Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital Workshop 2017-a report

Homoeopathic Workshop sessions at Aditya Homoeopathic hospital are setting new standards of classical & clinical training for entire  homoeopathic community. Avoiding empty theoratic discussions & imaginary interpretations Team Aditya is all set to clear up years of confusion of homoeopaths showing true path of simple,classical,Hahnmannian homoeopathy… illustrated on 100+ LIVE cases in Each single Session of workshop..!!

November session began  on saturday morning with interesting lecture on ‘Manifestation Of Psora’ by *Dr Mukesh Musale (Nashik)* He explained in detail Dr Amarsinha Nikam Sirs research on Miasm giving due importance to pathology & its clinical application.

*Dr Mathew Lobo* (Mumbai) took next session on case taking . The part of chief complaint is elobarated in detail with importance of location , sensation , modality in forming totality . Delegates found it very useful throwing new lights on seemingly known topic with referance to repertory.

*Dr Shyam Pawase*(Kolhapur) & *Dr Rahul Jadhav* ( satara) took Q & A session clearing various doubts of delegates.

*Dr Anil Navathar* ( Nevasa) explained important topic of *Thermals* . This is yet another much confused subject & Dr Amarsinha Nikam sir with his unique book on *_Thermal materia medica_*not only cleared all confusions but also shown its clinical application on LIVE OPD cases to workshop delegates !!

*Dr Manish Nikam* concluded saturday theory session summerising all topic with instruction of clinical session to be held at night.

The most unique aspect of Aditya Hom Hosp worksop is its *LIVE CLINICAL session* in which delegates are shown same day OPD case taking & also case solving with Living Legend Dr Amarsinha Nikam Sir .

In this session detailed case was explained in Dr Nikam sirs OPD & students were asked to workout for totality & remedy .

With live patient sitting in front of them it gives ‘True Worksop’ experience. Finally Dr Nikam sir revealed remedy with _proper explaination of Pathophysiology, Mind , Miasm, Thermal ,Potecy & repertory referances_.

*Learning such Single Live OPD case with Nikam Sir proved to be an eye opener for workshop students..!*

*Day 2*

*Hospital Round*

On sunday morning all workshop delegates were taken for hospital round At Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital where 100+ patients of gross pathologies were treated with Classical Homoepathy alone .

Team of Interns headed by *Dr Vijay Nikam* beutifully explained various IPD cases with challanging pathologies , remedy , potency given & reasoning for it.

*Dr Vijay Nikam* then took a session on IPD cases . Delegates were astonished to observe most challanging pathogies such as *_Pamphigus Vulgaris ,MND, Lumbar Cord stenosis , Muscular dystrophy , CCF  CRF ..!_* tackled with classical approach of *Single remedy , minimum dose* without any mix / remix , biochemics & mother tinctures…!!

Team of Resident doctors & Interns guided by Dr Vijay Nikam *_Dr Aayesh , Dr Ashwini , Dr Shweta rani , Dr Aanchal , Dr Reena & others_* presented various IPD cases with its totality & repertorial workout.

After lunch *Dr Rahul Jadhav* (Satara) presented topic of *Swine Flue* & homoepathic prophylaxis. He explained how

even in epidemics cases classical approach of Single remedy /Minimum dose/ character totality proves successful consistently .

To make session practical video *Case Of Swine Flue*treated by Dr nikam sir shown to delegates. It was very intetresting case as the patient is son of remowned physician & after a dose of similimum not only symptoms quickly disappeared but his swine flue test also came Negative…!!!

The last lecture was taken by well known Senior *professor of Physiology* Dr Mrs Chiddalawar madam , She explained about homoeostasis , positive / Negative feedback mechanism & various important physiological topic.

After session Delegates were allowed to interact with *Dr Amarsinha Nikam* sir himself…who further clearified all topics taught …giving case examples from his vast clinical knowledge of treating gross pathologies with classical homoeopathy.

Many senior practioners from Mission Homoeopathy contributed to make this session successful…

*Dr Sagar Mane . ( Kolhapur )*

*Dr Sai ( A’nagar )*

*Dr Nilesh Jangale ( A’nagar )*

*Dr Shrikant Langade ( kolhapur )*

*Dr Rakhee Munot (pune)*

At conclusion delegates narrated there experience  of last three session & how this workshop is helping them to clear there years of confusion showing correct path of Simple , Classical , Hahnemannian homoepathy..! The method that unchanged yet productive for more than 20yrs… Taught step by step through clinical ‘Workshop’ of *Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital & Healing Centre , pune*

Next workshop batch starting Feb 2018 .(Details to be posted soon )

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