Why are CCH inspectors behaving arrogantly?

Why are CCH inspectors behaving arrogantly?

Dr Mansoor Ali 

CCH inspectors have tremendous power and therefore they behave badly with teachers as well as college management.

Remember that they are not inspectors, but they are simple assessors appointed with a commission letter.

Inspectors are selected randomly and suddenly feel they have all powers.This is not true.They are only fact-finding and reporting committee.

Currently Quality is not a matter of concern to inspectors, but quantity counts. Inspectors are not trying to evaluate academic performance index. CCH should train the observers on how to monitor the quality of teaching and training in homoeopathy medical Colleges instead of counting the tables and instruments.

Even though many inspectors of Central Council of Homoeopathy were very dignified, few among them behaving very rudely to teachers, even very senior Professors and HODs  and management. Let them follow principles and conduct their assigned duty in the most professional way. But they have no business to be disrespectful.

The whole process of inspection besides the behaviour of the inspector affects teachers and administrators self-respect. An IAS from one corner of the country gives due respect and even special favours to another IAS from another part of the country even without knowing him/her. But some inspectors among us humiliating their professional colleagues and seniors.

We must suggest CCH that there should be a code of conduct and training to each and every inspector. They wrote much observation without any sense even for old colleges and stop them to work properly. This happened in last year – that is the reason for denying permission to repeated colleges across the country. Many of the inspectors were new to this field –  everybody needs to be trained for their specific job which is never happened.

Inspectors have no business to be arrogant.If they find fraud, report it, and do not be rude.Most rude inspectors have a feeling that they are sent only to detect fraud.This is not true.They need to show more maturity and dignified behaviour to junior and senior faculty.

When inspectors talk to them in harsh voice / arrogantly, then most of faculties and administrators keep quite.That should not be.

So, its the responsibility of the senior faculty members on administrative posts to oppose the arrogant behaviour of the inspectors. This can be done politely but with a firm attitude that we are not criminals and if any issue is there, it could be discussed politely with gentleman’s dignity.

Accepting bribe!
The CCH inspectors, the officers in CCH …they are all doctors and one among us. But in their new avatars, some of them slip from their moral grounds when they accept the bribe from substandard medical college and disgrace themselves by lowering their professional and ethical grounds when they harass faculty members of those institutions who don’t bribe them. Such inspectors should be ‘identified’ and ‘isolated’ professionally and legally.

Teachers of many homoeopathy colleges ruled that the CCH should take strict action against the CCH inspection team for showing irresponsible behaviour and such arrogant persons should be removed from the panel.

Doing job somewhere doesn’t mean that we have to sell our spine….Don’t Kowtow in front of inspectors.

Council must remove outdated items from MSR
It seems there is a change in minimum requirement for Homeopathy Medical Colleges, especially equipment.  Please see your own department respectively and point out the changes to the council

Make a complaint
CCH inspection will start from the month of January 2018 and probably may be completed by March 2018. So If any inspectors behaving rudely towards teachers or HODs or Principal – please send a complaint to the President of Central Council of Homoeopathy, immediately after the inspection.

Address:- Central Council of Homoeopathy. Jawaharlal Nehru Bhartiya Chikitsa avum Homoeopathic Anusandhan Bhawan, 61-65, Institutional Area, Opp. ‘D’ Block, Janak Puri New Delhi, PIN – 1100058

Email : centralcouncilnic.in@bol.net.in, cchindia123@yahoo.com

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  1. Well done! This post is really the need of the hour. Though it has come very late, better late than never. This kind of rude and unprofesional behaviour is not limited to CCH inspectors alone. In general in our country, the general assumption of the Indians is that getting a designation or an authority in an establishment is equivalent to being crowned as the Monarch of the particular system.
    Sorry to say this, but the situation in India does not seem to change anytime soon, because it has been going on since ancient ages here and so will in all probability continue…

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