Mnemonics in Anatomy & Medicine

Brachial artery: recurrent and collateral branches [ID 608] “I Am Pretty Sexy” Inferior ulnar collateral artery goes with Anterior ulnar recurrent artery. Posterior ulnar recurrent artery goes with Superior ulnar collateral artery. ­Alternatively: “I Am […]

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Practice of Medicine

Herpes Zoster and Homoeopathy

Dr  Rajneesh Kumar Sharma Herpes zoster is a viral disease, caused by herpes zoster virus or HZV, the chicken pox virus, affecting unilateral nerves, characterized by painful skin rash along with blisters limited to one […]

Homeopathic Drug Proving

Hahnemannian Proving of Caesalpinia Sappan

Hahnemannian Proving and Clinical Verification of Caesalpinia Sappan Dr Mohamed Muneer MD(Hom) Name                                 :   Caesalpinia Sappan Source                              :   Vegetable Kingdom Family                          […]

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Homeopathic Drug Proving

A Homeopathic Reproving of Glonine

Dr  Amit Pandey Dr Narendra Yadav The following is the detail report of the Reproving of the drug Glonine carried out at Shaad Homoeopathic Hospital Complex & Research Centre, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India during the 18th […]

Homeopathic Drug Proving

Homeopathic Proving of Parathion

Master Prover: Dr  Siju P V Introduction Parathion is widely used as an agricultural insecticide. It has been used extensively by farmers on major crops such as wheat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, citrus fruits, alfalfa, corn, […]