Alphabetical Repertory of Nail disorders based on Hering’s guiding symptoms of our materia medica

Alphabetical Repertory of Nail disorders based on Hering’s guiding symptoms of our materia medica

Dr Jaimin R Chotaliya

“It’s the little things that matter most”
 Human body is a wonderful creation of God, each and every part of the body has its own importance. Not only internal vital organs but external parts are also playing their own important role for healthy living. From these external parts, nail is one of the essential parts of our human body. Whenever, our body is facing any crisis at internal organ level due to various chronic disease conditions, it also reflects its disturbance on the external part. Skin and its appendages are essential medium for expressing the disturbances and from this nail and its surrounding areas are important for examination during the management of cases. So, knowledge about this appendage of skin called “nail” is necessary. As we all know that small pain at root of nail can capable to make a man mad. Knowledge of nail disorders with special emphasis on its objective signs (appearance, colour) is very important for each and every medical man. 

In homeopathy, most of the physicians are using repertories for quick and easy prescriptions. There are many repertories available to guide homeopathic physicians. But authentic and verified source is always become the first choice for use. Guiding symptoms of our materia medica by Dr. C. Hering is one of the most popular and reliable sources for reference. One of the most authentic repertory based on this materia medica is Knerr’s repertory. Due to its exhaustive material, most of the practitioners and students are afraid to getting familiar with it. 

So, this nail repertory is a small effort to explore verified symptoms of guiding symptoms of our materia medica and modern supplementary work to Knerr’s repertory. This quick and handy reference in form of repertory will be a good helper to crack cases of nail disorders quickly with verified data and useful guide to learn objective signs of nail with their corresponding homeopathic medicines.

Repertory is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Nail examination and its terminology
  2. Repertory proper


Some important signs about nails: – 

  1. Colour: (colour changes with associated conditions))
    1. Blue – cyanosis, anti-malarial, haematoma  
    2. Blue green – pseudomonas infection 
    3. Brown – fungal infection, staining from cigarettes, chlorpromazine, gold, Addison’s disease
    4. Brown longitudinal streak – melanocytic nevus, malignant melanoma, Addison’s disease, racial variant 
    5. Red streaks (splinter haemorrhages) – Infective endocarditis, trauma  
    6. White spots– Trauma to nail matrix (not calcium deficiency)
    7. White/brown ‘half and half’ nail – Chronic kidney disease
    8. White (leukonychia) – Hypoalbuminemia e.g. associated with cirrhosis
    9. Yellow – Psoriasis, fungal infection, jaundice, tetracycline
    10. Yellow nail syndrome – Defective lymphatic drainage-pleural effusions may occur
  1. Texture: 
    1. Pitting: fine or coarse pit on nail (conditions- lichen planus, psoriasis, eczema)
      1. Thimble pitting- a particular type of fine regular pitting, as seen on a thimble (Condition- alopecia areata)
      2. Coarse pitting – larger irregular pits in the nail plate (condition – eczema) 
    2. Ridging
      1. Transverse (across nail) (conditions- Beau’s lines, eczema, psoriasis, tic dystrophy, chronic paronychia
      2. Longitudinal (up/down) (conditions- Lichen planus, Darier’s disease
    3. Koilonychias: spoon shaped depression of nail plate (conditions – Iron deficiency anaemia, lichen planus, repeated exposure to detergents
    4. Combination changes: Longitudinal ridges and triangular nicks at the distal nail (Darier’s disease)

Nail’s terminology: 

  1. Onychatrophia/onychatrophy – atrophy of nails 
  2. Onychauxis/onychogryphosis– simple hypertrophy of nail without deformity. Also called hyperonychia
  3. Onychectomy– excision of a nail or nail bed
  4. Onychia/onychitis – inflammation of the matrix of nail resulting in shedding of the nail. 
  5. Onychorrhexis – striation, brittleness and breakage of the nail plate in a longitudinal direction.
  6. Onychocryptosis –in grown toe nail.
  7. Oncocyte– one of the tightly packed keratinized cells arranged in layers to make up the nail plate.
  8. Onychomycosis/tinea unguium– It is a fungal infection of the toe nails or fingernails that may involve any component of the nail unit, including the matrix, bed, or plate. Called also ringworm of the nail. 
  9. Onychogryphosis-long term hypertrophy of a nail, producing a hooked or incurved claw like deformity.  Also called – ram’s horn nail. 
  10. Onychoschizia – splitting of nail plate, sometimes into layers, usually in a transverse (horizontal) direction at the free edge 
  11. Onychotillomania – compulsive picking or tearing at the nails.
  12. Onychophagia -the habit of biting the nails.
  13. Onychophosis– a callus in a nail groove, such as one occurring with an ingrown toenail.
  14. Onychomadesis– separation of nail plate from the nail bed and shedding distally to a groove that has formed; it may be due to systemic condition or trauma. Called also defluvium unguium and onychptosis.
  15. Onychopachydermoperiostitis – periostitis in a digit with nail and soft tissue involvement. 
  16. Psoriatic Onychopachydermoperiostitis– a rare complication of psoriatic arthritis in one or more terminal phalanges, with nail dystrophy, swelling of soft tissues and periostitis. 
  17. Onychomalacia -softening of a nail or nails.
  18. Onychoheterotopia – abnormal placement of the nail.

Nail variants:

  1. Brittle nails– fragilitas unguium (fragile/ easily breakable)
  2. Eggshell nail – a fingernail that is thin and curved upwards at its distal edge.
  3. Half-and-half nail – a fingernail or toenail with a distinct border between a white proximal part and a darker, pink or brown, distal part, sometimes seen in chronic renal disease.
  4. Hippocratic nail– the markedly convex nail seen on a clubbed finger. Called also watch crystal nail, watch glass nail. 
  5. Ingrown nail– These are a common toenail problem of uncertain aetiology (tight or poorly fit foot ware, infection, improperly trimmed toenails, and heredity) where great toe is most commonly involved and lateral side is more involved than medial side.
  6. Parrot beak nail– a fingernail or toenail that curves around the end of the digit and is shaped like a parrot’s beak.
  7. Pincer nail– a nail, usually toenail that curves outward excessively distally and pinches the nail bed; called also trumpet nail.
  8. Pitted nail – a nail with surface pits, usually less than 1 mm in diameter.
  9. Plummer nail – onycholysis with discoloration of the nails in thyrotoxicosis.  
  10. Racket nail– a thumbnail, or occasionally other nail that is much shorter than it is wide; this is usually inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. In the most common form, the distal phalanx is shortened as well.
  11. Ram’s horn nail– onychogryphosis
  12. Reedy nail– a fingernail or toenail marked by longitudinal furrows.
  13. Spoon nail– koilonychias
  14. Terry nail – apparent leukonychia in which discoloration affects the entire nail except for 1-2 mm at the distal margin; it is frequently seen in cirrhosis, congestive cardiac failure and certain other condition.

Plan & construction

  • Rubrics – alphabetical, printed in BOLD CAPITAL
  • Sub rubrics – alphabetical, printed in Bold, denoted by one indentation.
  • Sub-sub rubrics – alphabetical, printed in Italics, denoted by two indentations.
  • Sub-sub-sub rubrics – alphabetical, printed in Roman, denoted by three indentations.
  • Sub-sub-sub-sub rubrics – alphabetical, printed in Roman, denoted by four indentations.
  • Sub-sub-sub-sub-sub rubrics – alphabetical, printed in Roman, denoted by five indentations.
  • Gradations 
    • 1st grade (CAPITAL) – is equivalent to verified and frequently verified symptoms of guiding symptoms.
    • 2nd grade (Roman) – is equivalent to observed symptoms and old school observe symptoms of guiding symptoms.
  • Medicine – alphabetical in each level.
  • Cross references – given as (See…)
  • Abbreviations of remedies are given according to Synthesis repertory 9.1.
  • (R) and (L) indicate sides.
  • (A) and (U) indicate ‘AROUND the nail’ and ‘UNDER the nail’ respectively.
  • Agg. And Amel. are indicated as ‘<’ & ‘>’ respectively.
  • Streamline of rubrics – sentences should be start reading from ‘;’ (semicolon).


Full name Common name Abbreviation 
Aesculus hippocastanum Horse chestnut Aesc.
Agaricus muscarius Toad stool/bug agaric Agar.
Ailanthus glandulosa Chinese sumach Ail.
Allium cepa Red onion All-c.
Alumina Oxide of aluminum/argilla Alum.
Alumen Common potash alum Alumn.
Ambra gresea Ambergris Ambr.
Ammonium muriaticum Sal ammoniac Am-m.
Ammoniacum gummi Gum ammoniac Ammc.
Anacardium orientale Marking nut Anac.
Anantherum muriaticum Cuscus Anan.
Anthracinum Anthrax poison Anthraci.
Antimonium crudum Black sulphide of antimony Ant-ac.
Apis mellifica Honey bee Apis
Apocynum cannabinum Indian hemp Apoc.
Argentum Nitricum Nitrate of silver Arg-n.
Arsenic album Arsenic trioxide Ars.
Arsenic hydrogenisatum Arseniuretted hydrogen Ars-h.
Asafoetida Gum of stinkasand Asaf.
Asteria rubens Red starfish Aster.
Aurum metallicum Metallic gold Aur.
Baptisia tinctorial Wild indigo Bapt.
Baryta carbonica Carbonate of baryta Bar-c.
Benzoicum acidum Benzoic acid Benz-ac.
Berberis vulgaris Barberry Berb.
Bismuthum Precipitated sub-nitrate of bismuth Bism.
Bufo rana Poison of toad Bufo
Cainca Chiococca/brazilian plant Cain.
Calcarea phosphorica Phosphate of lime Calc-p.
Calcarea sulphurica Sulphate of lime/POP Calc-s.
Calendula officinalis Marigold Calen.
Camphora officinalis Camphor Camph.
Carboneum sulphuratum Alcohol sulphuris Carbn-s.
Carbo vegitabilis Vegetable charcoal Carb-v.
Castor equi Rudimentary thumb nail of horse Castor-eq.
Causticum hahnemanni Tincture acris sine kali Caust.
Cinchona officinalis Peruvian bark Chin.
Chelidonium majus Celandine Chel.
Chimaphila umbellate Pipsissewa Chim.
China boliviana Cinchona boliviana Chin-b.
Chininum arsenicosum Arsenite of quinine Chinin-ar.
Chininum sulphuricum Sulphite of quinine Chinin-s.
Chloroformium Chloroform Chlf.
Chloralum hydratum Chloral hydrate Chlol.
Cicuta virosa Water hemlock Cic.
Cimex lectularius Bedbug Cimx.
Cistus canadensis Rock rose Cist.
Cocculus indicus Indian cockle Cocc.
Colchicum autumnale Meadow saffron Colch.
Conium maculatum Poison hemlock Con.
Crotalus horridus Rattle snake Crot-h.
Cuprum metallicum Copper  Cup-m.
Cuprum sulphuricum Sulphate of copper Cupr-s.
Digitalis purpurea Foxglove Dig.
Dioscoria villosa Wild yam Dios.
Dolichos pruriens Cowhage Dol.
Drosera rotundifolia Sundew Dros.
Elaps corallinus Coral snake Elaps.
Eugenia jambos Rose apple Eug.
Eupatorium perfoliatum Thoroughwort Eup-per.
Ferrum metallicum Iron Ferr.
Flouricum acidum Hydrofluoric acid Fl-ac.
Graphites Black lead/plumbago Graph.
Gymnocladus canadensis American coffee tree Gymno.
Hamamelis viginiana Witch hazel Ham.
Hecla lava Lava scoriae from Mt. Hecla Hecla
Helleborus niger Snow rose Hell.
Hepar sulph Calcium sulphate Hep.
Hypericum perforatum St. John’s wort Hyper.
Inula helenium Scabwort Inul.
Iodium Iodine Iod.
Ipecacuanha Ipecac root Ip.
Jatrofa curcas Purging nut Jtr-c.
Kalium bichromicum Bichromate of potash Kali-bi.
Kalium carbonicum Carbonate of potassium Kali-c.
Kalium chloricum  Chlorate of potassium Kali-cl.
Kalium iodatum Iodide of potassium Kali-i.
Lachesis mutus Bushmaster or surucucu Lach.
Lachnanthes tinctorial Spirit weed Lachn.
Ledum palustre Marsh tea Led.
Lithium carbonicum Carbonate of lithium Lith-c.
Lycopodium clavatum Club moss Lyc.
Lyssinum Saliva of rabid dog Lyss.
Mancinella Hippomane Manc.
Manganum Aceticum Manganese acetate Mang.
Medorrhinum Gonorrheal virus Med.
Mercurius corrosivus Corrosive sublimate Merc-c.
Mercurius solubilis hahnemanni Quicksilver Merc.
Mercurius sulphuricus Sulphate of mercury Merc-s.
Mezereum Spurge olive Mez.
Natrium carbonicum Carbonate of sodium Nat-c.
Natrium muriaticum Chloride of sodium Nat-m.
Natrium sulpuricum Sulphate of sodium Nat-s.
Nitricum acidum Nitric acid Nit-ac.
Nux moschata Nutmeg Nux-m.
Nux vomica Poison nut Nux-v.
Oleum animale aethereum Dipple’s animal oil Ol-an.
Osmium metallicum Element Osm.
Oxalicum acidum Sorrel acid Ox-ac.
Paris quadrifolia One berry Par.
Petroleum Crude rock oil Petr.
Phosphorus Phosphorus Phos.
Phytolacca decandra Poke root Phyt.
Plantago major Plantain Plan.
Plumbum metallicum Lead Plum. 
Psorinum Scabies vesicle Psor.
Rhus toxicodendron Poison ivy Rhus-t.
Robinia pseudacacia Yellow locust Rob.
Sabadilla Cevadilla seed Sabad.
Sambucus nigra Elder Samb-n.
Sanguinaria canadensis Blood root Sang.
Sarsaparilla officinalis Smilax Sars.
Sepia officinalis Inky juice of cuttlefish Sep.
Silicea terra Silica/pure flint Sil.
Stramonium Thorn apple Stram.
Sulphur Sublimate sulphur Sulph.
Tarentula hispanica Spanish spider Tarent.
Tecrium marum verum Cat thyme Teucr.
Thuja occidentalis Arbor vitae Thuj.
Tuberculinum bovinum A nucleo protein from tubercular abscess Tub.
Ustillago maydis Corn smut Ust.
Veratrum album White hellebore Verat.
Vinca minor Lesser periwinkle Vinc.
Zincum metallicum Zinc  Zinc.

Repertory [2]

BLOOD (AROUND), nail: Apis.

 – haemorrhage (under) – CROT-H. 

offensive sanious discharge in onychia – LACH.

– settled under finger and toe nails with cold limbs Apis.

BRITTLE, nail – Alum., AMBR., Castor-eq., DIOS., GRAPH., THUJ.

– fingernail – Psor., SIL.

  brittle skin of tip of finger, with – Alum.

– lancinating pain in fingers with tendency to ulceration – Alum.

– toe nail – Castor-eq.

– soft and elastic later on – AMBR.

CRACKED, nail – NAT-M.

CRIPPLED, nail – CAUST., GRAPH., Sabad., THUJ.

 – fingers, of – SIL.

– toe, of – GRAPH., Sabad.

– toes and 2nd finger both, of – CAUST., NIT-AC.

CRUMBLES, nail – Castor-eq., CAUST., NIT-AC., SULPH., Thuj.

– finger and toe nail – THUJ.

  — soft, discoloured and distorted – THUJ.

– partly crumbled – THUJ.

– slightest knock, on – Castor-eq.

– toes, of – Sep.


CYNOTIC, nail – Cupr-s.

DEFORMED, nail – Anan., ANT-AC., Ars., GRAPH.

– almond shaped – Tub.

– consumptive incurvation, of – Med.

– longitudinal ridges – FL-AC

– misshapen – NIT-AC., THUJ.

crumbled – Sep., THUJ.

– toes, of – Ars.

– transvers depression – Med.

  bent as if, they were – Med.


– black – Ars., GRAPH.

  black swelling of thumb nail (A)Bufo.

  first red than black – Ars.

blue – Acon., Aesc., Agar., Arg-n., Aur., Camph., CARB-V., CHEL., Chinin-ar., Chinin-s., Chlf., Cic., CHIN., Cocc., DIG., Eup-r., Ferr., Ip., Jtr-c., Manc.  

  arachinitis (arachnoiditis), in (U)Chlf. 

  — bluish (A)Rob.

    — cold extremities in GIT disorders, with – Rob.

    — heart disease, in – APOC.

    — lead colour, likeApoc.

  — bronchial catarrh, in – Carb-v.

    cold extremities, with – CARB-V.

 — cholera, in – CUP-M.

   cholera infantum, during – CAMPH.

   — lips blue, with – CUP-M. 

  colic, with – Sil.

   — yellow hands, with – Sil.

  coldness, due to – VERAT.

  cold hand, with – INUL.


  coldness of body and nausea, with – Aur.

  cough (spasmodic), during – Cup-m.

  eyes, tongue, lips; cyanosis in – DIG.

  fever, during – Acon., Ars., Aur., Inul., Inul., Ip., SIL.

   — ague, blue colour lasting two hours – Tarent.

   — chill stage – Acon., Ars., CHININ-S., CUP-M., CON., COCC., Dros., EUP-PER., NAT-M., Nux-m., NUX-V., SULPH.

      —- at 6 P.M. – PETR.

      —- blue lips, with – ARS., CHININ-S., CUP-M., IP.

      —- chilliness in back – CON.

       —– cold hands, with – CON.

       —– little coldness, with – EUP-PER.

    —- cold hands, with – Jtr-c. 

       —– icy cold hands – Merc-s.

       —– cold feet, and – Mez.

    —- intermittent, during – FERR., ARS.

    —- last one hours – Verat.

    —- shaking chill in evening proceeded by shivering – COCC.

  grey colour – MERC-C.

  hysteria, in – NUX-V.

    — trembling and blueness of hands, with – NUX-V.

  livid nails – OX-AC.

livid face with capillary bronchitis – VERAT.

   — cold extremities, with – OX-AC.

  — morning to noon – Chinin-ar.

  pneumonia, in – Kali-i.

    — bilateral croupous, with – KALI-I.

    — coldness, with – Sang.

  pregnancy, during – Ip., PHOS.

  prosopalgia, in – MEZ.

  stinging in forepart of right index finger, with – Lyss.

  sweat stage, with – NIT-AC.

    — cold hands, with – NIT-AC.

    — perspiration, warm from right wrist to nail at 9 P.M. – Lyss.

  tuberculosis, in – CHININ-AR.  

typhus, in – ARG-N.

– brown – Lach.

  tawny brown in onychia, with bluish discolouration of surrounded skin in panaritium – LACH.

dark – Ox-ac.

livid – COLCH., Ox-ac.

  fingers, with – Ox-ac.

purple –

  croup of children with purple lips, in – Samb-n.

spots, in – Alum.

  white – NIT-AC., SIL.

white, flaws – NIT-AC.

yellow – CON., IOD., NIT-AC., Sep., Sil.

  curved – NIT-AC.

  jaundice, in – IOD.

  stripes on edge of nail in whitlow – NIT-AC.



– blisters (A)Ail.

fleshy warts – CAUST.


horny growth – ANT-AC.

Spongeous excrescence on thumb, size of a raspberry – ARS.

  slightest touch which increases pain; very painful to – ARS.

scabs (U) – ARS., Sil.

  suppurating scabs with itching upon toes – Sil.

ulcers (U) – ARS.

  fingertip with burning, on – ARS.

ulceration (A) – Chlol., Hell., Kali-b., SIL., SULPH.

  border of nails (A)Chlol.

  frequent – SIL.

  — malignant with blue border – Mang.

  obstinate – Phos.

  painful, in crustea lactea – RHUS-T.

    thumb nail (U) – Kali-c.

  roots of finger nails of both hands – SANG.

vesicles filled with blood on tips of fingers – ARS.

FALLING OFF, nail – Castor-eq., HELL.

exfoliation – MERC.

– hair fall out, with – HELL.

– new one already forms, with – Castor-eq.

sensation as if – Chin.

  scalded vesicular places of fingers and toes withNAT-C.

GROWTH, nail – 

– horny – ANT-AC.

hypertrophied – GRAPH., UST.

  big toe (L)GRAPH.

  loss (finger nail) – UST.

interrupted – KALI-S.

new – Ars., Sil.

  stimulates – SIL.

  thin and transparent, growth of nail – Ars.

rapid – FL-AC.

sensation of pain as if nail would grow into flesh – COLCH., NIT-AC., TEUCR.

slow – ANT-AC.

splits – ANT-AC.

  horny spots with warts like – ANT-AC.

HANG, nail – NAT-M., SIL.

HARD, nail – GRAPH.

horn like – GRAPH.

IMPRESSION, on nail – 

– clenched fingers, so that finger nails left impressions in flesh – Par.

IN-GROWING, nail – Alum., Anan., Calen., CAUST., Teucr., Plum. 

toe nail – THUJ.

ulcers; in-growing toe nail causes – Calen., TEUCR., NIT-AC.

  great toe with ulceration (R)TEURC.

    — moving, > – TEUCR.

  purulent discharge with unhealthy granulation – Sang.

INFLAMMATION, nail (A) – All-c., Chlol., Hep., Graph., Kali-cl.

chronic diarrhoea, with – NAT-M.

erysipelatous – HEP.

  root of nail – HEP.

matrix of – GRAPH.


  soreness throbbing and numbness, with – GRAPH.

   — water, < – GRAPH.

onychia – FL-AC., HEP., LACH., Plum.

  atrophied index finger (R) and fetid sanious discharge; with – LACH.

  maligna – Plum.

  ulceration has set; when – FL-AC.

paronychia – Anthraci., CAUST., Chim., DIOS., Nat-s., NIT-AC., Plum.

  terrible burning; with – ANTHRACI.

  sloughing on – ANTHRACI.

  disposition to – DIOS.

  red and painful blister on last phalanx with matter under nail; with – NAT-S.

  splinter; sensation of – NIT-AC.

   — friction of wrapping, < – NIT-AC.

  applied in incipiency – NIT-AC.

– root of nail (A) – NAT-S.

– tendons, cartilage and bones, extends to – SIL.

– violent and extensive – NIT-AC.

INJURY, nail – HYPER., Led.

– blue border following scratching of finger nail, malignant ulcer with – Mang.

– cause of injury; when nail is – HYPER.

– consequences of nail injury; first stage of – LED.

– cut root of nail of thumb – Plant. (externally and internally)  

– matrices – HYPER.

– punctured wound, due to – LED.   

– scratching of finger causes tetter-like eruption on left cheek – carb-s.

PAIN, nail (U) – Alum., Am-m., Ars., GRAPH.

aching – Calc-p.

  big (great) toe – GRAPH. (L), Colch. (L), KALI-C., SIL.

    — touched; when – KALI-C.

    — stitches, with – SIL.

  first (R) then (L) – Calc-p.

    — shoulder pain (R) extending through whole arm down to nails – Cimx.

  index finger (R) – Dol.

  margin of – Lith-c.

  roots of (U) – Calc-p., Dol.

  stepping on nail, when; running up to thigh (R)LED.

agonising – DIOS.

beating – Am-m.

  thumb (L) (U)Am-m.

cramp like – Chin.

  impedes movement of first joint of thumb (L); which – Chin.

cutting – Sil.

  itching beneath toe; with – Sil.

distressing –

  nail; at root of (R) – Chin.

– gnawing – Alum.

– intolerable – Eup-per.

  both feet; toe nail ofEup-per.

    intermittent fever; during – Eup-per.

– lancinating – SIL.

PAIN (Contd.)

– Piercing – Nat-s.

  bearable than room; outdoor moreNAT-S.

– radiating – Ars.

  thumb (U)Ars.

shooting – Sulph.

  Sharp shoots as from a blunt nail, in rapid successionSulph.

    — nail of great toe; at root of – Sulph.

– Sticking – Fl-ac.

  thumb nail; root ofFl-ac.

    thumb nail (R)FL-AC.

– Suppuration like, in great toe – Zinc.

  touched; when – Zinc.

– tender on touch – Berb-v., Petr.

  bruised; as if – PETR.

ulcerative – Calc-p., GRAPH., NAT-S.

  nail; roots of (U)Calc-p.

    — especially middle finger; hand (R) – CALC-P.

PANARITIUM – Am-c., Am-g., Anac., Apis., Ars., Bar-c., Benz-ac., Bufo., CAUST., CIST-C., Diosc., Fl-ac., ,HEP., HYPER., Lach., Lyc., Merc., NAT-C., Nat-m., Nat-s., Nit-ac., Sang., Sep., Sil., Stram., Sulph., Teucr.

abuse of sulphur; after – APIS.

  tumefaction of forefinger (R) – APIS.

  burning – Apis., Teucr.

    — fingertip, in – Teucr.

    — stinging and throbbing – APIS. 

  gangrenous aspect; assuming – ARS.

  throbbing and ulceration, from splinter; assuming – BAR-C.

  several fingers on, during pregnancy – All-c.

    — red streaks up arm and pain driving to despair – ALL-C.

bluish filled with red or yellow fluid – LYC.

    inflammation extending all over hand – LYC.

– index finger (L) – Sulph.

   thick yellow pus discharge with pain on touching nail – Sulph.

inflamed finger and deep-seated periosteal pain; withAM-C.

– Pain – 

  fingers first (R) than (L)SANG.

 hangnail; starts from – NAT-M.

 intolerable, drives to despair – STRAM.

  lancinating with deep inflammation to tendon, cartilages and bones – SIL.

  throbbing and shooting; not violent but – MERC.

  run in streaks all the way up arm – Bufo.

  stinging, pricking pain – LACH.

  violent beating and stitching pain – SEP.

    — pus formation around and beneath the nail – Sulph.

    — intolerable throbbing and boring pain, night < – Sulph.

  pulsation of finger like panaritium – AM-M., Gymn-c., Sil.

– suppuration thumb (U) followed by bluish-black colour – Bufo.

– sharp and agonizing pain; early when – DIOSC.

RIBBED, nail – Thuj.

– dry hair and epileptic vertigo, with – Thuj.

ROUGH, nail – GRAPH., SIL.

SENSITIVE, nail – Berb-v., Chlol.

– beneath, skin – ANT-C.

– border of (A) – Chlol.

– thumb (U) – ARS.

  being cut too close in cancer of mammae – ARS.

touch, to – APIS., Chin.

  touch all day, to – Chin.

SENSASTIONS, nail (U) – 

– burning – Asaf.

  finger nails (U) –SARSA.

   itching, with – SARSA.

  root of toe nail – Asaf.

    big toe, over (R)- COCLH., Lachn. (L) (U)

    prevents sleep – Asaf.

  – surface of nail (like fire), inner – Osm.

  swelling and stiffness of first finger joint – Vinca.

– breaking of finger nail, during every step a noise is felt – Con.

– decayed, as if – Sil.

gnawing – Alum.

itching– Aster., kali-c., Colch.

loose – Apis.

numbness – Apis., GRAPH. 

  fingertip near and root (U) – Apis.

pulled out – Phos.

  feeling of rush of blood to forefinger, with – Phos.

splinter lodge – Ars., Hydro.

  middle toe, in (U) (L) – Ars., Hydro.

soreness – GRAPH., Ham.

  foot sweat with; ends of nail – Merc-s.

  pus discharge with; after a slight knock – Ham.

  redness and swelling with; margin of nail – Lith-c.

stitching – Am-m., Bapt.

  thumb nail, in (U) (L)- Bapt.,   

tearing – Bis., Camp. 

  beneath the thumb (R)- Zinc.

  — evening till night – Carbo-v.

    — big toe (particularly near nail) – Ol-a., Zinc.

      —- ulcerated; as if painful – Ol-a.

  fingertip of hand (U) (R) – Bis.

  toe nail (U) – Carb-v.

    — tips of toes; and – Camp.

    — walking, when – CAMP. 

throbbing – GRAPH.

– tingling – NAT-S., Nux-m.

  cold as if frozen; with hands feel – NUX-M. 

  warm room; on entering – NUX-M. 

SOFT, nail – THUJ., ANT-C.

SUPPURATION, nail (A) (see panaritium) – Bufo., All-c. Ham, HEPAR., Eug.   

– abscess, root of little toe (R), just above – COCC. 

– pustules, root of nails – KALI-B.

  spreading over hands to wrist – KALI-B.

– threatening – NIT-AC. 

  vaccination after; of finger nails – Thuj.

thumb nail – All-c., Ham., Eug. 

  skin recedes; with – Eug.

    — chronic diarrhoea; with – NAT-M.

    — nail; root of (A) – NAT-S.

    — soreness and discharge of pus; with – Ham.

SWELLING, of nail (A) – Bufo., Lach.

– bluish swelling in panaritium – LACH.

THICK, nail – Alum., GRAPH., Sab.

THIN and TRANSPARENT, nail – Ars.

WITHLOW – Anthracin., All-c., Bov., Dios., FL-AC., Hecla., HEPAR., LACH., PHYT., SIL., Stram.

– burning

  itching, stinging, aching in right forefinger, with – Sil.

  — pulsative pain as from whitlow on fingers – Am-m.

– finger, on – Bov.

– forefinger (L) with pus in last phalanx – Sulph. 

  burning in whole finger with tenderness – Sulph.

    — disturb sleep, pain with – Sulph. 

    — cold water, holding arm up > – Sulph. 

    —- hot water and letting hand hang down – Sulph.

– inflamed and suppurating – All-c. 

  pain –

    — beginning, in – Am-c.

    — occur every winter for several years – HEPAR.

    — suppuration begin, when- Calc-s.  

    — suppurating whitlow, of – Diosc.

    — violent nightly with threatened necrosis – Asaf.

    — whole arm, in – All-c.

– intense swelling on one or both sides of nail, night < – NIT-AC. 

  — on margin of skin finger nail (A) – All-c. 

– last joint of thumb (R) – Sep. 

  throbbing, shooting, burning in, < in palmar surface – Sep.  

    — dark red and pus invisible – Sep.

– last phalanx of thumb (L) – Nux-v. 

  increases gradually – Nux-v.  

    — throbbing pain sometime with burning- Nux-v. 

    —- warmth < – Nux-v. 

    —- letting hand hang down < – Nux-v. 

    —- evening after sunset – Nux-v. 

    —- bed in. > – Nux-v.  

– middle finger of hand (R) – HEPAR. 

– old woman, in– All-c.

– periodicity – Sulph.


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