A case cured without totality of symptoms

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It is a case that has been solved without adequate symptoms or totality of  symptoms. Strange and mysterious are the traits of homoeopathy. You would  agree with this after you read this very case.

Mr. A, Male, 23 years from Jhansi came to my clinic on 22.01.09 with a file  containing laboratory reports and prescriptions of Allopathic doctors and  Homoeopaths with whom he had treatment since last three months. He had been  having cough- spells since last three months. The cough slightly went off with  use of drugs and returned promptly when the drugs were stopped. The prime  worry of the patient was his continuous discharge of green phlegm with cough.

Following is the history for you to read.
Patient is a student of MBA studying in Faridabad. He has fine skin with  unhealthy white complexion. His main complaint was discharge of green phlegm  that was continuous since last three months. The phlegm had no taste and was  in lumps. The discharge was only in the morning. A short and trouble cough  continued throughout the day. There was no cough during evenings and nights.

There was no whistling or wheezing with cough. Chest was clear. The X-ray of  the chest was also normal. All blood reports were normal. Constipation (+ +),  Flatulence (+), Thirst (N), sweets and salt intake (N). No history of  tuberculosis in the family. To me, he appeared a Phosphorus constitution, as  he is lean, tall and with delicate features. Frank and open he talked out his  heart. He said he was mentally depressed due to long standing discharge of  green phlegm and cough. He also apprehended that he suffered from some fetal  disease.

Anxiety about health is naturally phosphorus and he appeared to be phosphorus.
So, I wanted to consult material medica but abruptly left its consultation.
Why because phosphorus cough aggravates in the evening, open air, and by  laughing, and talking. Its phlegm is yellow like pus. It has also history of  tuberculosis. I consulted repertory of *Phatak that I keep at the clinic.

Kent’s is too voluminous to be stored at my small clinic. The medicines for  green phlegm mentioned in Phatak were Medorrhinum and Kali carb. There was no  rheumatic complaint of the patient. Almost all the doctors give medorrhinum  when well-selected remedies fail in obstinate rheumatism cases. Some how, I  decided to give Phatak, a chance. The patient was given four pills of Med-200  and told to report after three days.

On 25.01.09, he reported that the cough and phlegm discharge was less. The  constipation and the cough persisted. He was given Kali carb 30 BD for three  days with SL and told to return after a week.

On 1.2.09, he came and was a very happy person. He had no cough or discharge  of phlegm. No constipation, no flatulence.

He insisted for more medicine so that his cough/phlegm does not return. It is  difficult to make patients understand about this psychology of patients. When  the symptoms are gone, how some medicine could be given until there is some  history of slumbering miasms. He was given SL and told to come only if there  is recurrence. He returned after two weeks telling that he had no complaints  but still wanted medicines. I sent him back, ‘you are idiot, go back and do  not show my face now’. He smiled broadly and thanked me in spite of my using harsh words.

Study of medicines
Medorrhinum discharges, when suppressed by allopathic treatment, result in  degeneration of deeper organs or further into the mental/emotional spheres  (George Vithoulkas, Essence of Materia Medica). It was true in this patient at   least at mental level. Generally, medorrhinum is given when obstinate  rheumatism is not controlled by selected medicines. It is given as inter  current remedy in latent sycotic cases. The only symptom that fitted to the  case iwas that all its symptoms were ameliorated in the evening and night.

Kali carb is generally for flabby persons and not for phosphorus type  constitutions. On respiratory symptoms, it has pain in lower right lungs  region that crosses towards back. Its phlegm is yellow like pus in the form of  round lumps of mucous.
Its cough-aggravation is 3 -4 AM.

The strange trait of both Medorrhinum and Kali carb is that they do not fit  the symptoms of the patient and still they worked one after the other.

Coming to *Phatak’s repertory, it appears to be precise than Kent’s.

In Kent’s  repertory, there are eleven medicines, which have greenish expectoration with  morning aggravation. They are Ars., crot-c, ferr., lyco., mang., nat-m., nit- ac., par., psor., sil., and stannn. There is no mention of medorrhinum and  Kali carb. in Kent.

Now you agree that it is a case that has been cured without totality of  symptoms ?

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