Extraction of unexplored remedies for allergic rhinitis in homoeopathy

Dr Swati Mishra1, Dr Vartika Garg2

You May Know That The True Nature Of Hay Fever Is Not Generally Understood.  It Is Really An Explosion Of Chronic Disease. (Dr Kent)

ABSTRACT:  Our homeopathy treatment is well known for individualistic approach in treating patients. There are certain conditions mentioned in Organon of medicine by Dr Samuel Hahnemann about certain idiosyncrasies and chronic disease due to acute miasms as mentioned in aphorism 117 and 73 respectively. Allergic rhinitis is one of the most commonly encountered condition in change of weather during harvest season for which we need to be quick to understand and prescribe to our patient. It is exhaustive troublesome condition which has major impact in day to day activity of the person. Homoeopathic medicines has great role in reducing the frequency and intensity of the acute episode of allergic rhinitis managed by acute prescription later of which an holistic and individualized approach is chosen. Repertory helps us in individualization and choosing the correct medicine, repertorial approach has been given in this article for the same.

KEYWORDS: Allergic rhinitis, Perennial Allergic rhinitis, Rhinorrhea, Homoeopathy

INTRODUCTION :  Allergic rhinitis commonly known as hay fever is an IGE mediated inflammatory response which is type 1 hypersensitivity reaction of upper respiratory system of the nasal memberanes  characterized by watery running nose/nasal obstruction, sneezing and irritation of nasal mucosa and conjunctiva some time lachrymation induced by allergant exposure. It is defined as symptoms of sneezing nasal Pruritis airflow obstruction and mostly clear nasal discharge.

Types of allergic rhinitis :  Based on time of exposure it is classified into: seasonal rhinitis is a specific reaction to antigens derived by pollens from grasses flowers weeds or trees depending on seasonal variation. Its peak is seen during harvest season perennial rhinitis presents all through the year and is often caused by house dust fungal spores or animal dander, physical or chemical irritant pungent odor fumes, perfumes, cold air and dry atmosphere and occupational. The recent classification of allergic rhinitis as suggested by allergic rhinitis and its impact on asthma (aria) guidelines is on the basis of duration as “intermittent” or “persistent disease”.

It affects 10-30% population worldwide it is estimated to effect up to 60 million people alone in US. In India 26% of population suffers from this.

Seasonal allergy is linked to pollen allergy and perennial to house dust mite. Higher prevalence were noted in males. Allergic rhinitis is a trivial disease in India.

Signs of allergic rhinitis:

  • Nasal sign: include transverse nasal crease a black line across the middle of dorsum of nose.
  • Ocular sign: includes edema of lids congestion and cobble stone appearance of conjunctiva dark circle around the eyes
  • Auto logic sign: includes retracted tympanic membrane or serous otitis media as a result of Eustachian tube blockage
  • Pharyngeal sign: includes granular pharyngitis due to hyperplasia of sub mucosal lymphoid tissue
  • Laryngeal sign: includes hoarseness of voice and oedema of vocal cords


Cbc, Nasal Smear Skin Test, Prick Scratch And Intradermal Test. Radioallergo Sorbant Test, It Is A Invitro Test And Meausre Specific Ige Antibody.

Differential diagnosis:

  • Non allergic rhinitis
  • Chronic simple rhinitis
  • Atopic rhinitis : primary secondary
  • Lab finding : serum immunoassay for IgE to allergens
  • Blood eosinophilia
  • Total serum IgE concentration


  • Recurrent sinusitis
  • Nasal polyp
  • Serous otitis media
  • Orthodontic problem bronchial asthma
  • Repertorial approach


  • Burning nostrils in
  • Post nares
  • Discharge acrid
    • Bland
    • Burning
    • Corrosive
    • Offensive
  • Posterior nares
  • Profuse
  • Purulent
  • Thick
  • Thin
  • Transparent
  • Watery’
  • Excoriation rawness
  • Itching: external internal
  • Purulent discharge
  • Raw feeling
  • Sensitive inspired air to
  • Tickling
  • Tingling
  • Sneezing agg
  • Coryza annual hay fever
  • Sneezing
  • Hay fever in
  • Stopped obstructed
  • Agg/amel
  • Sneezing

Rubrics of allergic rhinitis from various repertories:


  • HAY FEVER 722
  • CORYZA 250 247
  • SNEEZING 265


  • Lachrymation : C, ARS., BELL, CAL C, EUPHR, KRE, NAT M, PULS, SIL , STAPH
  • nose odour from : AUR, MERC, PULS, SUL
  • nasal discharge
  • acrid : ALL C, ALUM, ARS, MERC
  • burning: ALL C, PULS
  • purulent : CAL C, CON
  • Sensation : AUR, CROC, PULS
  • Dust, internal sensation of CALC C
  • Amelioration sneezing : Mag m. ( single remedy given)


  • ITCHING339
  • HAY FEVER 338
  • SNEEZING 350



Some of the important rubric of allergic rhinitis is mentioned under chapter: NOSE as

INFLAMMATION (rhinitis); Acute, catarrhal from pollen irritation, HAY FEVER, rose cold

  • Summercatarrh;,Aral.,Ars., Ars-i., Euphr., Lach., Naphtin., Psor., Ran-b., Sabad., Sangin-n.,Sin-n., Stict.
  • Inflammation, acute, catarrhal, ordinary cold in head; All-c., Acon., Ars., Ars-i., Arum-t., Bry., Camp., Dulc., Euphr., Lach., Naphtin., Pso., Ran-b.,Sabad.,Sangin-n., Sin-n.,Stict.

CORYZA; DRY (stuffy colds, snuffles);Am-c.,Calc., Cham., Hep., Kali-bi., Lyc., Nat-m.,Nux-

  • , Samb.,Stict.
  • Alternately dry and fluent:, Lac-c.,Nat-ar., Nux-v., Sin-n.
  • Crazy, Fluent, watery (running cold);,All-c., Ambro.,Aral.,Ars.,Ars-i., Arum-t.,
  • ,Euphr., Gels., Just., Kali-i., Merc., Nat-ars., Nat-m., Quill., Sabad., Sangin-n.
  • Lachrymation, sneezing:All-c.,Ars., Cycl.,Euphr., Gels., Just.,Kali-i., Nat-m.,Nux-v.,Sabad.
  • Inflammation, chronic atrophic (Sicca):,Calc-f., Hep., Kali-i., Lem-m.,Lyc.,Sep., Stict., Sulph.
  • Inflammation, chronic catarrhal:, Am-m., Calc., Eucal., Hep., Hippoz., Hydr., Kali-bi., Nat-c., Puls., Sep.
  • Inflammation, purulent in children:,Kali-bi., Lyc.

TYPES OF DISCHARGES IN RHINITIS; Acrid, watery, fluent, hot, or thin mucus:All-c., Am-m., Ambro., Aral., Ars.,Ars-i., Gels., Iod., Kali-i., Merc-c., Nat-ar., Nat-m., Sabad., Sangin-n.,

ALBUMINOUS, clear mucus:Kali-m.,Nat-m

  • Bland mucus:,puls.
  • Bloody mucus:Arum-t., Hep., Merc-i-r,Phos.
  • Green, yellow, fetid (purulent or mucus-purulent);Bals-p., Calc., Dulc.,Hep., Hydr., Kali-bi., Kali-s., Lyc., Merc., Puls.

SENSITIVENESS of nose to air, touch; , Ant-c., Arum-t., Hep.

SNEEZING (sternutation); All-c., Aral.,Ars., Cycl., Euphr., Gels., Ip.,Kali-i., Sabad., Sangin-n., Stict.

  • Sneezing, chronictendency; Sil.
  • Sneezing, ineffectual; Ars.
  • Sneezing, worse coming into warm room; rising from bed; handling peaches; All-c.
  • Sneezing, worse in cool air:Ars.,Hep., Sabad.
  • Sneezing, worse in evening;Glyc.
  • Sneezing, worse in morning;Nux-v.
  • Sneezing, worse in immersing hands in water;Lac-d.,Phos.
  • STOPPAGE, Stuffiness;, Am-c.,Arum-t., Aur., Cham., Hep., Kali-bi., Lyc., Nux-v., Puls., Samb., Sin-n.,Stict.
  • Stoppage, alternating nostrils; Lac-can., Nux-v.
  • Swelling; Ars-, Aur., Kali-bi., Lem-m., Mer-c., Nit-ac.



  • open air amel: Aco, Cep, Hyds, Iod, Nux-v, Pul, Tell.
  • Discharges: Acrid: Ars, Ars-io, Aur-t, Hyds, Merc, Merc-c, Nit-ac.
  • Glutinous: Hep, Kali-bi, Merc-c.
  • Night: Lac-c, Nat-s.
  • Purulent: Aur, Calc, Con, Hep, LACH, Merc, Puls, Zin-chr.
  • Obstructed: Ars, Ars-io, ARU-T, Aur, Calc, Caps, Carb-v, Caus, Con, Graph, Hep, Kali-bi, Kali-c, Lyc, Mang, Mar-v, Med, Nat-c, Nat-c, Nat-m, NIT-AC, NUX-V, Pho, Pul, Samb, Sil.


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Dr Swati Mishra1, Dr Vartika Garg2
1,2 PG Scholar, Dept of Repertory MPK Homoeopathic Medical College (Homoeopathic University) Saipura ,Sanganer, Jaipur

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