Vinoba Bhave University BHMS question papers

Vinoba Bhave University 1st BHMS Examinations, 2012

Time – 3hrs                                         Subject : Homoeopathic Pharmacy                                          Full Marks-100

Answer any five questions 

1.Define Pharmacopoeia. What is the difference between Pharmacy & Pharmacopoeia? Discuss the different Pharmacopoeias published in India.                                                                                                5+5+10=20

2.Discuss the process of preparing Allium cepa mother tincture in old method. Potentise it up to 2C & 2X.By which process Allium cepa Mother tincture is prepared in new method. What is its Drug Strength? 10+4+4+2=20

3.Define Trituration. Narrate the process of trituration to prepare Carbo veg 1X as per the HPI. 5+15=20

4.What is the principle of 50 millesimal scale ? Who introduced this scale? Name the person who coined the name 50 Millesimal scale . How will you prepare Silicea 0/2 (solid) in this scale from Silica drug substance ? 4+2+2+12

5.Define Prescription. Write a prescription for a lady suffering from Migraine & show the different parts. What are the merits & demerits of a Prescription?                                                                                                 2+10+4+4

6.Define Pharmaconomy. What are the Different routes for administration of Homoeopathic drugs?                                                                                                                                                                                                      5+15=20

7.Define Standardization. Discuss the different parameters used to standardize Homoeopathic drugs                                                                                                                                                                                                             5+15=20

8.Write short notes on any four of the following –                                                                                      5X4=20

  1. Imponderabilia b. Decimal scale c. Spatula    d. Mother tincture     e. Cones    f. Homoeopathic Medicine

Contributed by : Dr Kaushik D Das, MD(Hom)
Asst Prof & Head, Dept. of Homoeopathic Pharmacy, MHMC&H, Midnapore (Govt. of WB)
Ph : 9932298682, e-mail:


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