Understanding the Rubric : Abandoned

Dr Sushil Devkota

“Left alone, Left without any help, left by himself, Deserted, Forsaken feeling.” 

He feels that he was loved in the past(to what degree no matter) but now, he is not loved in the same manner(by whatever cause doesn’t matter), he is not appreciated in the same manner, he is not respected in the same manner. It is not about the degree in the past or the present, but his feeling that he is made LOWER in anyway, either love or care or respect or anything.

# For Aurum as mentioned in the literature, he’ll feel the reason for being lowered in the love, care, respect etc.is  because he can’t perform his duty. In past, he used to be duty bound up to the perfectionist level but now may be because of some accidents or some other cause, he is unable to perform the same duty and now he feels that others have lost the respect or love upon him; it is so high in case of Aurum that he might go into suicidal disposition.

In case of Psorinum, this feeling develops because he feels himself inadequate in everything. He might feel inadequate of stamina, inadequate of money, inadequate of beauty, which he used to have enough in the past. And thus he feels, as he doesn’t have that stamina, money, beauty others neglect him. To this feeling of inadequacy, the food is the relieving factors most of the time, thus we rank psorinum as one of the most hungry remedy.

The Aurum and Psorinum feeling of forsaken or of being abandoned is seen mostly in old age. Because one can be very active and perform his duty well and one might feel adequate in his youth; which is not the case when he is old enough. Thus Aurum and Psorinum both are present in the rubric Forsaken feeling, old age in.

But the main remedy to be thought of upon getting this kind of feeling of being unloved, uncared and needing more attention or affection; which many a times is visible in his acts and talks, is Pulsatilla. She constantly needs company, assurance that she is loved, she is respected and that she is one of the important member. If not, she’ll develop this feeling and for Pulsatilla the expression will be from crying as it was suicidal disposition in case of Aurum.

Similarly, there is Rhus-tox, especially mentioned under the sub-rubric isolation sensation of. She is not given the lovely time, quality time, the husband is out most of the time, and if he comes at home, it is the time of terror, he might beat her, she feels that she’ll be killed inside the home. Because of this situation, she feels the world is without anyone, she is all alone and she wants to be by herself, somewhere where no one will stare at her, no one will threaten her, hence she wants to go outside for some while. Thus the rubric forsaken feeling ameliorates in open air, is present in Rhus-tox.

Another remedy mentioned in forsaken feeling is Platina. He’ll feel forsaken or more isolated because of his haughtiness, his high persona of himself and that no one is of the same level as him. Thus naturally he might think himself as achiever most of the time but at times he’ll feel that he is all alone, no one is of his own level and to the people of lower level he doesn’t want company.

For Dulcamara this Forsaken feeling comes if people don’t show the gratitude they expect, because they are domineering in their relationship, they like to control others, they are very possessive and thus they want everyone to respect them, obey them and when others don’t do like that they feel forsaken.

Some interesting considerations:
# Gelsemium will feel forsaken upon getting exposed to warmth of sun. He might say, “Don’t know why, but I feel that I’m all alone, I feel the need of someone, some love, some care, some affection etc., this kind of feelings come to me, whenever I’m under the Sun.”

# Then the similar expression might be expressed by Lachesis, Argentum nitricum and Dulcamara upon waking up. They might be fine, rest of the time during the day but they’ll feel forsaken, and that they are alone when they wake up. For Lachesis it is the after sleep aggravation, because they’ll have the same feelings in morning hours, along with Dulcamara. For forsaken feeling in morning hours there are few other remedies as well, which are carbon group of remedies like Carbo veg and carbo animalis. But carcinosin also accompany all these remedy as well.

However if similar things happen in the evening hours think about pulsatilla and also Dulcamara and Baryta-carbonica.

Other important remedies with this feeling of isolation or forsaken feeling are Argentum-nitricum, Natrum-carbonicum, Mag-carb and also Mercurious, Cyclamen, stramonium etc.

Some Expressions of the patients: (Dr. Luc)

  • As I was born 8 Years after my sister I was considered a mistake in the family
  • Even Surrounded by people, I feel all alone
  • I don’t fit in this World
  • I don’t think anyone cares about me
  • I feel total invisible in this world
  • I feel totally lost without my husband
  • I feel totally neglected, no one pays attention to me
  • My father was hoping I would have been a boy
  • My parents always favoured my sister
  • My whole life I looked to be loved
  • No matter what I do for everyone, it all ends up being against me.
  • No one ever thinks about me
  • No one understands me

Dr Sushil Devkota
Bhaktapur Homeopathic Medical College, Nepal.
Email : smiledev@gmail.com


  1. One of the finest and most informative compilation about the symptom cluster that I could find on the internet. Liked the differentiation for the remedies.

  2. orphaned feeling comes deep in magcarb with dreams of rail buses running and he misses ride or left in jungle alone.deserted oldman is so weak then carboani to maintain vital force.in this modern age everyone feels deserted to some extent,keep kaliphos 6x to charge up tired nerves and biweekly or so cocculus200 one dose for comfortable ride in bus car.

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