Beat the Summer with Homeopathy

Dr Harsha Joshi

Sun , oh Sun ,
You take away all our fun .
Heat cramps , Sun stroke ,
Buying sunscreen makes us broke !
Our skin you burn and tan ,
And all the time we need fan .
There’s Dehydration and Exhaustion ,
And Prickly heat causes so much irritation !
How can we forget, you make us perspire ,
Quick relief from you we aspire !!

With April – May nearing and the mercury rising , all of us are surely feeling the heat . But besides just feeling the heat there are a number of ailments one can suffer from during summer

Let us see what these ailments are and how to beat them .

Why the sun harmful
Hot and humid environment slows down the evaporation of sweat . While atmospheric temperature continues to rise, our body cannot cool down fast enough . There is a state of elevated core temperature or Hyperthermia . This can lead to Heat Exhaustion and in severe cases ( core temperature > 40 degree Celsius ) Heat Stroke .

Extracellular sodium depletion following electrolyte loss as a result of persistent sweating with replacement of water but not salt can lead to painful cramps called as Heat Cramps .

Dehydration can occur if fluid loss due to perspiration is not compensated .

Skin problems are the commonest ranging from simple sun tan to skin cancer due to harmful effect of Ultra Violet rays of the sun . As Patricia Farris , a famous dermatologist has rightly said – “ Your skin remembers every bit of sun it ever had ! ”

Bad effect of sun heat leads to
Heat Exhaustion- Elevated core temperature associated with hyperventilation and symptoms of tiredness , fatigue , muscular weakness , dizziness and collapse .

Heat Storke – Life threatening condition when core temperature of body is > 40 degree Celsius .Symptoms of heat exhaustion occur in addition to headache , nausea , vomiting .Coarse muscle tremor and confusion which may
progress to loss of consciousness may be seen as a neurological manifestation .

Heat Cramps – Painful muscle cramps occur most commonly in the legs of young people following vigorous exercise in hot weather.

Heat Rash – Skin redness , dryness , irritation from excess sweating .

Prickly Heat / Miliaria Rubra – Papular itching eruption of the skin due to blockage of sweat ducts .

Cataract – Long term UV exposure increases formation of free radicals which injures the lens and can cause its opacity .

Photoaging – More the exposure to sun , more are the signs of aging like dry rough skin , sallow complexion , etc .

Sun Burn – Erythema caused by exposure to critical amounts of UV light .

Sun Tan – Brownish discolouration of skin from exposure to sun .

Freckles – Asymptomatic small circular brownish macules appearing on face , forearms , and other sun exposed areas of the body .

Solar Purpura – Easy bruising , bleeding into the skin with bleeding from mucus membranes .

Skin Cancer – Main risk factor for most forms of skin cancer is exposure to UV radition in absence of adequate melanin pigment .

Heat Tetany – Hyperventilation on exposure to heat leading to respiratory alkalosis manifesting as tetany .

Solar Keratosis – Actinic keratitis ( inflammation of cornea )

  • Heat syncope / fainting
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Dyspepsia
  • Vertigo
  • Epistaxis from nose particularly
  • Excessive offensive or staining perspiration
  • Sun headache

Homeopathic Approach
With homoeopathy as our weapon we can surely beat the heat ! Following are useful homoeopathic remedies for these solar ailments .

Heat exhaustion – Antimony crude , Gelsemium , Natrum carb , Selenium , Lachesis , Nux mosch .

Heat stroke
– Glonoine , Natrum carb , Belladonna , Lachesis , Amyl nit .

Heat cramps
– Colocyinth , Cuprum met , Gelsemium , Belladonna , Natrum mur , China .

Heat rash
– Kali bich , Ledum pal .

Prickly heat – Acon , Bry , Jaborandi , Ammonium mur , Arsenicum album , Ledum pal , Syzigium , Urtica urens .

Cataract – Pulsatilla , Natrum mur , Euphrasia .

Heat syncope
– Gelsemium , Aconit , Antimony crude , Lachesis , Nux vomica .

Freckles – Lyc , Phos , Antimony crude .

Solar keratitis – Acon , Bell ,Kali bich ,Merc cor .

Conjunctivitis with
< HEAT – Acon , Bell , Ferrum phos , Puls , Kali bich , Natrum mur , Calcarea carb , Nux vomica .

Dyspepsia in summer – Antimony crude , Bryonia , Lycopodium .

Sun headache
–Gels , Glon , Natrum carb , Bell , Kali bich , Lach , Antimony crude , Bry , Calcarea carb .

Vertigo with
< HEAT – Acon , Agar , Bell , Natrum carb , Nux vomica .

from nose with < HEAT – Acon , Bell , China , Nux vomica , Croc , Lach , Puls , Natrum mur .

Offensive perspiration with < HEAT – Lycopodium , Nux vomica , Pulsatilla , Graphites .

Perspiration staining linen with < HEAT – Lachesis ,Belladonna , Graphites .

Protect Your self

  • Stay in a cool shady place as much as possible specially during afternoon .
  • Wear light coloured light weight loose clothes .
  • Do not go out without a hat or scarf or an umbrella
  • Use a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher .
  • Reduce the consumption of tea , coffe ,cola , alcohol .Do not drink liquids with large amount of sugar .
  • Drink lots of water , clear juice , electrolyte containing drinks .
  • Eat small meals and more often .Avoid foods high in protein which increase the metabolic heat .
  • Do not exercise too hard .Cool down yourself with a cool shower .
  • In case of heat stroke use cold wraps and fan the person . Seek medical help as quickly as possible .

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  1. tropical countries acute sun stroke glonoine 30c will help,but see if you are worse at 11am with shivering feverish make you bear dark glasses nat mur will help.ferrum phos 6x will supply oxgen.but problem is body septic focal low grade infections where ofloxacin plus omidazole modern antibiotic give relief for few days or menses toxaemia etc improve your constitution strength go to homeopath.summer makes you wear dark glasses you are pale anaemic but cheeks red flush many think strong lady is misconception,see tip tongue cracked summer compels you replace tight clothes by lose clothes eyes inflammatory red LACHESIS helps,Septic low grade liver infection yellow eyes CROTALUS will help,Naja heart tonic Vipera veins circulation tonic.Acute flare up of systemic bacterial poisoning do not go to homeopath but to allopath,then later go to homeopath to destroy infection root called focal infection somewhere,grass can be cut but grows again in fertile soil,so is subacute infections grass roots only homeopathy uproots them.functional remedies may give relief but snake remedies in potency are low grade septicaemia remedies.if still not convinced no pathy will help pray with open hands towards sky do not pray with folded hands before modern doctors lest your pocket money xray comes in their hands their eyes are xray macine.

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