hurts inside. It hurts even more when he admit it.

  • DISCONTENTED, displeased, dissatisfied.-  Dissatisfaction with one’s circumstances.

They experienced so much pain in past, rejection or grief from loved ones.

They tend to be self-contained, desiring to solve problems by themselves without trusting help from other people. Gradually, they come to the point of not needing contact with the outside world. If someone intrudes upon their private, introverted world, they may feel resentful. Their primary concern in life becomes, “not to hurt and not to be hurt”.

DWELLS on past disagreeable occurrence –  constantly thinks of past events.

Changes is the part of life and it is necessary to change with time but for NAT-MUR they never forget whatever had happened in past with him. They retain all the grief, rejection and Nourishes it and dwells over it. They never forget they never forgive.

  • GRIEF – keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss.

Sub rubrics under the grief- ailments from, cannot cry, silent. NAT-MUR present under in all these rubrics.

NAT-MUR has silent grief. They always keeping inside do not discuss with others do not cry , keep it inside all the grief puts the door closed sit alone and keep on brooding over it.

  • LOATHING– A feeling of great aversion to everything.

NAT-Mur having loathing of life .

    • Other rubrics we can look for- WEARY of life( see ennui, loathing etc.)
  • MISTAKES in speaking

Tendency to make mistakes in .

forges what she was going to say; loses the thread of what she is hearing or reading.           

  • MORTIFICATION- A feeling of shame, humiliation caused by something that wound one’s self respect.

Ailments from mortification. After mortification, he becomes angry inwardly, but he does not speak he accuses himself, “what a simpleton I was. I will be more careful not to expose my feelings against next time.”

  • SADNESS, weep, cannot

Natrum mur. people do not express emotion readily; they do not cry easily. when suffering a grief. They may be quite serious in their demeanour.


the patient may become hysterically reactive to every influence in the environment – overly sensitive to noise, to light, to cigarette smoke, etc. In such patients, allergies and eczema are common.

Natrum mur. child is very sensitive to disharmony. If the parents fight the child may not react immediately but will suffer inside, perhaps even to the point of acquiring a physical ailment.

  • TORPOR- Mental or physical inactivity or insensibility. Sluggishness, lethargy, apathetic.

In NAT-MUR there is a great prostration of the mind.

Exhaustion after talking, embarrassment of brain.Incapacity for reflection, and fatigue from intellectual labour.

  • WEEPING, tearful mood etc.

                             Consolation agg


                             Past events, thinking of

                             Pitted, if he believes he is

All these rubrics contain NAT-Mur drug.

 The characteristic of the tearful Nat. m. patient is that she (or he) wants to be alone; any attempt to console irritates beyond endurance. Very much inclined to weep and be excited.” There are even tears with laughter. For in addition to the sadness there is hysterical laughter; laughs till she weeps at things not at all ludicrous                      

There is no moaning or crying in front of others – merely occasional sighing perhaps. This internal state continues until she finally breaks down. Then there is uncontrolled, hysterical sobbing.

Repertory is a connecting link between Materia Medica and Disease. Materia Medica is like an ocean full of pearls which cannot be reached out without a suitable device.

The aim of the repertory is never to replace the Material Medica. Through this type of study  we can read any drug under different rubrics and also comparison of these with other drugs simultaneously.


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Dr Yogyata Kashyap, MD Scholar,
Dept. of Repertory, Dr. M.P.K Homoeopathic Medical College, Homoeopathy University, Jaipur.
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  1. This is excellent description of nat mur persona. I would like to know nux vomica from the same homeopath

  2. everyone fifth class pass or george vithoulkas has secret diary,i am no exception,my diary note on nat mur is aldosterone level controller,sebum greasy skin weight gain category use 30c,dry skin hollowed face state weight loose category use !M,to produce HCL use 3x will clear constipation,every diseased person is sad,for time pass go on reading mangialavori type lectures homeo philosophy if you are of sulphur nature this will keep you busy.

  3. eclectic type practitioners in homeopathy likes of Sunirmal Sarkar have master key to every remedy.Henry Guernsey Burnett key notes if read between lines,Nat Mur is remedy when you feel chilliness this is poor circulation feels morning better before breakfast sort of fasting period and as soon as takes meals has drowsiness postprandial sour taste watery eyes is worse in cold weather better in warm weather pale faced black spots before eyes,6c to 30 c will restore circulation remove chilliness improve digestion power.sticking to sterotyped notes worse 11 am worse heat of sun depressed etc add to confusion,more confused by Vithoulkas types see crack line mid lower lip that is too late when neck area is wasted.use clinical for malaria photophobia etc is short cut knowledge.Burnett was clear nat mur activates renal functions expell sodium urates caused by excessive use of common salt,common salt is necessary in limited doses for maintaining circulation and electrolytic balance of tissues so that potassium sodium osmotic pressure is maintained.all eminent professors combined if prepare a master lecture on each remedy,homeopathy will fluorish.Nat Mur is thirsty during chill not during fever in fever lip sores,

  4. Natrum Mur,once beaten twice shy personality holds on the tears in eyes, homeopaths consider secretions outflow as safety valve for good health.our education system is faulty students feel no need to read text book and short cut titled books are enough to pass exam.eclectic practitioner will watch tongue and natrum mur has mapped tongue due to fever blisters called cold sores 12x bd will give relief in 3 days.dreams fear of robbers is mental set homeopath will give high potency nat mur even one dose sufficient.go to a allopath they say fever blister is virus hsv1 or hsv2 and put you on famvir denavir which retard viral load in hiding retard your immune system also.nat mur in 30c potency helps minor thyrotoxic and minor high blood pressure.infants mouth crustea lacta remedy is viola tri.

    • As I was searching for cures for high blood pressure I came across this article. At 70 this is me to a T! I have the cell salts which I don’t take as I feel when I do I get worse severe back spasms that last 3 days. I’m wondering since I’ve lost everything in life including $$$if I should take the cell salts I have to get the nat mur? And it sounds like nat mur could cure my life. How long should I take it? Thank you

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