VINGLORY – Magazine of Vinayaka Missonn’s Homeopathy College

Magazine Review by
Dr.Suja Pillai
II MD Repertory
Govt. Homeopathic Medical College. Calicut. Kerala

Vinayaka Mission’s Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital Salem,celebrated its college day with the release of its Annual College Magazine,VINGLORY 2008. 

This magazine is a reflection of the curricular,extracurricular and extension services of Vinayaka mission homoeopathic medical college. 

Vinglory 2008 is a saga of the achievements of this college. 

As the name of the college is Vinayaka the first page of the magazine starts with a dancing picture of Lord Ganesha,to its left photographs of Vinayaka Mission University’s first convocation is given. 

On the next page tribute is paid to V.K.Krishnasamy(patron of Vinayaka Mission) followed by messages from various dignitaries of Vinayaka mission university, congratulating the principal,teaching, non teaching staff,students,and editorial team,for the successful release of the magazine. 

Chief editor of the magazine is Dr.K.K Sathiya.

Magazine is presented with colourful photographs of teaching staff, MD students(Regular and External),students,non teaching staff,members of various committees(reception,cultural,finance,sports,food). 

Photographs of  over all toppers of final year,third year,second year and first year B.H.M.S, post graduate students  are given. 

Then articles are given, first in English,then in tamil and Malayalam.

English Contents

1.Rheumatoid Arthritis–  Dr.R.T.Chandrashekhar

  • Criteria for RA-Morning stiffness, pain in small joints for at least 6 weeks, symmetrical joint involvement, positive agglutination test.
  • It is a chronic inflammatory disease,requires prolonged treatment,alternative medicine may be tried to shorten the course of the treatment,increase the well being of the patients and decrease the percentage of deformities.

2.Safe mother,safe child with homoeopathic treatment-Dr.Mohan

  • Maternal health refers to the health of women during pregnancy,child birth and the postpartum period.
  • Mother and child constitute 70% of the total population of developing countries.
  • Maternal mortality ratio in India is 308 per 100,000 live births.
  • 75,000 to 150,000 women die every year in India after giving birth,all due to preventable causes.
  • Five direct complications account for more than 70% of maternal deaths-haemorrhages,infections,unsafe abortions,eclampsia,obstructed labour,anaemia and social causes.
  • Infants constitute 2.92% of total population, 70% of deaths are neonatal deaths.
  • Homoeopathic system has the ability to tackle the common causes of infant deaths like low birth weight,respiratory diseases,diarrhoeal diseases and malnutrition.
  • Cost of treatment is also less.
  • Rubrics given in pregnancy chapter of Murphy are very useful in treating disorders during pregnancy.
  • In maternity child programme,role of homoeopathy is unimaginable.
  • Government should encourage homoeo physicians in MCH programe by posting them in health care centres.

3.Please note cell phone users-Dr.R.K.Jayaraman

  • Hands free kits for mobile phone users can increase radiation exposure to the brain.
  • Hearing loss.

4.Homoeopathy the medicine of experience– Dr.Manoj Radhakrishnan

  • Trust what the old homoeopaths have written,especially Hahnemann,Kent,H.C.Allen and Nash.
  • Never be afraid or ashamed to use the repertory in front of the patient,only genuine homoeopaths use repertories.
  • The mental generals and physical generals of the patient lead us to the remedy and the special and peculiar symptoms are only for conformation.
  • It is important to know the core mental symptoms of all major remedies and their confirming symptoms at the physical level. 

5.Our nails are a sign of our health – Dr.S.Sabari.Rajan
Close observation and minute study about the nails is important for clinical diagnosis and also to select a remedy while treating homoeopathically.

6.Role of homoeopathy in computer vision syndrome– Dr.R.Sitharthan
Computer vision syndrome is defined as a complex of eye and vision problems that are experienced due to computer use

Argentum met,arnica ,ruta,conium,natrum mur,thuja,crocus sativa,euphrasia,kalmia,xanthinam,pilocarpus,senega are the important medicines for this syndrome.

7.A short study on homoeopathic medicine and allopathic medicine – Dr.Gokula Kannan

8.Lymphnode-a disease marker– Dr.S.R.Ameer khan babu

  • Lymph nodes are disease marker,its size,shape,consistency,number and its area will provide mirror for diagnosing disease.
  • Soft,flat lymph nodes of <1cm size are usually benign and require follow up.
  • Inguinal lymph nodes  of less than <2cm size are not abnormal.
  • Lymph nodes size>2cm are significant and needs to be evaluated.

9.Efficacy of rare drugs in day to day practice-Dr.G.Nirmal
In this article the writer is sharing his clinical experiences of curing many cases by using rare drugs,mother tinctures and synthetic preparations in his day to day practice.

10.Asthma in ancient period-Dr.P.Priyamalini

  • Asthma is a disease known since antiquity.
  • In greek the word first appeared in Homer’s lliad.
  • Chinese called it Qi
  • Europeans regarded asthmatics as phlegmatics. 


  • It is the department of medicine dealing with the problems of aging and diseases of elderly.
  • WHO defined elderly as more than 65 yrs of age.
  • World elders day is celebrated on october1st every year.
  • Writer discusses the common medical problems encountered by the elderly. 

12.Habit disorders in children and homoeopathy.- Dr.M.Balachandar

  • Habit problems range from normal to abnormal,eg thumb sucking,nail biting, nose picking etc
  • Homoeopathy is doing wonders as there are a lot of drugs for these problems. 

13.Double Trouble-Dr.Alex kurian

  • Deals with diabetes and its complications.
  • Double diabetes refers to a condition where the person is overweight or obese with both features of type1 and type2 diabetes simultaneously. 

14.Perfectionism-a double edged sword-Dr.Naresh Kumar

  • Six dimensions of perfectionism-
  • Concern over mistakes
  • Personal standards
  • Parent expectations
  • Parental criticism
  • Doubting of actions
  • Organization. 

15.Diet in case of fertility-Dr.S.Eliarasi

  •  Shell fish,sunflower and seasame
  •  Seeds and nuts
  •  Citrus fruits
  •  Meat,offal and poultary
  •  Wheat germ,pulses,oily fish,oats.
  •  Soya bean,almonds and whole meal bread 

16.Diet for diabetes-Dr.D.ester deva remya

  •  The calorie requirement for each diabetic is very important for management  and treatment of diabetic.
  •  Sugar,honey,jams,tinned foods should not be given
  •  Bread of all kinds,salt biscuits,oats,fruit juices,milk can be taken in moderate quantity.
  •  Cheese,all meat,fish,eggs,clear soups,vegetables can be taken as desired. 

17.Minerals-vital nutrients essential for life-Dr.S.Mahalekshmi

  •  Minerals are needed by body in small amounts for proper functioning.
  •  Minerals are found in meat,cereals,vegetables,milk,and dairy foods. 

18.Alopecia,baldness homoeopathy-K.Nausheer Hamzakutty

19.10 mins=1 Heart– Sreekanth.v.Nair

  •  The triad Diabetes,Hypertension,Smoking takes one life at every 10 mins.
  •  Avoid junk food,daily exercise,eat fruits and vegetables daily are the keys to balanced health. 

20.Parent definitions-Dr.C.S.N.Srikanth

21.Mother-Hari kumar.B

Mother is the mame of god in the lips and heart of little children.

22.Secrets of medical symbol-J.D.Hemachandran

  • Symbol of CADUCEUS used by medical and allied professions is a very ancient and universal symbol.
  • CADUCEUS is the winged staff with two entwined snakes held by greek god Hermes. 

23.Scope of homoeopathy-Nizaar thottatil

  • Government hospitals
  • Private nursing homes
  • Medical colleges
  • Private practice
  • Pharmaceutical industries

24.Humorism some ancient classifications-Jafer Sadiq

25.Some noble household remedies-G.Kalyani

26.Quit smoking and quit for keeps-Sona.k.l

Deals with steps to quit smoking

Measures to be taken after quitting smoking.


27.A beautiful case-         Dr.K.M.Perumal

28.Oh my beloved friend-   Sowmini

29.Asimple prayer-          S.Sathhishwaran

30.Step by step-                J.Cibiraj

31.How blessed we are-   Genesis

32.A student feels that

33.Crimes for which one cannot be punished

34.Homoeobites-             Gireesh.KG

35.Pearl-                          Dr.rahul ravi

36.My friends-                Manjuli.A.p 

Achievements of Vinayaka Mission Homoeopathic Medical College

  • 1988-Homoeopathic medical college and hospital was established.
  • 1998-Celebrated decennial celebrations.
  • 2001-Became constituent college of Vinayaka mission’s university.
  • 2002-Conducted National Homoeopathic Conference  -Started PG programme in  seven specialities
  • 2004-MD(Hom) of VMU, material medica,organon and repertory included in the second schedule of homoeopathy central council act.
  • 2006-CCH membership fron the faculty of homoeopathy. -Organised CCH inspectors workshop.
  • 2008-Conducted reorientation  training  programme in the department of pathology,sponsored by department of Ayush and Ministry of health and family welfare Govt of  India.
  • 2008-Organised one day seminars Vinpharmacon.Vinpedicon.
  • Medical camps were conducted by the NSS unit of the college.
  • Educational visits were conducted to Nangavalli water plant,Aavin milk diary.
  • Sports meet was conducted.
  • Won prizes in quiz competitions.

Merits of this magazine

  • Articles are given in three languages:English,Tamil and Malayalam.
  • Contributions are given not only by the students but also by teachers of various departments.
  • All the articles given in the magazine are informative,reliable and useful.
  • Pencil drawings,paintings are given  with most of the articles.
  • Beautiful thoughts,jokes, are included in between the articles.
  • Informative tips are given about various diseases and its management.
  • Unnecessary advertisements are not given.


  • Articles are not given in Hindi language which is the national language of our country.
  • On page 55 there is no relation between the article contents and conclusion.

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