Western Railway Homeopathic Doctor Recruitment

Engagement of 01 (one) part-time Homeopathic/ Ayurvedic Doctor under the aegis of Staff Benefit Fund of Western Railway

Guidelines for engagement of Registered Homeopathic/ Ayurvedic Practitioners for filling up the post of part-time Homeopathic Doctors at Western Railway office on payment of consolidated honorarium of Rs. 7000/- (seven thousand only) per month without any other allowances in terms of extant instructions are as under:-

I) Qualifications required:-The candidate must have a Diploma of not less than four years duration plus five years experience after acquiring the four year Diploma/ Degree course in the respective system of Medicine (as per Rly. Board’s letter no. E(W) 89 Wel-15 dtd. 03/10/89).

II) The terms and conditions for appointment of Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic will be as under:-

1) The Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic Doctor will be given working facilities in one of the rooms for  which necessary equipment/ furniture and materials will be supplied by the Railway.

2) He/She will be responsible for proper maintenance of equipments, furniture’s and material given in his/her custody.

3) Hon. Homeopath/Ayurvedic Doctor will maintain a record of patients treated and submit the sameto concerned officer every month.

4) Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic Doctor will submit a monthly statement of the expenditure towards  the medicines used and will submit indents of requirements well in advance to the concerned officer.

5) Hon. Homeopath/Ayurvedic Doctor will attend the dispensary for 4 hours daily on all working  days of the week. Timings will be decided in consultation with local SBF & CMD, except the days on which the office will remain closed.

6) Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic Doctor will issue no certificate for any purpose whatsoever.

7) Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic doctor will be paid honorarium as decided by local SBF Committee subject to revision from time-to-time.

8) Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic Doctor will be entitled for 8 days leave in a year on full payment of honorarium out of which not more than 4 days leave will be allowed to be availed at a stretch. Any period of absence above this limit will be proportionately adjusted against his/her monthly honorarium. Leave sanctioning authority will be SPO (W)- CCG / DPO/ Sr. DPO.

9) The Ho. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic Doctor will only attend the patients at homeopathic/ ayurvedic   dispensary.

10) Services of Hon. Homeopath/ Ayurvedic Doctor will be liable to be terminated on one month notice on either side or on completion of contract period without notice.

11) No Railway residential accommodation will be provided to the Hon. Homeopath.

12) No passes or other fringe benefits as available to other Railway employees will be allowed.

13) The Hon. Homeopath doctor will dispense the medicines without the help of an additional hand.

The applications of willing Homeopath Doctors fulfilling the requisite educational qualification may be forwarded to concerned officer furnishing the full Bio-data with attested copies of certificates for necessary action latest by………………..

Source : http://www.wr.indianrailways.gov.in/view_section.jsp?lang=0&id=0,7,371,429


  1. Jaisi Indian railway loud h Waise hi degree holder shush doc ko smjhti h.. ..aur logo ka pta bhi Bt railway truly need ayurvedic n homeopathic treatment take unka IQ badge.. .pity on them.. .poor people western railway wale…

  2. may be these people are recruiting people to take care of their crap furnitures and equipments

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