Acute Bronchitis and Homoeopathy

Dr Selma Varghese BHMS

The lower respiratory tract, consisting of respiratory bronchioles and alveolar ducts, provide a passage as well as carry out gas exchange while the most distal zone, the respiratory zone, consisting of the alveolar sacs and the alveoli, is responsible for gas exchange. These areas are more prone to infection like acute bronchitis, pneumonia etc. Here in these article I would like to discuss some glimpse about the acute bronchitis and its homeopathic management. Bronchitis is becoming a major problem throughout the world because of air and water pollution and leading a sedentary life style.  Increasing use of vehicles has contributed a lot to the development of Bronchitis. Infections of the lower respiratory tract is one of the common and important causes of morbidity, mortality and economic cost to society


Bronchitis is one of the lower respiratory tract infection occurs most often during the cold, winter and rainy season usually accompanied with an upper respiratory infection. Several viruses cause bronchitis, including influenza A and B, and bacteria are Staphylococci, Streptococci, and pneumococci are the causative organisms Bronchitis can also occur when inhaling irritant fumes or dust, chemical solvents and tobacco smoke.  People getting bronchitis and of having more severe symptoms include the elderly and those with weakened immune system. The acute inflammation of bronchial tubes (Acute Bronchitis) usually follows an episode of cold or influenza caused by viral agents. The cold and influenza affect the upper respiratory system, including nose, sinuses, and larynx. In cases of maltreated or neglected cold or influenza, the infection travels in a downward direction and leads to inflammation of bronchial tubes, producing varying symptoms. Bronchitis can turn chronic if a person falls prey to repeated attacks of Acute Bronchitis. Chronic Bronchitis is most commonly a result of long-term smoking and continuous exposure to air pollutants. Homeopathic remedies for bronchitis are of great help in its treatment and are completely safe. The natural Homeopathic medicines work to strike at the root cause of Bronchitis. Now a day’s most of the old school drugs are becoming resistant to it.  Conventional treatment is aimed at giving relief and fails miserably in controlling the recurrences. Here we can discuss about few acute bronchitis homeopathic management

According to the nature of cough
In case of dry barking cough will relived by Drosera,Spongea,Bell,Aconite etc  and for the crocking type of cough Spongea ,Ruta, Ant.tar,and also patient with constant cough we can think of Alum,Caust,Chin,Rumex,Spong these are the red marked remedy constant cough only in the night can think Sepia as the remedy and the best remedy for the hacking cough Ars,Nat -ars,Nat-mur,Phos,Tub-Bov etc

Bronchitis with expectoration
Kali Mur and Kali sul are the best natural remedies for Bronchitis. The mucus rattles in the chest and the patient has to put in a lot of effort to cough it out. Kali Mur helps as an ideal expectorant.Kali Sulph is the best choice for natural Bronchitis treatment when yellow-colored mucus is spat out.Pulsatilla is the ideal herbal medicine for bronchitis when green mucus is spat out.

For Bronchitis with Pain in Chest
Bryonia and Kali carb are the top two remedies for Bronchitis when it is attended with chest pain. Bryonia Alba is an ideal medicine for treating chest pain in Bronchitis. This medicine is used when severe chest pains mainly of stitching character are felt. Coughing worsens the chest pain. The person has to hold the chest while coughing because of the chest pain that it produces. Motion worsens the chest pain and rest provides some relief. Phosphorus is very beneficial when the chest pains are present with excessive heat in the chest. The patient has a dry, hard cough with chest oppression and heaviness. This is accompanied by tightness and constriction in the chest. An unusual craving for cold drinks may be noticed in patients requiring Phosphorus.

Kali Carb is the best choice when the whole chest is very sore, sensitive and painful. There is extreme coldness in the chest along with pains. Bending forward may bring a slight relief from chest pain.

For Bronchitis with Fever
Belladonna and Rhus tox are important remedies for Bronchitis when it is accompanied by fever. Belladonna is the top natural remedy for fever when extreme heat in the body is present with Bronchitis. There is usually an absence of thirst. Silicea gives good results when chill and shivering are present with Bronchitis. Rhus Tox is prescribed when utmost body aches accompany fever in Bronchitis.

Homoeopathy is having much efficacy in treating bronchitis because of its individualistic approach to treat the sick with dynamic and potentised medicines. In Homoeopathy along with the disease condition, the man in disease is treated considering mind and body known holistic treatment so we can successfully controlling the recurrences.


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Dr Selma Varghese BHMS
PG Scholar
Organon of Medicine under the guidance of Dr Jacintha M. in FATHER MULLER HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE

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