A constitutional approach to intestinal helminthic infection

Dr Salini  G  K 

Back Ground:
Worm infection is one of the most common conditions in children. If not corrected it leads to reduced work capacity due to decreased intestinal absorption. The prevalence of worm infestation is more in children under the age of 13 years. Homoeopathy can correct episode of worm infection by the administration of constantitutional medicine and indicated medicine. Homoeopathic medicines help in the better expulsion of worms from the body and absorption of nutrients from intestine.


  1. To evaluate the role of constitutional remedial action in the case of  Helminthiasis
  2. To evaluate which type of Helminthic infection is more prevalent in children.

30 cases were selected for the study based on purposive sampling method. This is before and after without control type of experimental study. The diagnosis was based on clinical history, clinical presentation and examination findings and stool test. For the assessment of the clinical status before and after treatment the score pattern was used and paired ‘t’ test has been used to test the hypothesis.

Results: Out of 30 patients studied, Sulphur and Cina was the most useful remedy for Helminthiasis.

Conclusion: Homoeopathic remedies are effective in treating intestinal Helminthic worm infection in pediatric age group

Keywords:  Helminthiasis, Pediatric age group, Constitutional medicine, Ascariasis, Enterobiasis. 

Download the full paperhttps://files.secureserver.net/4sFVuVRqoSnQQV

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