Why is homoeopathy unpopular among Maharashtra students?

As many as 870 of 3,695 seats for the undergraduate course in homoeopathy (BHMS) were left vacant after the centralised admission process (CAP) for health science courses in Maharashtra came to an end on October 31.

While the aspirants are spoilt for choice when it comes to homoeopathy colleges, most of the seats for the two other courses in alternative medicine — ayurveda (BAMS) and unani (BUMS) — have been filled.

While Maharashtra government runs 20 ayurveda and three unani colleges, all the 49 homeopathy colleges in the state are run privately.

Cry for short term Modern Pharmacology courses created a negative imapct.

According to experts, there have been large-scale vacancies in BHMS for the past few years, as the demand for the course has dwindled.

Pradeep Sethiya, vice principal, DS Homeopathetic College, Pune, attributed this trend to limited job opportunities and a lack of government support for homoeopathy.

“There is a supply and demand mismatch in homoeopathy. The government favoured some private organisations unnecessarily, by allowing them to start new colleges. There’s not a single government-run homeopathy college in the state,” he said.


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