Kerala Govt directs PSC to Cancel Tutor in Homeopathy Exams


Under Secretary, Department of Health & family Welfare, Govt. of Kerala directed Kerala Public Service Commission to cancel and freeze all the formalities related to Tutors in Homeopathy Examinations  for more than 21 posts and nine subjects conducted on13.10.2011 & 02.12.2011

Letter No.6695/J2/12 H& FWD dt 30.03.12

As per the letter by the Kerala Government to PSC

  1. As per the latest pay revision of homeopathy college teachers – Asst. Professor is the entry cadre
  2. As per the latest pay revision MD in Homeopathy is the basic qualification

Kerala PSC conducted examinations to the following subjects

  1. Homeopathic Pharmacy
  2. Case taking and repertorisation
  3. Organon of Medicine
  4. Pathology
  5. Surgery
  6. Practice of Medicine,
  7. Materia Medica
  8. Anatomy
  9. Physiology

This may be great injustice towards the thousands of candidates appeared for the examination after years of preparation and hard work. Why?

  • At the time of inviting application BHMS was the basic qualification
  • And the name of the post was – Tutor in Homeopathy
  • Even in Allopathy medical colleges – MBBS is the basic qualification
  • As per the Kerala Homeopathic Colleges Special rule 2001 – Tutor posts still exist – so it is not possible to abolish tutor posts with out amending special rule
  • In Kerala PG courses are available only in three subjects – outside Kerala in 7 subjects – So what will be the fate of 250 BHMS holders passing out every year from Kerala – even if the basic qualification is PG ?
  • Where we will accommodate BHMS holders without a post graduation?!

As per some reliable sources few postgraduate students’ request and foul play also resulted in the cancellation of the examinations.  They want new examination after completing their PG courses.

Govt. already initiated this movement even before the pay revision procedures coming into action.

Govt. of Kerala already enhanced the pension age of Homeopathy College teachers from 55 to 60 recently.

As per Kerala PSC regulations it is not possible to Cancel a post after its notification. But if the employer (Gov. of Kerala) is not willing to appoint, candidates are helpless.

PSC will probably complete its procedure in publishing the rank list as per reliable information.

Only 20 doctors got appointment as teachers in Kerala Homeopathy Medical Colleges since January 2006.

In medical Officer sector only 150 candidates got appointment even though the rank list contains more than 1000 candidates. That rank list will expire on July 2012.

Controlling Officer of Homeopathy yesterday requested Govt. of Kerala not to cancel the tutor posts. She also contacted PSC officials and expressed the concern of students and department. Since the department is in major short of teachers.

Central Council of Homeopathy probably withdraws the recognition of many PG courses because of the shortage of teaching staff as per CCH Minimum Standard of Education. CCH already warned Govt. of Kerala in the last visit. Next CCH inspection will be on May 2012.

Lateral Entry
On the basis of  this order, there is a strong movement for lateral entry – accommodating teachers from the aided colleges – they have surplus and excess ‘payment teachers’ – to government colleges on the background of shortage of teaching staffs in Govt. colleges as per CCH norms.

Download Kerala Govt letter :

  • Dr.N.Sreejith

    32 kilometers
    8 hrs
    4 nights
    about 15 days
    2500 INR money
    Around 50 patients
    One marriage function


  • is there any possibility of reverting this order? can those candidates who have appeared for the exam move legally?

    • PCO already requested Govt to revert…candidates can also represent by forming an association or group…Consult a lawyer also..

  • Dr.Silu

    It’s an unfair act from govt . 2 d hom.graduates those who interested in academic sector.
    Pls inform others and take steps to move legally.
    Inform me also

  • Deepesh

    A fairy tale & a few drops of crocodile tears…..

    The fairy tale
    One fine morning a few pgs went to the govt.secretariate and told the authorities –“ Sir,sir,. we want to cancel the psc & you conduct the psc only after we have completed our MD”.The govt.was pleased to issue an order cancelling the psc.

    Moral of the story:- If you want to cancel any psc,go to the secretariate & tell them to cancel the psc, The govt. will cancel the psc exam as soon as possible”

    The truth ,not a story………

    ….. If l speak something,l’m responsible for every word uttered & if l write something l’m responsible for every drop of ink…

    Dear Sir, you told that According .to some “reliable sources” some pgs are behind this, Do you believe this? Is it so reliable??
    lf you believe your sources as reliable , l challenge you to publish the “hot evidences” in your site before commenting anything about the involvement of P.Gs .Using the right to information act you can get the copy of Memorandum / request given by those pgs to the GOVT. or you can get the name of visitors to the Govt. Health Secretary from the visitor’s information centre near south block of secretariate , you will get the answer within 30 days & publish it to the world, let everybody know the truth. lf you fail,you loose your credibility,and your words are just worthless
    ”lt is rather humiliating than the greatest absurdity’’
    No arguments we want only evidences. Being a lecturer in a prestigious institution and a moderator of this site which is viewed by the Homoeopathic community around the whole world its not at all ornamental for you to pass such false statements about anyone without any evidence..purposely hiding the facts …how can u simply turn the whole homoeopaths against pgs for cancelling the tutor post…when you yourself know the fact that such a post cannot exist under UGC or CCH norms..You have a responsibility to the society sir…now you are responsible for conveying such false messages to the society when the facts lay somewhere hidden..

    Sir I request your kind attention to some facts…(if you really didn’t know it.!.) and also to those who blame pgs for everything or were forced to believe so…

    1. Whether all that happened was truly a foul play by pgs or by some teachers??
    l request your attention to the Govt.order dated Jan 13 GO.(P) No.48/2012/Fin. lt is given in the order as item 3(3) The direct recruitment to the post of “Tutor will hence forth be dispensed with consequent on the introduction of UGC”. We the pgs have not proposed the govt. to introduce UGC scheme and further this order was based on the proposal given by controlling officer and you know that who “have drafted such a proposal for the controlling officer.

    2. Dear Sir,I invite your kind attention to the G.O (M.S)No 132/2011/H & FWD. And in this order it is given “ Fourteen posts of the Tutor may be upgraded as lecturer on scale of pay ……….The remaining tutor posts in both Homoeo colleges will be 26. No tutor post will be created after this,since there is no tutor post as per CCH Norms. Remember the psc was invited for only 12 posts. Here 14 posts have been upgraded as promotion post to the existing teachers. And you said Nothing .But the graduates lost 14 seats.

    3. We the pgs were about to go to court against this, then a junior teacher from GHMC, Calicut, a well wisher approached pg’s and asked them to stay away from case.what was his intention then? The Jr.teachers wanted promotion and they foul played.isnt it? And we heard the little birds talking – who is behind this order, who drafted the letter no 1059 / E1/ 2010/ GHMCT for the principal & controlling officer…why didn’t you utter anything about loss of 14 posts to the public or publish it in your site??
    4. When an order came from govt.allowing the quacks to practice Homoeopathy.We the pgs joined hundreds with other practicing Homoeopaths for strike.But not a single teacher came to the roads atleast to look upon what is going on? But instead they marked leave for those who went for strike.

    5. Sir,you know that the pension age has been increased from 55 to 60. So not a single post will be reported to psc for the next 5 years.what about that? last time when there was a move to increase the pension age ,one of our beloved teachers came forth to help us, He directed us to go to court,he himself called the advocate. But this time???

    6. You know one thing,who sent the proposal for reservation for non clinical teachers in pg course. And whose idea is this? And the graduates lost 10 merit seats. For what? Just to get a pg allowance to the nonclinical teachers.and u were silent again…

    7. Sir you know something,consequent to the introduction of UGC,there is some allowances for Phd holders.And some of the teachers joined for external Phd. Among them are some who strongly oppose ext.MD.Sir it seems ext phd is less dangerous than ext.MD isn’t it??
    We have never deceived Homoeopathy nor exploited it. But some self proclaimed Aposthelons of homoeopathy benefited always, while Homoeopathy was exploited,and we always lost – the poor graduates and post graduates..and now some are purposely turning the graduates againt post graduates while the original foul player lie disguised…


    -No.of tutor posts
    40 (21 TVM & 19 CLT)
    -AICTE Scale of pay
    Pension age 55
    -No. of merit seats for MD Courses-27

    Zero (14 post upgraded for promotion and remaining l2 vanished into the air.)
    UGC Scale
    – 60 – no vacancies for next 5 yrs
    20-rest reserved for nonclinical teachers

    You can see who benefited…… ??? who foul played……???…who lost…………???

    Remember the quotting the words of Great Abraham Lincon “We can fool All the people for sometime, Some people for all the time ,not all the people for all the time”…

    Yours ,in Homoeopathy

  • Dr.Jerald

    All the hard work & determination is been at the stake of waste? The post was called on 2010 exam conducted 1and 1/2 yrs later… after 6months 0f exam they cancel it…without even thinking? People having M.D also has written the exam right also many are doing M.D may be strong contenders…Then what the stupid order has come now… For the past 5yrs Both the govt homoeo colleges are being managed with staff deficit & already 5batches (250×2=500 students)had passed with tough education…still how many yrs we shud wait? Who is th master mind? Guys just think… Just regulate the post.. We r in stake of losing the no.of posts also..

  • Dr. Lekshmi

    Actually the entry cadre as per CCH norms is Lecturer not the Assistant Professor and its qualification is BHMS with Experience not MD

  • Dr. Lekshmi

    The above direction by Government is against what stipulated in GO(MS) No.233/85/1985/GAD Dated 27/06/1985 and numerous Court decisions from Supreme Court and High Courts.

    The G.O. read above lays down among other things, that any change made in the qualifications, age or method of appointment etc. prescribed for a post after the issue of the notification by the Kerala Public Service Commission inviting applications in the Gazette in respect of that post will be given effect to for future selections only. Here the letter 6695/J2/2012/H&FWD issued on 30/03/2012 to KPSC on the basis of GO(P) No.48/2012/Fin dated 13/01/2012 is against the above Government Order because all the 21 vacancies arised before 13.01.2012, the date of the pay revision order.

    The Government have also issued clarification to Supreme Court regarding the scope and ambit of the above Government order that the changes in qualifications, method of appointment, age or other conditions of recruitment introduced after the issue of a notification for selection to the post by the Public Service Commission will be given effect to in future selections only, except in cases where the changes announced amount to concessions or exemptions to which persons already included in the ranked list as well as prospective candidates will be entitled and where the changes are of such a minor nature that they can be given effect without the necessity of upsetting any selection procedure under way.
    It is clearly foul play of some MDians that going to upset the whole process for a long time and no one is going to benefit form it.

  • Arun Das

    Subject: news regarding MD Homoeopathic entrance admission and fate of homoeopaths.
    This year MD Homoeopathic entrance result was published on april th and the applicants are waiting for the admission procedures. But this year the procedures are little slower than the previous years. Earlier years the result has been published in the month of march itself.
    By slowing down, did it ment to help any one?
    Four of this year top ranks
    1. Aruna Parvathy (rank 2)
    2. Soumya US (rank 6)
    3. Divya VKP( rank
    4. Shamna BN(rank 28)
    Were allready doing MD course and in final year at GHMC TVM.
    In previous years, its not possible for a final year MD student to join new batch of that year. Bcs thr date of course completion will be exactly same for the commencement of new batch. That means the admission procedure will be over before thr completion of thr course.
    Being an Homoeopath, they has to keep thr ethics. But here with out any ethics, they are forcing to delay the procedures of MD admission and to conduct thr final year exam as early as possible using thr influences. They are even getting ready to move it in to court too……that tim wil be sufficient for them.
    But the thing is, other innocent students future is on cruise. All this are litteraly for the matter of stipend.
    More over thr only max 20 seats in general merit
    Kerala MD Homoeopathy. The students from other states are also depending on our state. In each and every year thousands of homeopaths were passing out. But where is thr oppurtunities?
    For the last three, four years no postings has been made thr in Govt sector. The ‘Tutor post’ notification made in 2009 hadnt yet published its result. Now Kerala Govt has been asked psc to cancel that post and its conducted examnations. Few of the ongoing MD course students are also behind that, as they want to get placed as lecturer, by avoiding others.
    Then what will be the scope of Homeopathy and how all this Homoeopaths survive?
    Pls join us and protest against these ethicless behaviour of these idiots.

  • Dr.Lekshmi

    In the board meeting held on 02/07/2012 the KPSC decided to reject the proposal in the government letter no.6695/J2/12 H& FWD dated 30.03.12 uphelding what stipulated in GO(MS) No.233/85/1985/GAD Dated 27/06/1985
    to fill the vacancies reported prior to the pay revision order from the existing list, that is from those candidated who appeared in the examination conducted for the purpose so far.
    This is a lesson for us all, if we keep ‘mum’ others will exploit out of that.

    • madam, can you explain it little bit.i can not understand it properly.

  • Madhavan namboothiri

    In India, Basic education is BHMS or MBBS. They are qualified as Doctors. Post graduation is ONLY an added qualification.

    Basic Degree holders in BHMS/MBBS had been treating patients efficiently and still it continues. Then why they are debarred from teaching? This is injustice. Their capabilities could be extracted through a common test itself and efficient persons selected accordingly.

    Collect material evidence from every where, even from outside the country.

    File a suit, if our arguments are correct, else leave it.

    Please note that there is Law above everything in India. Govt. itself is not above it, is bound by law and procedures

    Please try to set it right.

    Thank you and Good Luck

    Madhavan Namboothiri