Affective disorders and homoeopathic management

Today man has no time to give himself for repairing his metal state by concentrations of mind. A man may suffer in mental disorders due to some cause in his daily life. His suffering may disturb daily life and became unfit. Homeopathic medicine can manage the case.

Every man has his own emotional state with his daily work or life. It means a strong feeling of mind which attach with the surroundings environment. The sentiment of a man varies touchy emotional sensation of its emotional  response with mental and physical reaction. Emotions are consciousness of mind, which feel pleasure due to some happy moment, joy, cheer, delightful, enjoyment with close relatives or best friend’s surroundings his environment or good experience in one hand.

On the other hand some unpleasant moments, bad  situation, odd circumstances, miss happening, accident of close relatives or friends, bad experience, unusual work done by him against his wish but due to pressure of circumstances demands of at that time ,make a person unhappy and displeasure of mind of their surrounding conditions of environment. Emotions changes like colour.

Emotions are divided mainly into two words: affects and moods. Affects are the feelings tone and it refers to the emotional state of an individual.

Affects are short lived emotional responses to some ideas or an event. Affects are sort time emotional state like a weather. 

Moods are subjective state and have to be experience by patient. It is a sustained pervasive emotional response which colours the whole psychic life of the patient and who suffers in mood disorder or affective disorders. Mood is prolonged persistent emotional state like a season. 

Affects & Moods are mainly three types —

  1. Normal mood or balance emotional state.
  2. Mania (pleasure, happy, delightful, joy, enjoyment, amused, glad, joyous, cheerful) emotional state.
  3. Depression (sad, unhappy, displeasure, unpleasant, sorrow, melancholy, gloomy) emotional state.

A homeopathic doctor must be considered about emotional state or mentalstates well as other physical state of the patientsal so during selection of Homoeopathic medicine.

Some physical suffering may cause due to unpleasant situation of mental state of the patient. If doctors can find out or identifying the cause of suffering and remove the cause of illness from the suffered persons then patient will be cured mentally and physically in all expect easily.


  • Patient name:- Mr. X. Dubey
  • Father’s Name:-Mr. Y.Dubey
  • Add:-Patna, Bihar
  • Age:- 29yrs
  • Sex:- Male
  • Marital status:- Married
  • Occupation:-Shopkeeper
  • Education:-B.A. in Hindi
  • Addiction:-Smoking
  • Height:-5.4 ft.
  • Weight: 54 kg
  • Temp: 96°F
  • Blood Pressure: 120/80mm/Hg
  • Urine output: Frequently, burning sensation during urination
  • Stool– Normal
  • Appetite– Normal
  • Personal history: Suffering skin disease
  • Family History: Skin Disease of father and grandfather
  • Lab investigation: TC, DC, HB%, ESR all are in normal range.

DISCUSS ABOUT THE CASE:- He came to me for treatment with his some peculiar problems. One of his problem is that he was unable to take sound sleep due to fearful or abnormal dreams, whenever he wakes up in the next day morning . He feels restless and uneasy with a great deal of weakness and wants to go bed again for sound sleep due to sleep disturbance by some frightful abnormal dreams of last night. 

In his dream – he is running through a forest and some wild animals are surrounding him and want to attack him. He is running through a road, some strangers are also running behind him, they want to catch him and want to kill him by a sharp knife. He is dancing in a marriage party forcefully by some friends at whole night.

The patient is an occupationally busy shop keeper. 

So, he is busy whole day dealing with his various types of customers. At the end of the day he became exhausted and fatigue.

He is mentally and physically became slow at that time and wants to take rest. But without closing his shop he could not go to home for taking rest.

He complained me that he is not sleeping at night. 

I get to know from his wife that he is sleeping whole night with snoring nose. She told me patient is introvert and cannot share his grip with anyone. 

He is suffering from depression due to robbery and lost his diamond ring which was given by his grandfather. This ring was lucky for him and the memorial symbol of his grandfather and that was so valuable to him .So depression of his mind deep seated.  

Mental general:- mental tension, mental restlessness, mental weakness, forgetful, fearful dream, fear, anxiety,  nervousness, sleeplessness grief , introvert and depression.

Physical general:- burning sensation, weakness, like to seat down, restlessness, headache, easily ejaculation, fatigue, malaise, frequent and burning  sensation during urination, indigestion, constipation. 

Depression is the key factor of this case .This is a pure case of psychiatry. 

After case taken, I understand that his physical problem and sleep disturbances are due to affective disorders or mood disorders. He was suffering negative mood-means mainly depression. He was emotionally shocked for losing his ring given by his grandfather.

 I prescribed him medicine by considering his psychological background of this case. 


My first prescription was Sulphur 3, OD and placebo for another 7 days.

My second prescription:-  After 15 days patient came to me and  said no improvement, I gave him placebo again for another 15 days.

Third follow up:-Patient came again and said he does not get relief.Then I repeat the Sulphur 3 BD for another7 days and placebo for 15 days. 

Forth follow up :-  After 20 days patient came to me  without any improve. I prescribedto him again sulphur but with the potency 30OD and placebo for another 7 days. 

Fifth follow up :- After 15 days patient came again and said he feels better physically and mentally , then I gave him placebo for 1 monthagain . 

Sixthfollow up :- patient came after one month,at that time  he said fearful dream was stopped. I gave him placebo for one month. 

Seventh follow up :- After one month patient came and said to me there is no more  improvement, he observed. I gave him sulphur200 OD, 2 dose and placebo for 1 month. 

Eighth follow up:- After one month patient came again and I observed all mental symptomswere disappeared. He was sleeping well nowand feeling specially fit for doing any job for long time. I repeated the same medicine(sulphur 200 OD 2 Dose) for one month .After one month his all symptoms were disappearedandhe was absolutely cured. I prescribed him placebo for next two month.

Conclusion:- Sulphur is the king of antipsoric remedyin homeopathy. It acts on physical as well as mental symptoms very well. Sulphur acts well in affecting disorders. It acts on by pooler mood disorders, Depression as well as Mania. In this caseSulphur removed grief and  cure depression from patient’s mind and changed him from introvert to extrovert or open minded person.

Now he started dealing with his customers happily and take everything in positive manner and enjoying with his family and friends fully.

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Dr. Shobhan Bose M.D. (Hom)
Prof &H.O.D. Department Of Physiology And Biochemistry