Clinical tips from the masters of Homoeopathy

Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

In eczematous eruption after fright, studyStramonium – Dr. J. H. Clarke

In deafness due to suppressed discharges, study Lobelia inflata – Dr. K.N Mathur

Aesculus Hippocastanum
In hemorrhoids, blind or bleeding, where bleeding gives relief. Aching in lumbar area, stiffness of back, almost impossible to walk.Explore Aesculus hip.   – Dr. J. H. Clarke

Arsenicum Iodatum
In cases of weekend heart when associated with chronic lung conditions, explore Arsenicumiodatum. – J. H. Clarke

When epileptic attacks occur at night during sleep, investigate Bufo. – Dr. Lippe

In cancer of lip with painful cracks in the corners of the mouth, explore Condurango. – Dr. Burnett

Lactic Acid
When there is concomitance of rheumatic pains with diabetes, explore Lactic Acid. – Dr. E. B. Nash

Mental disorders after injuries
For mental disorders after injuries study Cicuta vir.,Glonoine, Hypericum, Mag c, Nat sulph. Synopsis and Homeopathic Etiology by Dr. Eswara Das.

Opium Poisoning
Ipecac is the antidote to Opium poisoning and has been of great value in weaning the system of Morphine habit. Hahnemann Materia Medica of Dasgrupta p. p473

When symptoms correspond, the potencies of Opium may antidote bad effects of opium drugging. Dr. H. C. Allen -Keynotes to M. M.p.214

Bad Effects of Vaccination
Antimonium tart, when Thuja fails and Silica is not indicated. Worse warmth, lying, damp cold weather. Thirst for cold water little and often, craves apples fruit and acids. Tongue has thick white coating. Dr. H. C. Allen Keynotes to Hom. M. M.p. 38.

Side effects of smallpox vaccine
Where acute and violent symptoms of blood poison come on soon after vaccination, no remedy can compete with Malandrinum. For chronic problems, Thuja. Dr. Grimmer Hom. Recorder Oct 1947 p 113.

Side effects of tetanus vaccine
Shock followed by severe pain in head and nape with fever often comes after tetanus shots. MagPhos will bring comfort. Dr. Grimmer –Hom. Recorder: LXV March 9, 1951, p.262

Bad Effects of Novacaine
Tired and cannot work after Novocain: Cocaine in potency. Dr. Fred Morgan Hom. Recorder LXII Oct 4 1946 pp108

Radiation Burns
Cadmium iodide is the most effective antidote toX-ray and radium burns, competing with Phos, for radium poisons and Fluoric acid and Silica for X-ray abuses. Dr. Grimmer- Hom. Recorder Sept 1931 p.675

Phosphorus is by far the first antidote to all forms of radiation, be it radium, X-ray or atomic radiations -Dr. Grimmer –Hom. War Remedies:Hom. Recorder LXVI: March 1951 p.263

Fumes and Gases
Carbo veg is the best single antidote to fumes and gases which reduce the power of the blood cells to exchange carbonic acid (CO2) and Oxygen- Dr. Grimmer –

Acetic acid antidotes fumes of charcoal and gas – Dr. H. C. Allen – Keynotes to Hom. M. M.p. 13.

Coal Tar Derivative Drugs
As antidote to coal-tar derivatives (e.g. Aspirin) which have been used to suppress headaches,Carbo veg is effective or Mag phos if the suppression has brought on neuralgia. J. T. Kent –Hom. Recorder Nov. 1929

Digitalis in potency is the best antidote to the depressant effects of coal tar drugs on the heart.  Dr. Grimmer Hom. Recorder Nov. 1929.

Effects of Sulpha Drugs
Sulphapyridine in potency antidotes the bad effects of the Sulphonamide group of drugs. Dr.Foubister -Constitutional Effects of Anesthesia- Brit. Hom Journal – April 1959.

Causticum is the routine remedy for Retention of Urine after operation. – Dr. D.M. Foubister.

Nothing equals Hypericum in cases of Smashed Fingers. – Dr. E.A. Farrington.

Hyoscyamus is one of our best remedies for Hiccough occurring after operations on the abdomen. – Dr. E.A. Farrington.

Hypericum is the main remedy for Spinal Injuries. – Dr. D.M. Foubister.

Berberis Vulgaris is an excellent remedy for Renal Colic. – Dr. E. A. Farrington.

Cholesterinum is said to be almost specific for Gallstone Colic. – Dr. Pulford.

Colocynthis cures Colics again and again. – Dr. T.K. Moore.

In Biliary Colic, Calcarea Carb. has never failed me. – Dr. R. Hughes.

One’s chief use for Mag. Phos. has been in the treatment of Dysmenorrhoea. – Dr. M.L.Tyler.

Any Haemorrhage seeming to be in sympathy with heart trouble, think of Cactus. – Dr. E.B. Nash.

In Cramps of the calves, I have never known Cuprum to fail. – Dr. Jousett.

In Habitual Vomiting in babies, one should think of Iris. – Dr. C.G. Raue.

For the Excessively Obstinate Child, Tuberculinum is most often indicated. – Dr. D.M. Foubister.

I have cured probably 100 cases of Adenoids with Tuberculinium alone. – Dr. J.T. Kent.

Persons suffering from Ulceration of the Lungs can scarcely get well without Kali Carb. – Dr. Hahnemann.

There is one remedy in regard to Enlarged Prostate and that is Hydrangea. – Dr. A.H. Grimmer.

For the terrible Falling out of Hair after Typhoid, Fluoric Acid is well indicated. – Dr. C.M. Boger.

I recommend Arnica Mont. as preventive and curative of Boils. – Dr. Hahnemann.

Nitric Acid is almost specific for Diarrhea after antibiotics, especially the mycins. – Dr. E.W. Hubbard.

I know of no remedy of such universal usefulness in cases of simple Acne as Kali Brom 30. –  Dr. J.H. Clarke.

Lycopodium is the master remedy in Infantile Eczema. – Dr. Leon Renard.

We have found Bacillinum almost specific for Ulceration of Cornea in children. – Dr. M.L. Tyler.

Several cases of Cataract have been arrested in their progress by Causticum and the sight even improved, where before its administration they were rapidly going on to complete blindness. – Drs. Allen and Norton.

The more Benzoic Acid is used in Gout the more it will be prized. – Dr. C. Hering.

Arthritis Deformans responds to Antim Crud. a near specific. – Dr. Schwartz.

In Diabetes, 2 or 3 grains of the 3rd trituration of Uran. Nit. administered morning and night, will in a short time reduce the quantity of urine passed to nearly a normal standard, and after a continual use, the proportion of sugar is materially lessened. – Dr. Bradford.

Some of the worst cases of Chronic Rheumatism have been cured by Ant. Crud., guided by the extreme tenderness of the soles of the feet. – Dr. E.B. Nash.

Ipecac. is especially the infant’s friend and is commonly indicated in the Bronchitis of Infancy. – Dr. J.T. Kent.

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