42 infertile ladies above 35 years became mothers by Homoeopathy Mother and Child programme

infertilityInfertility remains a major area of commercial ride in conventional medicine with lacs spent to processes with less than 40%  result. This shall expose the possibilities of Homeopathy and become a great boost in communicating the scope to general public. Hats off to everyone behind it.

90% result is really something. Also it is a good proactive step by media for Homeopathy. Normally they don’t challenge the powerful infertility chains who mean  ads worth crores to them.

Also the result is indeed a much superior clinical angle in Infertility management that would have gone in apart from the Homeopathic part helping them achieve 90% result. Department can be proud about the hands they have today to serve them.

Kannur, Kerala : District Medical officer ( Homeopathy) Dr. Joly James today said the state pilot project of Ammayam Kunjum (Mother and Child) in Kannur district panchayat homeopathy hospital has reported success in treating infertility and would introduce it in other districts homeopathy hospitals soon.

Talking to newsmen here, Mrs Dr Joly James and Dr Srividhya S, convener the project, said that a total of 80 infertility cases came to the hospital mostly from more than 35 year old women and positive outcome was reported in around 30 cases during the last one years and the remaining were under treatment.

The government has implemented this project as a pilot study in homeopathy  department under annual acceptance using plan fund. The infertility treatment was free of cost including the medicine under the district panchayat fund. Now the Outpatient unit for infertility has been functioning in daily basis considering the success rate.

Dr Sreevidhya said sixty per cent of infertility would be recovered through medicines in homeopathy. So women would approach further measures like surgery or IVF only after conducting treatment at various departments including homeopathy.

The district panchayat homeopathy hospital has been organizing a health seminar on January 11 at Science park, Kannur under the information, education and communication (IEL) project to spread awareness message.

Minister for Health and family Welfare Sri S Shivakumar will release the documentary about this programme.

Fifteen couples, who had got positive results from this treatment under homeopathy will participate the seminar and deliver their experience.

Website : www.homoeopathy.kerala.gov.in

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