Wants to publish your book or dissertation? No need to wait for years, Hompath will help you 

booksMajority doctors waited for many years for their book or dissertation to be published by knocking on the doors of multiple publishers.

If you want to realise a dream by publishing your own book internationally. Hompath will definitely help you.

Hompath would like to invite you to share your valuable books, literature or dissertation with our organization Mind Technologies for the purpose of Digital Publication and Digital Medical App in Homoeopathy for the benefit of the homeopathic aspirants worldwide and to provide the medical fraternity with content enriched products in homeopathic science.

Mind Technologies, India serves as an ideal platform for both the established as well as budding authors for getting their books published digitally through Application. ‘Hompath’, a jewel product of Mind Technologies is a World Leader today with 1.26 Lakhs user base in 133 countries across the globe. It has an excellent team of 100+ staff to create, innovate, support and enhance every software solution.

Since inception, we believe in providing high quality digital books at reasonable prices to the homeopathic community. We firmly believe that authors build the pillars for homeopathy and our organization. Therefore, our Motto is to promote Homoeopathic Authors and Doctors globally and we invite authors to join hands with us.

Our team is open to new ideas that meet the needs of the homoeopathic industry and welcomes proposals for new digital publications. Mind Technologies, India will help you to develop your ideas into high quality products and provide friendly advice, support and guidance throughout the writing and editing process.

They have already published following books digitally, and which is available to more than 1 million homeopathic aspirants across the globe.

????1. Soul of Remedies by Dr. Rajan Sankaran

????2. Homeopathic Management in Pediatric Practice by Dr. Kishor Mehta

????3. Art & Science of Homeopathic Pharmacy by Dr. Sumit Goel

The days of print media is going out very fast, in this circumstances if you want to reach every Homeopath then there is no better option than e-books. So we request you to think about this concept very seriously and do the needful.

The details about your books will reach to minimum 2 lakhs+ homeopaths around the globe through email and sms. The price of the book has been kept so low so that people can afford easily and they can improve their practice thus showing results.

If you are interested in getting your books, manuscripts, cured cases or dissertation published digitally or through App, kindly e-mail the same to us at drashish@mindtechlive.com  along with the list of contents. We assure to get back to you at the earliest.

Dr Ashish M.D. (Hom.)
International Head for Research and Academic
Mind Technologies, India????????
Cell: +91 900 456 1740
Email: drashish@mindtechlive.com
Web: www.mindtechlive.com

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