ZED-talks by IHMA Kozhikode Chapter

Date : Sunday, 15th July 2012

Venue : Hotel Paramount Towers, Town Hall Road, Kozhikode

Concept :-
Short, crisp, diverse, content-rich, time-bound, moderated & focused talks from experienced & talented speakers. Talks are from most significant contemporary domains related to Homoeopathy. Each talk shall be of 40 minutes duration followed by 10 minutes Q & A session where selected five questions shall be answered. Queries as slips to be forwarded to the moderator up to the termination of talk and the best five questions shall be chosen to be replied and each allowed two minutes for deliberation.

Program Schedule :-

Registration – 9:00

9:30 – Talk 1 (40mins)
Speaker – Dr C Sundara Alagappan MD(HOM)
Topic – Hair treatment; Homoeopathic expert approach
Moderator – Dr M Premachandran BHMS PGDYT, Former Secretary General IHMA

10:20 – Talk 2 (40mins)
Speaker – Dr Vinayan Uthaman MD(HOM)
Topic – Use of Mother Tinctures and lower potencies in common ailments – an expert view
Moderator – Dr V Sudin kumar BHMS, Editor Homoeopathic Panorama IHMA

11.10 – Tea Break (10mins)

11:20 – Talk 3 (40mins)
Speaker – Dr AB Ram Jyothis MD(HOM)
Topic – Role of knowledge of Pharmacy in acute and chronic prescription.
Moderator – Dr ME Prashanth BHMS, Mass Media Officer IHMA

12:10 – Inauguration of event & Introduction of Candidate of IHMA for current CCH elections (20mins)

12.30 – Refresher Yoga Session by Dr M Premachandran BHMS PGDYT (20mins)
Topic – Tips on energizing self between day routine through simple Yogic methods.

12:50 – Talk 4 (30mins)
Speaker – Dr Sreevals G Menon MD(HOM)
Allergy – IgE Sensitivity to Homoeopathic Constitutional Treatment – A study based on Cluster Sampling & a brief on Miasmatic Analysis of Allergy
Moderator – Dr Sureshan V, Former President IHMA, Kerala State

14:10 Talk 5 (40mins)
Speaker – Dr MV Thomas BHMS MSc Clinical Psych
Topic – Anxiety disorders and Homoeopathic management
Moderator – Dr MG Oomen BHMS MSc Applied Psych MSc Clinical Psych, Founder National President IHMA

15:00 – Talk 6 (40mins)
Speaker – Dr TK Harindranath BHMS
Topic – Strategies for effective homoeopathic interference in bronchial asthma & other airway obstructing medical conditions.
Moderator – Dr Latha D BHMS

16:00 – Talk 7 (40mins)
Speaker – Dr Sajin Mayancheri MD(HOM)
Topic – Use of modern diagnostic and therapeutic tools with Homoeopathic management.
Moderator – Dr Abdul Gafar BHMS, Director IHRC

More about Speakers :-
Dr C Sundara Alagappan MD (HOM) – A successful homoeopathic Trichologist from Tamil Nadu and a resource person for advanced hair management techniques with homoeopathy. An experienced academician and a consultant currently associated with NeoClassical Homoeopathy Clinics and VCare Multispecialty Clinics.

Dr Vinayan Uthaman MD(HOM) – A very experienced and leading practitioner of Kannur & a Senior Consultant & Director at AIHMS Homoeopathy Ltd. A Homoeopathic physician with abundant knowledge on management with MT & lower potency, Dr Vinayan is also through a quest for a greater understanding of rare drugs and their possibilities in Homoeopathy apart from his research on Headache management.

Dr AB Ram Jyothis MD(HOM) – A rare expertise and & an upcoming resource person in Homoeopathic Pharmacy & related research. A faculty at Fr Mullers Homoeopathic Medical College, Dr Ram is also a ROTP (Re-orientation Training Programme) faculty  for AYUSH Dept (GOI) & a serious academician. His services were instrumental in the development of the Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Division of Fr Mullers Charitable Institutions, Mangalore.

Dr M Premachandran BHMS PGDYT – A post graduate in therapeutic Yoga methods from KMC Manipal after his Homoeopathic graduation, he is a Senior Medical officer under Govt of Kerala for past two decades. A great speaker and clinician, he is also a leading Homoeopathic & Yoga (Clinical) practitioner.

Dr Sreevals G Menon MD(HOM) – A speaker at multiple International events within India & abroad, he is the Founder & Consultant of AIHMS Homoeopathy Ltd. The Technical Committee Member from AYUSH Stream for NABH at New Delhi, he is a successful practioner, he runs a hospital at Ramanattukara, Kozhikode and a couple of clinics in the region.

Dr MV Thomas BHMS, MSc Clinical Psych – Post Graduated as a rankholder in Clinical Psychology from School of Behavioral Sciences, Kannur University after Homoeopathic graduation and has now qualified as a research scholar at Department of Psychology, Kannur University. Presented a paper in Neuropsycholgy in an International seminar on Mind, Brain and Consciousness held at Mumbai on 2010. Now a consultant homoeopath & clinical psychologist at Vatakara.

Dr TK Harindranath BHMS – A gifted speaker & trainer for major events across the state within & outside Homoeopathy, he is a successful practitioner with immense experience in emergency management, inpatient care and para-clinical applications related to Homoeopathy. Managing Director of ISI Homoeopathy, the most succesful private Homoeopathic hospital in northern Kerala.

Dr Sajin Mayancheri MD(HOM) – Founder Managing Director of VCare Multispecialty Homoeopathy and Executive Director, ISI Homoeopathy. Past chief Consultant for Dr Batras Positive Health Clinics & Health Director of Lions Club Green City Calicut. A great speaker and neo-strategist in modern day healthcare delivery.

Rs.250 – for IHMA members
Rs.300 – for Non-members
Spot Registration – Rs.300 (all delegates)
Contact persons – Dr Sunand (Ph: 9633313330), Dr Amir Khlid (Ph:9400222427), Dr Jibil (Ph:9895955121)

IHMA School Health Programme :-
The Department of Homoeopathy, Govt of Kerala has been successfully through the project ‘Jyothir Gamaya’ for Govt schools under their School health programme for the past ten years. This project assesses the mental, intellectual & social wellbeing of higher school children and suggest counselling & homoeopathic therapeutic interferences.

IHMA Kozhikode Chapter, under our School health programme look at inititating a similar programme for Govt recognized un-aided and aided schools within the district boundaries. We need young energetic doctors to volunteer for the process who have profound knowledge in computer repertorization and committed instincts for the cause. They will be well remunerated for their role. They will need to be trained for the assessment. Therefore all those who desire to be a part of the same need to ask for the application forms at the registration counter and duly fill them and submit before leaving. They will be then informed about the further proceedings.

Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association
Kozhikode Chapter, Kerala State

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