Acclaimed by scientist- homoeopathy is open to rejouvenation

Dr. Shiv Dua

“We know very little yet it is astonishing that we know so much and still it is more astonishing that so little knowledge can give us so much power”           -Bertrand Russell

A noble prize winner scientist has acclaimed the theory of medicine in homoeopathy. It was this theory of diluting that was creating the confusions. The scientists all over the world should not have any difficulty in accepting the above theory in the light of investigation by a noble prize winner virologist.

Recently, a scientist Dr. Dr. Luc Montagnier surprised the scientific community by his strong support to homoeopathy. He is French virologist who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the AIDS virus. He says, ‘I can say now that the high dilutions used in homoeopathy are right. High dilutions of something are water structures which mimic the original molecules’. (Report in ‘Life Positive’ September 2012 issue. Delhi). Dr. Montagnier’s research has verified that electromagnetic signals of the original medicine remains in the water and have dramatic biological effects. He also affirms that these new observations will lead to novel treatments for many common chronic diseases including but not limited to Autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. In the same article of ‘Life Positive’, Dr. Aditya Kumar Verma, a scientist and a homoeopath based in Dehradun says, ‘Just because a scientist cannot see the medicine beyond a certain point in the water does not mean that the medicine does not exist. It simply shows the limitation of microscope.’

The iron is hot and it is time to strike now. The contents of medicine in the dilutions are accepted. Now is the time. We should tell the scientific community about the theory of vital force so that they understand the working of homoeopathic medicines on the body. 

We have a mind that is always questioning ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the existence of man, soul, earth, planets and of the human beings. Our ancient ‘Upanishads’ say, ‘At whose behest doth mind light on its perch? At whose command doth life, the first, proceed? At whose behest do men send forth this speech? Why cannot the wind remain still? Why has the human mind no rest? Why, and in search of what, does water run out and cannot stop its flow even for a moment?’ With the inquisitive minds, the scientists all over the world neglected homoeopathy calling it a therapy that has no contents in its medicines. How does it work, no one is able to convince the scientists. Let us think over. 

1. What is Vital force?
A dead body is not capable of any sensation, movement or function. There is no question of its falling sick except deterioration of body in material. On the other hand, a living body, the material organism has all the sensations, movement and functions. This means that there is life in it. The life in other words is energy. Energy is force when it moves. Force is said to be done when mass is moved (f=ma). Scientists have themselves proved this. Without this force, the body is dead. It means that this is vital for the body to make it living. In other words, it is vital force.

2. Where is vital force?
Scientists say that vital force does not exist in the body or in any of the organs. Our explanation is that it exists all over the body. How to prove our point of view?

Philosophy of vital force is very deep and it dates back to the era when man first thought about his existence on the earth. He (may be she) went beyond his thinking in an unthinkable manner after seeing his reflection in standing water. Here was his identity.  ‘Who is this man? If it is I, who am I? What is it that I am made of from within? What is the power that keeps me running, moving and working and where does it go when I am dead?’ The man first enquired from him and finding no answers, he put this question to others. No one was able to reply. In millions of years, the topic gained much importance and people decided to give this question a religious touch. Religions, in turn, interpreted the answers in different terms coinciding with their particular faith. For example Hindu religion-philosophy books say that there is some spiritual power or soul like energy living in the body that performs the whole of mental and physical jobs. From religion to the table of scientists took no time. Many scientists said that there is no materialistic evidence of existence of soul. Nevertheless, some scientists agreed that there is soul in the body but we do not have means (equipment) to prove its existence. This methodology is still going on and on. There are no confirmed decisions. Now see the fun, Science does not accept theory of religion. Science cannot establish any idea about the time when religion came into existence. Who formed the theory of religion, soul and man? Science is a work in progress. Religion is entire universe where time is infinity. It has nothing to do with science or work in progress.

3. What does Hindu philosophy or religion say?
The body is mere total of some physical components. Some animated force enters our body at the time of conception (?). It monitors all the functions of body till it is destined to live in the body. Then it leaves the body making all physical features of body lifeless.

4. How homoeopathy took lead from Hindu philosophy?
The body without vital force gets decomposed. What does it prove? It proves that body is living entity, may be its soul (or vital force). There has to be a continuous flow of energy from somewhere within the body that enables the body to work. This energy has to be a unity, a united effort and from this united effort of the body, the energy flows in the form of physical energy. (Hahnemann calls it vital principle of body.) This united physical energy is from every cell and every tissue of the body. Every cell and tissue of body has wisdom to act. This wisdom derived energy from an unknown source when taking birth.

Scientific mind doubts about the statement that energy of cell and tissue is spiritual.  Where if the proof that God gave energy to every cell and tissue of our body at the time of birth?

Three probabilities

Scientists do not believe this and hence we have three probabilities.

  1. Without food, water or sleep one can survive for some days. Without breathing (or oxygen) one cannot survive even for few minutes. Breathing is involuntary and without our knowing. Mechanically we say it is by lungs and we give a lot of explanations.
  2. The power behind making our lungs inhale and exhale is unknown. The power behind making our heart tick is unknown. Scientists say it is energy of food that makes the heart tick. Rationalist calls it wrong. There are many saints who live without food and water for many days. Scientists again say that the conserved energy of food and water makes their bodies live for some days. Once the stored energy is gone, the body dies.
  3. If food and water is the source of energy for body, we allow it and are alive but what happens when living body does not get. The body dies.

We cannot survive without oxygen. Therefore, it is oxygen that gives life to each cell and tissue of our body. This also means that upon less of oxygen to the body, the body falls sick and on exhausting of oxygen, the body is dead. Oxygen can hence be called vital force of the body. 

When is oxygen (vital force) strong?

  • When you are unaware about your act of breathing.
  • When you cannot hear the sound of your breathing or your heartbeats.
  • When your breathing is without efforts.
  • Your oxygen or vital force is strong.

You are in normal health.

When is oxygen (vital force) weak?

  • When you hear your breathing and you are aware of it (except while exercising, running, or doing pranayam etc.)
  • When others near you hear the sound of your breathing.
  • When the breathing is non-rhythmic and non-methodical.
  • Your oxygen or vital force is weak.

You are in abnormal health.

With these two simple tests, one can find out that one is sick or not.

There has been another development in the field of homoeopathy. One must appreciate Indian judiciary system (Supreme Court) which has ordered clinical tests of cancer patients using homoeopathic medicines. This appeal was by a reputed doctor of Gurgaon, Haryana who claims to have cured many cancer patients by homoeopathic treatment.  (Times of India newspaper report) Hope Haryana Council of Homoeopathic system of Medicine, Panchkula takes up this issue with the government since the doctor is from Gurgaon and runs a homoeopathic cancer hospital.

Support of a scientist is a turning point for homoeopathic fraternity. Question to be proved is how homoeopathic medicines work on the body and what is the theory of vital force? Through this article an attempt has been made to reply this question. It is up to CCRH and regional councils of homoeopathy of all States of India to press to government for upgrading homoeopathy and make it at par with other systems if not high over them. Whole of Homoeopathic fraternity, editors of all journals of homoeopathy, and all associations of doctors in India should take action to highlight homoeopathy. Our objective is to promote homoeopathy.

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  1. Yes, it is time that Homoeopathy is gaining more evidences before the public by the statement of a Nobel prize winner the Virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier that electro magnetic signals of medicine are remained in water which has biological effects greater than before. We are proud that scientists are investigating the power of our medicines genuinely & contributing to success of Homoeopathy.

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