Miasmatic analysis of some leading homeopathic remedies

D. Vivek N. Patil

  • Lachesis
    Climacteric ailments: haemorrhoids, haemorrhages; hot flushes and hot perspiration; especially at or after the menopause
  • Great sensitiveness to touch; throat, stomach, abdomen; cannot bear bed-clothes or night-dress to touch throat or abdomen, clothes cause uneasiness, make her nervous.
  • All symptoms, especially the mental, worse after sleep, or the aggravation wakes him from sleep; sleeps into the aggravation; unhappy, distressed, anxious, sad < in morning on waking.
  • Great loquacity; wants to talk all the time; jumps from one idea to another; one word often leads into another story.
  • Menses at regular time; too short, scanty, feeble; pains all relieved by the flow; always better during menses
  • Fever annually returning; paroxysm every spring , after suppression by quinine the previous autumn
  • Diphtheria and tonsillitis,  beginning on the left and extending to right side; dark purple appearance < by hot drinks, after sleep; liquids more painful than solids when swallowing; prostration out of all proportion to appearance of throat
  • Piles: with scanty menses; at climaxis; strangulated; with stitches shooting upward
  • The least thing coming near mouth or nose interferes with breathing; wants to be fanned,  but slowly and at a distance
  • Boils, carbuncles, ulcers with intense pain; malignant pustules; decubitus; dark, bluish, purple appearance; tend to malignancy.

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