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Teachers of Rajkot Homoeopathic Medical College, Rajkot
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Your site provides very valuable articles and PPTs not only for the students but even for the practitioners and academicians.

Dr B P. Panda

Principal, Rajkot Homoeopathic Medical College
I regularly follow similima and also instinct my students to do so.

Dr. Saurabh kalra

Medical Department
Your site has brought an overwhelming response from budding doctors

Dr.Nikhil shasane

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Great work….HMM at a glance is nice concept. For academic P.G. student like me.. please correlate with CCRH current activity and research projects so it will be helpful for P.G. students…

Dr. Hakimji

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You are doing a wonderful job. However Iam appalled at the rot in the homoeopathic education today especially at the postgraduate levels. Full time students are not attending classes. Sometimes, classes are not held at many places. Many colleges do not have the facilities and yet are allowed to conduct postgraduate courses. Does anybody realise that ultimately, the doctors you are churning out will be responsible for the future fate of homoepathy in India. The doctors are responsible for the health of society. Sometimes the life of the patient is dependent on their decision. I can only ask our brethren to awake and heed their conscience and stem this root.

Orthopedic hospital India

Thanks for sharing such great Blog.
Wonderful collection of all useful information. This will really help us.
Patients from around the globe are beginning to realize the enormous potential of homeopathy medicine.

Dibyendu Sarkar

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This site is really good for all homoeopaths for sharing and increasing their knowledge.

Dr.Tito Biswas

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Lot of thanks to similima team for the nice website specially homeopathy

Dr. Aanal Shah
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Very nice information are given on this site,, useful for the people who are going to start their practice n homoeopathy

Nikita chavan-joshi

E Address:
Hi,I am highly impressed by the spread of homoeopathy, I am very much interested to work in u.k or europe using my homoeopathic degree, Please guide.

E Address:
Its really too good website. I can find here everything about homoeopathy. It is too helpful for every homoeopathic student.

Dr. Muhammad Afzaal

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This web-site, services is very profitable of practitioner and students, may you live long

Dr.Rajaneesh Kumar Sharma
Dear Dr. Mansoor Ali,
Your role in field of Homoeopathy is marvelous. You are the pillar of Modern Homoeopathy….. Regards.

Shona Sherson

E Address:
Great too find a free website look forward to using it. Thank you to whomever undertook such an enormous job for the greater benefit of Homeopathy.

Dr.Mansi Arya
R & D Officer – SBL Pvt. Ltd.
Consultant – SBL Clinic
First of all, let me congratulate you for doing such a commendable job through your wonderful website , it serves as credible platform for exchange of information amongst members of our homoeopathic fraternity.

Sandra Ochoa

Email ;
Hi, my name is Sandra and I’m one of readers.
I’d like to thank you for the excellent information I’ve found on, it’s always a great pleasure to read your articles and I count to become a loyal reader.
I live in New Berlin, WI where I try to increase the awareness on clinical research among my family and friends.

Dr. Mohammad Imran Hossan

E Address:
This is a very good web of Homeopathy with vast information of knowledge about the Homeopathy and new idea, experiment etc are available. So every Homeopath will be benefited. Thanks that are open this web site.

Dr. S.R. Kewat

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This site is really helpful for homoeopathic students and doctors to continuously update their knowledge via electronic education.

Dr Tejaswini Patole – Kamble

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Hello! I am very much fond of your website .It is very nice. You have nurtured it very much. Now  a days it is homoeopathic facebook. I will also share my work with homoeopathic world through your site. My best wishes to your growing work.

Dr.Vikas Verma
E Address:
There are many websites regarding homoeopathy but i found this website as  almost complete website, which is informative and it contains different articles. It is very useful for students, patients and professionals. I congratulate the whole team of Similima for this wonderful portal.

Name: Zach
E Address:
I am a first year medical student and stumbled upon this site while searching for clarification on renal blood flow. I found the concise and clear answers I was looking for here. Thank you so much for a great resource!

Dr. Suman Hudait
Respected sir,
It’s so happy to say that similima is the only website which provides all desirable materials for the homeo-friends at a glance . It’s really very helpful for the people directly or indirectly attached with homeopathy. Thank you very very much!

Prof. Siraj ud daulah

E Address:
Dr Mansoor ali ,your dedication and sharing of knowledge are the greatest gifts you have contributed in the propagation and promotion of this great science .
May the ALMIGHTY bestow strength and long life.

Dr.Akshay jain
Date: Saturday
Comments: Sir your site made me confident to go for pg exams. Here I pay much time to study the material given in your site. very very thanks for providing the information to us .

Dr.Gurudev choubey
Well it was a very nice website to log on , the students and the teachers who are in search of jobs in India and abroad are very well dependent on you ,thanks once again for this website. Sir Iam a post graduate student of homoeopathy in materia medica from the top institute of (national institute of homoeopathy)it would be kind of you if you send me information for the jobs lecturer in homoeopathic colleges .

Dr. Kulwant Singh
Dear Dr Mansoor Ali
Your website is coming an ocean of knowledge and information day by day and I make it a point to visit it daily. I hope that this site will be interesting for the students and teachers as well.
With regards,
Dr Kulwant Singh
Dean: Faculty of Homoeopathy, Vinoba Bhave University
Principal: S H Medical College and Hospital, Jamshedpur

Rajan Radhakrishnan
Thank you for your efforts in uplifting this valuable branch of medicine. I am a pharmacologist with immense interest in homeopathy. Well done!
Rajan Radhakrishnan, BPharm., PhD
Assistant Professor ,Western University of Health Sciences
California, USA

Dimpi Shah
Myself is Dimpi Shah.I m a homeopath (B.H.M.S.)I am referring your website regularly. It is really an excellent website with the help of which a homeopath can explore the knowledge of homeopathy.
Dimpi Shah

Dr.Suhil Vats
Hi Dr.Mansoor
Thanks for mail and also for utilizing my articles.
I enjoy being part of your efforts.
Enjoy yourself & keep the good work going.
Sushil Vats

Dr Kulwant Singh M.D.(Rajasthan Vidyapeeth)
I once again congratulate you on the new improved look and layout with great information for your website. I hope this will help the students and teachers immensely. I have advised my students to regularly explore your website to be in touch with the latest in homoeopathy.
Dr Kulwant Singh M.D.(Rajasthan Vidyapeeth)

Khaja Mohiuddin
I found myself very confident after visiting this page. before visiting i am in dilemma whether to for it or no.
Keep the good work going on |||||||

Dr. Bulbul Gupta
Dear webmaster,
I am thoroughly impressed by the hard work you have done on this portal. I am a homoeopathic graduate, and interested in doing M.D.can you forward me the suggested answers .
Thanking You
Dr. Bulbul Gupta

Ashfaq ahmad
This website is really wonderful, and wishing all the blessing to the pioneer of this novel web for the development of homeopathy.

Dear Sir,
Today I have gone through your mind notes really you are Master & Genius.I have gone through your articles on synthesis, comparative studies, marriage really you are master. Thanks once again for such valuable knowledge I got from your website.
Thanks  With regards

Dr. Mukund suvagia,D.H.M.S.classical homoeopath
Congrats Dr.Mansoor, highly valuable web.
May god give u more enthusiasm to flower this web as perfumed as rose…thanks for lots of invaluable information on this web, Good luck.

Dr.Mohammedjuber Mamji
Never seen such a web that gives value to each of us who worked nicely. Indirectly makes our unity which never happens before. Hope it goes up to sky and may progress with flying colors
Thanking you

Askar Ali,Manchester
I just happened to view your website, found it absolutely brilliant site and very informative.
Million thanks.
Askar Ali ,Manchester

DR. Pawan S. Chandak
In Future you will be one of Stalwarts like our old pioneers not like Bombastic. Anyway nice website

Ashfaq ahmad
I really enjoyed while visiting this wonderful website on homeopathy.
I appreciate Dr.Mansoor for his elite contribution towards this great curing method. I am professionally a agri-scientist but practicing homeo as hobby to deliver pleasures to humanity.

Dr. Sassan Behjat
Dear Dr. Mansoor Ali
I am thankful for informing me of your very informative website. I wish your efforts would bear fruits and success for advancement in the Medical Field.
With best regards.
Dr. Sassan Behjat
Coordinator Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Unit,
Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Dr Radha
This is the first time i’m visiting this site , the reason being i find no sites for a detailed information on MOH exam. I wanted to know what sort of preparation is required and what books to study for this exam. Are there any short courses (may be online) available for the same?

Dr Robert Roach
Congratulations on your wonderful site…I have practiced Homoeopathy for many years now and am heartened to see your sharing.

Dear Dr. Mansoor Ali,
I was pleased to see your website.It is very nice to hear that you have vast research based knowledge and experience to treat chronic and fatal diseases.
With regards

Chetan Patil Maharashtra
A really wonderful web site. I am one of those who is interested in research and proving.
Thank you.
Chetan Patil. Maharashtra

Dr.Ajith kumar
Dear sir,
Thank you for publishing UPSC and MD(HOM)previous question papers on your site. Your site is very helpful for candidates like me preparing for
job. Thanking you,
yours faithfully
V.P Ajith

Dr.Sayeed ahmad
Dear Brother Dr. Mansoor:
God Bless You. I am sure that by the blessings of Allah one day your website will be one of the top class in the field of homoeopathy (Amen).
With regards.
Brotherly yours,
Dr Sayeed Ahmad 

Feels strongly about the contents published in this website?  Feel free to write in and let us know your valuable comments and suggestions…
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