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Journal Review by Dr  Mansoor Ali 

A quality research oriented journal which will highlights the latest developments in the field of homeopathy to enable the students, teachers, scholars, institutions and manufacturers to understand and utilise the excellent research works being carried out in India and abroad.

As the caption implies strengthening homeopathy through research” – a new innovative research oriented magazine from the research people. A need of the moment.

Why has homoeopathy baffled some people, with vested interest, all over the world? Some facts about the growth of Homoeopathy speaks for itself:

WHO report, which states that most of the studies published in the last 40 years have shown homeopathic remedies to be superior to placebo and “equivalent to conventional medicines in the treatment of illnesses, in both humans and animals”. (,11381,1556831,00.html)

The World Health Organisation states that Homoeopathy is the second most used medical system internationally, with over $1 Billon in expenditures for such therapy. Twenty to 30 percent of French & German physicians use Homoeopathy in clinical practice. In Great Britain, five Homoeopathic hospitals are part of the National health System, and over 30% of generalists use Homoeopathy. In the United states, there are more that 500 physicians and 5000 non-physicians using Homoeopathy in clinical practice, and 2.5 million Americans currently use Homoeopathic medicines – of which two-thirds are self-prescribed spending more than $250 million annually .17

It has always been pondered whether homoeopathy is an art, science, or merely a placebo. To combat antagonism, innumerous scientific researches have been carried out to sustain Homoeopathy as a complete scientific system. Of course, further researches are needed to answer all the pertinent questions in lingo of science to shut the mouths up of the ignorant people unnecessarily doing mess about in the meadow of Homoeopathy.

Homeopathy is the second largest system in the world, widely used and economical but lacks some evidence based research and data in order to prove its efficacy to the scientific community. Their intention is to give the most authentic information on homeopathy to the world including its strength and weakness and how to overcome it. Let us hope these people will do the best and this journal will become a platform to researchers in homeopathy. Contribute by subscribing this journal.

Current Issue deals with
1. Evidence to evaluate the efficacy of homeopathic treatment in sub clinical hypothyroidism
2. Transforming of a homeopathic physician to a researcher
3. Evidence based clinical study on the effect of homeopathic drugs in psoriasis
4. A clinical verification of Kent’s correspondence of Organon and Direction of Cure
5. A pilot study on the effect of Aresenicum album in alochol dependence
6. Cardiovascular disorders- Angina pectoris and myocardial infarction
7. Science and art of writing a synopsis for preparation for your dissertation
8. Research methods in homeopathy- review and future perspective
9. Clinical trial – Tranquil- A clinical study
10. High dilution a Paradox- scientific homeopathy
11. Scope of research in homeopathy
12. Book review- A scientific handbook of Homeopathic Medicine, Homeopathic Proving of Choclate
13. Product review – Hompath MD
14. Research abstract that can be useful

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