Ayush dept to meet stakeholders for implementation of ABS

In a strategic move towards transforming the ASU industry into a strong organised sector, the Department of Ayush will be meeting the stakeholder from across the country in Delhi on May 30.

It is understood that during the meeting, special focus will be given on deliberating on modalities for successfully implementing Nagoya Protocol on the access and benefit sharing (ABS) as required under the biodiversity Act.

For this, the Ayush department has organised a high level meeting between the stakeholders and the department of environment and forest wherein they will analyse the important requirements and points essential for effective implementation of ABS throughout the country.

It is understood that the government is very strongly pursing the implementation of the ABS which was drafted to ensure fair and equitable sharing of benefits, arising from the use of genetic resources, including appropriate access to genetic resources and appropriate transfer of relevant technologies etc.  [Source]

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