Union Cabinet approved National Commission for Homoeopathy bill and propose Eligibility test for AYUSH teachers

New Bills Propose Eligibility Test For AYUSH Faculty

The proposal aims to assess the standard of teachers before appointment and promotions in these courses.

The Union Cabinet on today has proposed a teacher eligibility test for AYUSH courses. The proposal aims to assess the standard of teachers before appointment and promotions in these courses. 

The bills which seek to replace the existing regulator bodies– Central Council for Indian Medicine (CCIM) and Central Council for Homoeopathy (CCH)-with National Commission for Indian Systems of Medicine (NCIM) Bill and National Commission for Homoeopathy, respectively has been approved by the Cabinet, today.

The board of assessment and rating to assess and grant permission to educational institutions of Homoeopathy and Board of ethics and registration of practitioners of Homoeopathy to maintain National Register and ethical issues relating to practice are under the National Commission for Homoeopathy, it said.

“It also proposes a common entrance exam and an exit exam which all graduates will have to clear to get practicing licenses. Further, a teacher’s eligibility test has been proposed to assess the standard of teachers before appointment and promotions,” it said.

As per reports, India has an estimated 18,000 Ayush teachers, which includes about 5,000 teachers for homoeopathy, besides an estimated 30,000 Yoga teachers.

The draft bill, the official statement said, is aimed at bringing reforms in the medical education of Indian medicine and Homoeopathy sector in lines with the National Medical Commission proposed for setting up for Allopathy system of medicine.  



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