Why peer-reviewed journals not accepting homoeopathy research papers?

Rajesh Shah

Along with my highly reputed scientist colleague, we conducted certain research with homeopathic high-dilution medicine and achieved very interesting results. The paper was submitted recently to a peer-reviewed, biology science journal.

However, the article was simply rejected on the ground of the policy: ” We do not accept papers on homeopathy research.”

It must be noted that this is a common experience with several of other scientists including chemists, physicians, biologists, etc. who have faced such a shameful discrimination, with their research papers on homeopathy.

We are still living in an era where homeopathy is not considered a science. Hardly any other more tragic reality than this for a homeopathy professional like me and others.

It is a shame for those science journals to be closed-minded and have policies based on ‘homeopathy’ or ‘non-homeopathy’; rather than ‘scientific’ or ‘non-scientific’.

It is a shame for the homeopathy profession that we have not been able to work enough to influence the minds of the scientists. Homeopaths and teachers who are happy teaching fanciful theories in homeopathic conferences must be aware of this challenge the profession is facing.

The vision for homeopathy in this time space is to bring it to the level where it is reviewed as science.

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