Major insurance cos refuse to include Ayush despite IRDA order

Major insurance companies in the country are refusing to abide by the IRDA order to include Ayush products and services in the mediclaim insurance policy.

IRDA issued a directive in this regard sometime in last February after repeated representations from ayush industry.

IRDA under section 5(1) of the IRDA (Health Insurance) Regulations, 2013, had issued a notification directing inclusion of the Indian System of Medicines (ISM) in the mediclaim insurance policy.

But, no insurance companies have taken steps to comply with the IRDA order so far. [Source]


  1. AYUSH Dept and all concerned organizations like NMPB, CCRAS, CCRUM, CCRH,CCRS, CRY&N, CCIM, NIA, NIUM, ADMA should take up this issue for proper execution with different Insurrence companies in consultation with AYUSH Department in the interest of masses those using ASHU Products.

  2. Dept. of Ayush and individual councils should look in to the matter very seriously and act more aggressively to fix the insurance companies and get the desired results in AYUSH health care sector at the earliest.

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