Communication pattern through body language in pediatric cases

children - CopyCommunication pattern through body language study for interpretation of symptoms in pediatric cases

Dr. Ravi Singh

The Utility of Body Language by Children
The child comes into this world in trust and innocence. Infants whose needs are met in this critical time are better adjusted, cry less and have fewer symptoms during the First year of life. If this sense of security is not felt by the child, symptoms will occur. These symptoms are expressed as need for help through non- verbal communication. Study in Paediatric involves understanding the mute communication which comes out in very innocent way. Since the observation and perceiving of symptoms are very crucial in constituting the totality for any given case in Homoeopathy it become very much necessary to interpret all the expression of a mute child who is crying for help.

Treatment of children remained a challenge for all since the very inception of concepts in treating paediatrics cases in all the system of Medicine yet it become most important in the case of Homoeopathy. Thus effective communication in the paediatrics cases for Homoeopathy basically dependent on the art of OBSERVATION of all the expression for a child. The newborn is fully capable of perceiving and expressing emotions. Facial expression and eyes all present windows to the emotional realm. Thus a child who is deprived with the effective verbal communication needs to be observed well with utmost interest. They are studied as Non-verbal communication which takes place without the use of words. It is an effective and potent medium of communication and needs a lot of careful thought and schooling. It can e easily misinterpreted and therefore needs lots of considerations.

Body language- body movement, Eye contacts, Facial expression, Gestures Postures, Spatial Relativity and paralanguage are some of the area of non- verbal communication that can be explored in order to interpret for the symptoms and finally converted into rubrics to arrive at a particular medicine. The way one use or do not use or misuse the body can hardly go unnoticed Each shrug, raise of the eyebrow, lopsided smirk, radiant smile, conveys a message which is far more potent and significant. Body language is non reversible. How one can reverse an offensive yawn, a disinterested slump. Homoeopathic Repertory and Materia Medicas are arranged systematically on the basis of definite philosophical background.

It helps in the selection of group of similar medicines and ultimately helps in the selection of a similimum. It includes many of the observation based on the objective view of symptoms which will help in Paediatric cases.

During the practice of Homoeopathy for paediatrics cases one is faced with discovering the most characteristic symptoms as because the children can not express their actual suffering of symptoms that we are always depend upon some objective symptoms which are observed by attendance and physician himself. These signs and symptoms are only the guide lines for the making totality of symptoms for the selection of similimum.

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