A Case of Adenoids managed by Homoeopathy

Dr Nishtha Bhatt

A ten year old male child came with her parents with the complaint of nose block since few months. ENT doctor had diagnosed it with Enlarged posterior Adenoids.

Currently he had nose block and he had to breath through mouth. 

He was suffering from recurrent cold and cough since 3 years. Complaint aggravates in winter and monsoon season. 

Parents said child is very reserved. He is very emotional but does not express much. Keeps things he feels to himself. He likes to be at home, though he goes down to play with his friends. 

He likes to perform on stage in school. Good in academics. 

Observation: puts finger in his mouth subconsciously.

On enquiring with parents, they said he puts finger in his mouth subconsciously in daytime time as well as when he feels emotional. He tries not to do so. 


  • Appetite- normal
  • Thirst- 1-2 litres/day
  • Stool- satisfactory, once a day
  • Urine- normal
  • Perspiration- moderate, on exertion
  • Sleep and dreams- sound/ not remembered
  • Thermally- Hot
  • Craving- sweets++, chocolates, pulses
  • Aversion- nothing specific

Birth history:

  • LSCS
  • Milestones: 
  • Walking- 12 months
  • Talking- late after 2 and half years started talking 2 letter words but later picked up fast
  • Teething- first tooth at 6 months of age


  • Reserved
  • Child puts finger in mouth
  • Late learning to talk
  • Desire sweets
  • Swelling of adenoids
  • Obstruction of nose, has to breath through mouth



The remedy came highest were Calcarea, Natrum mur, Sulphur, Tuberculinum etc. 

The final remedy chosen was Natrum Muriaticum on the basis of thermal modality- Hot patient. 



Natrum Mur 200 1dose



Nose block is better by 40%. Parents said he does not keep his mouth open entire day now. 

Rx- Natrum Mur 200 1dose


Nose block completely better

No episode of cold or coryza 

No breathing through mouth

Rx – SL


No Nose block 

No episode of cold or coryza 

No breathing through mouth

General symptoms- normal

Rx – SL


No complaints

Rx- SL


  • It is extremely important to consider birth history in child. Here late learning to talk becomes an important symptom to be considered in the totality of the case. 
  • Observation makes any case easy to solve. Child putting finger in the mouth should be enquired as it can be one of the rubrics to be considered for the constitutional prescription. 
  • The theme of Natrum Muriaticum is a hot patient, reserved and emotional. Slow learning to talk is one of the important symptoms of Natrum Mur. With correct similimum patient was improved without much repetition of the remedy. 

Dr. Nishtha Bhatt, MD (Hom), Mumbai, completed her BHMS from CMPH Medical College, Mumbai and MD from YMTH Medical College, Mumbai. Currently, she is operating from Dr. Nishtha’s Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai.