Child Centric Case Witnessing by Dinesh Chauhan

This book features the art of Case Witnessing Process (a unique style of case taking) in children to ensure a smooth journey from the Symptoms to the Vital Sensation to Altered Vital Pattern till Source in children patients.

Name of book : A Wander with a Little Wonder: Child Centric Case-Witnessing

Author: Dinesh Chauhan

Published by: Philosia Publications (Dr.Urvi Chauhan)

For practical purpose this book is divided into two parts-the first half- “Talk the talk”-narrates ideas and concepts where as the later half –“Walk the Talk”-provides illustrative cases. The contents discussed in first half of the book are

The Child: The Purest Form of Energy.

Child Energy: A Unique Pattern; Child Disease Energy: A Unique Altered Pattern

Use of the Thermodynamic laws of physics and the Egyptian hermetic laws of vibration by Dinesh in these chapters adds scientific clarity to the known concepts of homoeopathic science besides making it interesting to re-learn. Establishing firm scientific footage, Dinesh leads us further towards the journey of exploring such energy pattern of a child patient.

Journey into Witnessing the Altered Pattern in a Child: Prerequisites

Listening: The Essence of all Techniques; Witnessing: The Mother of all Techniques

These two chapters provide key prerequisites of Case Witnessing Process in a child.  Dinesh’s insistence upon a homoeopath to act as a catalyst while witnessing a case and other guidelines are promising timely reminders.

The Case Witnessing Process: A Child-Centric Approach

This chapter come as a cutting edge as it provides path breaking concept of Passive (step one), Active (step two) and

Active-Active (step three) Case Witnessing Process. A to Z of the Case Witnessing Process staring from its Introduction, Importance, Aims and objectives, Application, Pointers for stepping ahead from step one to step two to step three, Questions to ask at each steps, Possible obstructions one might face and the appropriate techniques such as Denial, Projection, Dissociation, Internal witnessing, etc to tackle such obstructions, WHICH technique to use WHEN are explained with case examples. This entire process is completely scientific and reproducible.

  • Fear: A Window into the Inner Pattern of a Child
  • Dreams: Royal Roads into the Child’s Subconscious
  • Unfolding the Child’s Altered Pattern through Art
  • Sense in Non-Sense through Internal Witnessing 

These chapters demonstrate exploration of Fears, Dreams, Drawing, and other Art- forms, (areas of child’s interest) to travel the journey from symptoms till source. The last chapter amongst these presents a technique -“Internal witnessing” with its mode of application that enables a child patient to experience and express his vital sensation right during the case taking process.

The Womb Connection
This final chapter features the exploration of the vital core of a child through mother’s history during pregnancy. The concept laid in this chapterchallenges the existing concept of the mother’s state getting transferred to the child, proves it wrong and explores the new possibility.

“This book is a treasure and a guide for homeopaths and even lay readers. Dr. Dinesh Chauhan explores the realms of subconscious and the inner experience of the child. The children’s expressions of their experience and perception, commented on by Dr. Chauhan, give the reader an experience of subtle awareness and she or he will emerge from reading this book with a sense of having returned to themselves and their own inerrant purity, freedom and integral awareness.

While editing Dr. Chauhan’s case studies, I experienced that my own ability to hear the patient’s core issue in my own case witnessing had greatly increased. Due to my intense concentration on the cases I gained a sense of Dr. Chauhan’s scientific intuition and I observed that my own case witnessing abilities were naturally enhanced. I am confident that this book will help practitioners to expand their capacity to more insightfully understand their clients.”            – Rebecca Williams…

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