A Case of Bullous Pemphigoid cured by homoeopathy

Dr SK  Tampi

CHIEF COMPLAINT:nItching and burning with small blister of whole body.


  • Itching & burning of whole body from last 3 & 1/2years.
  • Burning after scratching with oozing of watery discharge & immediately blister formation after few hours.
  • Ameliorated by cold water sponging/ wet clothes.
  • Unbearable of clothes.
  • Physically and mentally very restless and irritable .

Disposition Change disposition

  • DietVeg
  • Appetite Good reduced
  • Thirst Thirsty, but unable to drink water due to burning in mouth.
  • Desire Cold things.
  • Aversion Hot food.
  • Stool Regular, clear, usually hard stool.
  • Urine Dribbling of urine,  burning before and after urination. Hourly once.
  • Perspiration Profuse, offensive all over the body.
  • Sleep sleeplessness
  • Dream Not remembered.
  • Thermal She likes winter season.Want fanning. Like covering. Hot pt.


  • Don’t want to talk to anyone.
  • Want to sit in a close room.
  • Due to her suffering , wants to die.

 Clinical diagnosis:  Bullous pemphigoid

Totality of symptoms:

  • Mental general:
  • Don’t want to talk to anyone.
  • Want to sit in a close room.
  • Due to her suffering , wants to die.
  • Want to remove her clothes.
  • Physical general:
  • perspiration-Profuse, offensive all over the body.
  • Thermal – hot
  • Particular:
  • Itching & burning of whole body.

Considering the totality Arsenic 6 /1 dose was selected.

FIRST PRESCRIPTION: 26/9/2016 .Arsenic-6 /1 dose.

2NDFOLLOW UP: OCTOBER 2nd 2016- SL pills 4-4-4/ 30 days.

3rd FOLLOW UP: NOVEMBER 10th 2016- SL pills4-4-4/ 15 days.

Case completly cured

Dr S. K. Tampi  MD (HOM)
Professor & PG Guide. Dept of Materia Medica,
Dr  B. D. Jatti Homoeopathy Medical College,
Dharwad, 580001 Karnataka
MOB- 9448415846
Email- sk_tampi@rediffmail.com


  1. I am sorry, I am new to homeopathy and do not understand the treatment: what is “SL”?

    My boss has been diagnosed with bullous pemphigoid. He is taking steroids, immune suppressants, and other drugs. The side effects of all of his prescriptions are giving him gastric distress and headaches. I thought Rhus Tox would be helpful, but prescribing is complicated. You chose Arsenica, and “SL”. Can you please advise?

  2. If the 1st prescription is in low potency we can further increase the potency if there is no response & also We can study the drug action .
    Thanks for comments.

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