Homeopathy treatment for Uterine Myomas and Ovarian Cysts

Dr Narendra Kumar H

The disease of uterine fibroid or myomas ( tumor) and ovarian cysts is very common in women these days. As a result of these disease so many symptoms are found such as irregular and painful menstruation, vaginal discharge infertility, anemia, pressure in urinary bladder, Abortions etc.

The only treatment in modern allopathy is to remove the uterus which is called medical science hysterectomy in some case only myoma (tumor) are removed called Myomectomy.

In above patient the Homoeopathic treatment has been very fruitful and convenient. These Myomas (Tumor, cyst) can be dissolved during 1-3 months with the help of homoeopathic medicine. While taking homoeopathic medicine women may continue there home work, they may save money and their operation may be avoided as well.As for operation is concerned it make the patient bodily, mentally and economically tensed. They can not performed there house hold activities for at lest above 6 months. It place of looking after member of the family such woman them self looked after by the family members, a part from these they have to under go other physical problems and ailments also.If such patients are given homoeopathic treatment they cannot only be cure from the disease but they can keep them self physically and mentally fit and avoid monetary burden also.

Conclusion – Concluding while looking at the above treatment it can be said that homoeopathy is well effective in treating uterian moymas / fiborid (tumor) and ovarian cyst (excluding cancer) homoeopathy take comparatively less time, less monetary burden and without physical and mental tension on the part of patient. Homoeopathy is quite and safe, economically, simple effective treatment for uterine moymas / fibroids (tumors) and ovarian cysts.

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