Comparison of Murex personality with other homoeopathic drugs

Dr Merlin Liza James


    • Indifferent
    • Protection
    • Dependency
    • Great depression
    • All gone sensation
    • Relationship problems
    • Sensitivity
    • Immaturity
    • Vulnerability
    • Sinking sensation
    • Bearing down sensation


  • Molluscs are the largest marine phylum. Around 85000 species of molluscs are recognized.
  • The phylum is typically divided into 9 or 10 taxonomic classes, of which two are already extinct.
  • Molluscs have been and still are an important food sources for anatomically modern humans and marine animals.
  • SYNONYMS: a mollusk, purple fish
  • SOURCE: it is a kind of sea snail having purple coloring matter near the neck; it belongs to the natural order of gastropod
  • HABITAT: it is found in the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea.
  • PREPARATION: Trituration of desiccated juice. The fresh preparation is to be preferred, though the dried is the usual one.
  • HISTORICAL DOSE: all potency.
  • Diabetes


  • Breast pain
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Endometritis
  • Menopausal suffering
  • Menorrhagia
  • metrorrhagia
  • Miscarriage
  • Pregnancy disorder
  • Prolapse

Petroz first proved murex which like sepia produces chief intensity of its axtion in the female reproductive system.

They are chiefly distinguished in that murex produces frantic sexual desire and tends to have excessive hemorrhage with large clots, but sepia have generally scanty flow.

    • Who are violently excited sexually from least contact of parts, excessive desire for embrace.
    • Persons of melancholic temperature with great depression of spirit.


  1. Sore pain in uterus with consciousness of womb
  2. Suffering during climacteric: great depression
  3. Frequent and profuse menses; irregular, profuse with large clots.
  4. Prolapse of uterus is sexually excitable women with bearing down sensation as if internal organs would be pushed out; must sit down and cross the limbs to relieve pressure.
  5. Leucorrhea < by mental depression, happier when leucorrhea is worse.
  6. Ailment with sinking, all gone sensation in stomach
  7. Diabetes with nocturnal poly urea with excessive hunger.


  • sensitiveness
  • melancholy and depression
  • All gone sinking sensation, and prostration.


  • This sensitiveness is related to the female genital tract.
  • They have general sensitiveness to touchà feels as if something were pressing on a sore spot in the pelvis.
  • The least contact to the part causes violent sexual excitement.
  • Cervix is sensitive to the examining finger.
  • The slightest touch causes bleeding of excoriation on cervix.
  • Cannot bear least touch not even sheet on genitals.
  • Least contact of the part causes violent sexual excitement, desire, easily excited.
  • An embrace desire for and want of sexual intercourse.
  • Sexual organs are excited by least touch, pressure, on sitting or friction by walking.
  • Cannot bear least touch, not even sheet on genitals.
  • Nymphomania during metrorrhagia.
  • Nymphomania from suppressed menses.
  • Sexual desire from an embrace.


  • Healthy state:
  • They are sensitive, nervous, lively affectionate women


  • Persons of melancholic temperature with great depression of spirit.
  • They have great depression of spirit, a sort of deep hypochondriacal state:
  • Great sadness, anxiety, and dread.
  • Imagines herself sick, seemed to her she was hopelessly ill and never going to get well.
  • Impatient memory weak, cannot find correct word to express himself.
  • All these feelings come during the time of menses.
  • Conscious of uterus. Anxious, apprehensive better by leucorrhea.
  • Sadness before menses.
  • Wants to die, from intense abdominal pain during menses.
  • Unconsciousness during menses.





it is a remedy for prolapse uterus, displacement of uterus and associated with pain:

  • Sometimes uterus feels as if it is cut by sharp instrument.
  • This myalgia pain in the uterus generally comes when patient is in bed and is relieved by sitting or by walking.
  • Character of pain: the pain extends upwards from right side of uterus and crossing the body goes to the left mammae.
  • Murex for the constitution who are tires, weak, and rundown, must lie down which aggravates their complaints.
  • Walking is difficult for them
  • Sensation of all the joints is weak during the pregnancy.
  • This is the third characteristic indication of murex à sinking all gone sensation, the patient feels great emptiness and void
  • Hungry sinking all gone sensation (sepia).
  • There is sensation of heavy weight or pressure over the genitals and upon the rectum, discharge of pure blood by vulvae at stools, painful weariness in the loins and sharp lancinating pain in the uterus are guiding indication of murex. And need to cross the limbs to make herself better with great sexual desire.


  • Character of pain: sharp, burning, lancinating, stinging. It extends across hypogastrium to groin and travels downwards. Pain in small spot.
  • They also have similar pain, but the pain originating from the mammae transverse down to the uterus.
  • BEARING DOWN SENSATION with great sexual desire, wants to cross the limbs.
  • The patient complaints of bearing down while walking, as though menstruation would come on or as if the bowels would move. There is a distress in the pelvic region and pressure upon the rectum and bladder, so she often to wear a “T” bandage to hold herself together or supporting with hand
  • Clinical conditions: It is also given for prolapse of uterus, retroversion, anteversion, subacute and chronic ovaritis.
  • Character of menses: scanty < only when she moves and ceases when she stops moving. The meses too early with heart trouble.
  • Sexual desire: nymphomania, must keep her busy.
  • 3 principal spheres of action
  • 1) it causes congestion and hyperesthesia of the female sexual organs.
  • 2) it causes extreme sensitiveness of the posterior spinal cord
  • 3) it increases the reflex excitability of the heart.


  • Profound depression of spirit.
  • She can hardly keep her from crying.
  • She does not know what she cries about, but she must.
  • They are timid, down hearted.
  • Indifference and apathy.
  • They take no interest in their personal appearance, lazy.
  • They doubt about their salvation, and they walk the floor day and night in disconsolate mood. They desire to do everything in hurried manner.


  • Character of pain/ bearing down sensation: congestion of the parts brings into the great feeling of downward pressure in the pelvic cavity, compelling the patient to cross the thighs to prevent the protrusion of the uterus.
  • This displacement of womb causes oppression in breathing and anxiety and accompanied by yellow, greenish leucorrhea of fetid discharge and offensive.
  • Sensation of weight in the rectum which is not relieved by evacuation.
  • Stiches or shooting lancination pain are in the uterus which go up to umbilicus and the pit of the stomach.
  • During labor there is constant bearing down sensation and have delayed labor as the os. being half open.
  • Character of menses: scanty which less clot. It is prescribed to check metrorrhagia during climacteric age or during pregnancy especially 5th and 7th month to prevent abortion.
  • Character of leucorrhea:
  • Usually at the daytime and is practically absent at the night. It is un easing and exhausting, and it is associated with enlarged mammary gland.
  • Clinical conditions:
  • Menstrual disorder, abortion at 3rd 5th month, pregnancy disorder, prolapse of uterus or vagina, leucorrhea, cancer of cervix or uterus, climacteric disorder.


  • Aversion of opposite sex- both male and female. No endurance for coition, worse after coition. Ailment from coition.
  • They are puffed, flabby tall, dirty, yellow, brown mottled skin, yellow saddle across the nose. Extremely irritable, easily offended permit no opposition.
  • Hysterical, changeable temper. One minute yielding, gentle, the other minute disagreeable, excitable, obstinate.
  • To one’s own family and offspring. Whom she loved. Dread of being alone, of men, of meeting friends


  • CHARACTER OF PAIN: pain comes suddenly and goes suddenly
  • Congestion: marked
  • Prolapse of uterus with bearing down pain, sensation as if contents of abdomen would issue from the vulva and better by standing, sitting erect < from lying down.
  • Mind: violent mania: disposition to bite, spit, strike, and tear things, breaks into fits of laughter and gnashes the teeth.
  • Hallucination sees the ghost, hideous faces and various insects, black animals, dogs wolves etc.
  • Convulsions comes on suddenly with high fever with hot head and cold feet.


  • Character of pain: prolapse and bearing down sensation of uterus, from atony, from anemia due to loss of blood; from albuminuria with backache “can trace the shape of kidney” with consciousness of womb with sore and tender.
  • Bearing down sensation feels better by occupying the mind and not thinking about her complaints.
  • Sensation of soreness and heaviness of pelvis.à feels it moves when she moves, it.
  • Clinical conditions: bad effects of abortions, miscarriages, hemorrhages, albuminuria, diabetes.
  • Menses character: too early, too profuse, passive flow, dark and clotted, offensive, with breast swollen, nipples painful with rheumatic complaints. Sudden temporary loss of vision on turning the head.
  • Mind: who are irritable, fault finding, cannot endure least contradiction, feel better when occupied and not thinking of her disease.
  • Character of pain / bearing down sensation: paroxysmal labor like pain > lying on back with limbs extended.
  • Pain from the sacrum to pubis
  • Drawing pain in the small of back from sacrum to pubis < least motion, warm air or warm room.
  • Clinical conditions: miscarriage at 3rd month, Ailment from abortion, gonorrhea, inflammation of ovaries, menorrhagia, leucorrhea, figworts – after abuse of mercury.
  • Character of menses: menses too early, too profuse, too protracted, partly clotted, partly fluid, in women who menstruate very early in life, flow in paroxysms.
  • Menorrhagia during climacteric, or women who formerly aborted, threatened miscarriage.
  • Desire for fresh open air.


Anxious apprehensive person, music is intolerable, goes through bones and marrow, causes weeping and nervousness.

  • Bearing down sensation: bell, lilium tig, sepia, murex, sabina, helonias
  • Crossing limbs ameliorates: lil tig, murex, sepia.

Bearing down sensation worse in the morning: bell, lil tig, murex, sepia


Sexual organs exceedingly; sensitive; cannot bear the napkin to touch her; will go into spasms from an examination; vulva painfully sensitive during coition.

Will faint during and cannot endure coition.

Nymphomania < lying in women.

Excessive sexual development in virgins.

Vaginismus, spasm and constriction.

Pains attended or succeeded by numbness of affected parts.

Sexual organs easily excited from touch or friction.

  • Character of menses:

Menses too early, too profuse, too long lasting, dark clotted, offensive with bearing down spasm, pain in the uterus with twitching.

Metrorrhagia: flow in black clots and fluids, thick black, tarry or in a grumous mass.


haughty, see others are small to them. Arrogant, hysterical persons: alternately gay and sad, globus hystericus, alternating hyperesthesia and anesthesia, mental and physical symptoms alternate.

  • Sexual desire increased in women: lil tig, murex, aster
  • Sexual organs easily excited from touch, pressure, on sitting or friction, by walking: coff, murex, plat.
  • Cannot bear the least touch, not even sheets on genital: murex, platina, muriatic acid.


  • hemorrhoids swollen, blue, sensitive, painful to touch, too sore to bear the least touch, even the sheet is uncomfortable.
  • Prolapse of anus while urinating. Anus is very sensitive with or without hemorrhoids.


  • Absence of mind: cannot think
  • Weakness of old age.
  • Weakness or loss of memory of past life.
  • Vanishing the thoughts while reading, talking, or writing, uses wrong words, does not recognize well known streets. Changeable humor- one moment laughing and the other moments gay and sad.
  • All complaints are accompanied by drowsiness and sleepiness. With great dryness of mouth.
  • MUREX:
  • Leucorrhea while at stool.
  • Leucorrhea green and bloody, alternate with mental symptomas and aching in the sacrum.

Complaints are better when leucorrhea become worse. Or happy when leucorrhea worse.

  • SEPIA:

Usually at the daytime and is practically absent at the night. It is uneasing and exhausting, and it is associated with enlarged mammary gland.


During menses, the legs become quite blue from distended varices and also painful.

  • Leucorrhea is thick, bluish white in color. It occurs only at night ( like caust, merc, nitric acid)
  • Sleeplessness along with due to nervousness and business embarrassment.
  • Every little accident or a little over exertion such as straining at stool ot indulging in walk little longer causes leucorrhea.
  • Asthma on attempting coition
  • These people are averse to the presence of strangers, the presence of even a nurse is unbearable during the stool.


Tough stringy tenacious discharge, acrid thick, greenish follows menses.

Diarrhoea before and during menses. Menses too early and profuse; worse at night. Voluptuous sensation. Leukorrhea acrid, thick, tough, greenish, follows menses. Cannot bear tight clothing around waist (Lach). Traces of menses between menstruation. Soreness of pubes during menses. Metrorrhagia;


Leucorrhœa, yellow, acrid; odor of green corn; worse between periods.

Corrosive itching within vulva, burning and swelling of labia; violent itching between labia and thighs.

Menses too early, prolonged. Vomiting of pregnancy, with ptyalism. Menstrual flow intermits (Puls); ceases on sitting or walking; reappears on lying down. Pain worse after menses. Lochia offensive; intermits.


  • Great sexual desire and excitement in both the sexes and even in aged persons.
  • Effective in certain type of diabetes that is associated with impotence. Along with insatiable thirst.
  • Hysterical temperament- she cries one moment and burst out the next in an uncontrollable fit of laughter.
  • She is frightened and exhibits a great dread of death.
  • Once she is angry, she keeps it for long time and keep on scolding till her lips are blue, eyes stare and she fall in a long spell of fainting.


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Dr Merlin Liza James
Dept. of Homoeopathic Materia medica
Father muller homoeopathic medical college, Mangluru.


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