Arum Met is useful medicine in male infertility

Dr Shobhan Bose 
According to modern medicine treatment going on by some anti…(antibiotic, antifungal, antiallergic, antispasmotic, antipiratic etc.) but in natureopathy or AYUSH – treatment is different than modern science. Homoeopathy is a medical science which believe in natural healing or cure. It was discovered by our master Dr .C.F.S. Hahnemann at Germany. In India Homeopathy is a part of AYUSH  or a part of ( Desi-chikitsa) or natureopathy. Homoeopathy follows nature’s law of cure. In homeopathy we consider the patient’s physically, emotionally ,environmental  and social responsibility of mind .The Physician  give value to the whole individual during treatment of patients .Homoeopath’s are not bothered about the name of diseases. Selection of homoeopathic medicine depends upon totality of symptoms of an individuals. According to definition of health – a man is called healthy when he or she become  sound or balance condition physically, mentally and socially. So, the selection of homeopathic remedy depends upon mental, physical, social and environment surrounding of the individual patient, with the history of suffering patients and his family history (matenal and paternal ) of both sides.

Discussion about the case:-
A patient came to me for treatment last year January Mr S. 27yrs/Male. S/O LATE Mr.K ., married, occupation-farmer, general education-non metric, addiction-tobacco(khaini),dist-  Begusarai, Bihar. He complain(told) me, after three years of marriage, leading normal sexual activity with his wife regularly but they had no issue without any diseases or physical suffering both of them(couple). His wife Mrs .Y .Devi was 21yrs/ Female ,occupation- house wife. She had normal menstruation cycle. After consulting  I asked him for laboratory diagnosis for H.S.A.(husband symen analysis) , R/E –Urine, Blood –  T,C, D.C, E.S.R, Hb%, blood group, V.D.R.L. ,B.T & C.T.

Case history of patient :-
He was suffering-semen discharge during micturation and defecation burning sensation during micturation. Semen discharge very quickly during intercourse. Bad habbit of masturbation, slight erectile problem –erection of penis staying for some times. Semen was watery and sticky in nature. Uneasy feeling, loss of appetite, loss of energy, absent minded and headache .He was a poor farmer .He wanted to avoid friend, relatives and other company. He wanted to live alone because they asked about his issue. Suicidal tendency due to his mental depression. His mental depression due to they had no children long time after married. His problem was not solved after preying to god and goddess or treating by best doctor’s. He become introvert and never compromise. He had fixed idea and lived in an another world. Dream of operation theater. Doctors will  kill him by knife on O.T.Table. Fear of blood, operation, knife, needle, accident etc. He became unconscious after seeing blood.  

Before prescribe medicine I want to check the lab diagnosis to confirm his suffering.So I gave him plassivo B.D.for 10 days . After 10 days patient came again with his lab report T.C normal, D.C.- Poly-65%, Lymphocytes 30%, Eosin 4%, Besofil 1%, Monocytes 0%, E.S.R. – normal, Hb%- 13gm, ABO group – O positive, V.D.R.L .-  negative,  R/E  – urine – Pus Cell present, H.S.A. – T/C – 10 millions , A/M – 15%, S/M – 55%, dead Sperm – 25%, abnormal Sperm – 5%, Pus Cell present.

Others symptoms he given:-
Mental general – Uneasy feeling, loss of memory, mental tension, anxiety, absent minded, anger, fixed ideas, loss of energy, depression, baseless talking and thinking, nothing understanding, introvert, nervous ness, fear,suicidal tendency, fear of blood and knife. Mental tension aggravation by hearing about any accident. Vesovagul attack after seeing blood of a dressing goat. 

Dream of O.T and doctor will kill him with knife on O.T table.

Physical general:- burning and semen mixture during urination, Semen discharge during stool, easily ejaculation, watery semen sperm count below with less mortality and abnormal, dead sperm , coitus can not pleasure.

Head-  headache fontal and temporal reason, severe blasting headache

Agg- Mental tension, anger, news of accident

Amu-headache relief in cold weather, mentally calm and pleasant sound sleep

Sleep:- sleep normal, Dream:- o.t  Eyes:-burning eyes, Nose:-nasal septum deviated, Mouth:-foul smell from mouth, Lip:-lips are dry, Teeth:- yellow spot due to taken tobacco(khaini), Tongue:-cracked white coated, Thirst:-less, Skin:-dry, Sweat:-profuse sweat with foul smell, Heart:- palpitation from anxiety, Lungs:- slight conjested, Urine:-burning during urination, pus cell in urine, seminal discharge with urine, stool:- seminal discharge during stool with foul smell, Semen:-watery and sticky in nature, Apetide:-loss of apetide, Desire:- meat, chicken, sweet, potato, Aversion:- vegetable, Agg:- hot, summer, mental tension, anger, news of accident, ame:- cold, winter, History of:- unconsciousness continue in 48 hours suffering from high fever in childhood with common cold and cough, abuse of mercury, Delaied-milestone. Family history:-patternal side diabetes and maternal side gout.

According to lab diagnosis & case history of the pdatients .It is a conferm case of male infertility. After case taking and case studies from Meteria Medica, Organon ,Repertory ,other various medical books , internets and consider miasmatic back ground, I prescribe medicine Arum Metalicum and Placebo.                                                                                                                                      

I also advised him to avoid tobacco, avoid mental tress, tension and try controlled upon his mind by meditation, taken cold simple food ,avoiding hot spices food and take medicine in time .  

Follow up of that case.:-My first prescription was placebo for 15 days . Placebo is second best medicine but I use it first prescription got psychological effects from it. My second prescription was Arum Met 0/1, 4oz,1.o.d, Sac. Lac for 15 days.I advise him at first given 10 stroke medicinal bottle upon one palm  by another hand ,after that take two table spoon medicine from it and mix it one glass of purified drinking water and take only two tea spoon from it for drink as a medicine and rest of water of the glass must be removed as a waste water.

After 15 days patient came-he feels better now but other symptoms was relief . I gave him. sac lac B.D. for 15 days. After 1 month his seminal problem improved. I gave him Arum Met 0/1, 4.o.z, 1.o.d  for 15 days again in same pattern . After 15 days seminal problems more improved .I gave him placebo for next 15 days. After 15 days patient came again at that time his seminal problem was gone , improved his coitus time and dream of O.T . was gone . So his mental depression was reduce. I gave him Arum Met 0/2, 4.o.z, 1.o.d for 15 days and placebo for next 15 days. After 1 month he came again, at that time he became mentally fit and strong ,his became unconsciousness after seeing blood was disappear and burning sensation of urine  also was reduce. I gave him phytom for 1 month. After 2 month patient was more better in all angle. I gave him aArum met 0/3, 4.o.z, 1.o.d for 15 days and phytom for next 15 days. I also ask him for a new semen analysis. He come back after 1 month with the report  HSA- T.C-20 million, A/M-25%, S/M-55%, D/S-15%, A/S-0%, Pus cell absent. After seen the report I give him phytom for 1 month. After 1 month he came again he report me he was suffering in fever for 5 days I give him 0/4 for 15 daysand phytom for next 15 days. After 1 month when he come he said no such type of tension and fear in his mind and he can control his anxiety also. I give him Arum Met 0/5 for 15 days and phytom for next 15 days and I advised him for another semen test. After 1 month when he came with his seminal report, I was seen marvelous improvement in seminal report.( T.C-60 million, A/M-65%, S/M-25%, D/S-10%). I gave him placebo for one month. I adviced him to lead normal sexual life . After 1 month he came and inform me his wife was carrying a foetus of one month according to pregnancy test .

 I advised him to go for confirmation test by U.S.G. After 5 days he came with good news of he will become father after some days accordingly to U.S.G. I gave him Arum Met 0/6 for 15 days and phytom for one and half month and adviced him to avoid coitus with his wife upto delivery of the baby and after some month of delivery for safety of baby and mother .I also advised him to give adequate food  and nutrition to his wife and take care of her mentally and physically and control his mind .

Conclusion:-The case was cured. In our india infertility and female baby delivery is treat as a crimes of a house wife. It is very unfortunate for our country — female foetus aborted hidingly still now. But we know baby male or female that is depending upon sex choromozome(xx for female, xy for male) of father not for mother. So, father is responsible for female or male baby will deliver. Mental stress, tension, pressure, and anxiety of infertility patient male or female aggravate by teasing, taunting unwanted advice and knowledge given by relative’s friends and other well wishers. Respected gynaecologist treat only his wife, not considered him and his infertility problem and advice them for I.V.F. I was councilling the both of them and advice them sexual relationship scientifically (  coitus alternate day during ovulation period) and enjoing their sexual family life . This simple advice make them happy and theirs life become full of colours due to became patients of a healthy baby. 

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