Kerala Government sanctioned Homoeopathic Cancer Hospital


Kerala Government accorded sanction for the first ever Homoeopathic Hospital for management of Cancer : ‘Chethana’ at Vandoor, Malappuram of Kerala.

GO(MS)No 247/2013/H&FWD Dated Thiruvananthapuram 14/6/2013.

Govt. of Kerala created the following additional permanent post in the Homeopathy department

  • Chief Medical Officer : 1
  • Resident Medical Officer : 1
  • Medical Officer : 1
  • Nurse : 3
  • Nursing assistant : 3
  • Pharmacist : 1
  • LD Clerk : 1
  • Cook : 1
  • Cleaner : 1
  • PTs : 1
  • Driver : 1

Similima team congratulating the Govt. of Kerala,Homeopathy department and especially Dr Vinukrishnan for this remarkable achievement.

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  • Dr Shamsur Rahman

    Good news for Cancer patients.

  • Dr. R. Valavan

    Good move. Will create history in homoeopathy.

  • Lavanya

    why this happens only in Kerala?

  • Dr.Sreekumar MB

    Congratulations…Hope this institution will make a cancer treatment protocol which can be adopted in more such hospitals….However in cancer inter disciplinary methods will be needed for smooth function

  • dr nitesh jangid

    It opens the new door in health world ……….. awesome drastic movement ….thanks kerla…..

  • dr neeti jangid

    The third stage cancer patient can bi cure in new cancer hospital of kerala?

  • dr suresh chandra jangid

    How many cases hav u been treated successfully in kerala cancer hospital?

  • hans weitbrecht consultant homeopath

    May this be the start of a new era, where the patient has real choices. here in Ireland we don’t even have a homeopathic hospital, not to think of a cancer hospital.
    Best of success,
    Hans Weitbrecht
    Consultant homeopath

  • Unni

    Read the govt circular people.. Google for the government order cited. It’s not about any cancer institute. It’s about a pain and palliative care clinic for cancer pts to be opened by homeopathy department..