ROTP programme in Repertory at Bikaner Rajasthan

Re- Orientation Teacher Training Programme on Repertory at Rajasthan

Date 11th April -16th April 2013

Sponsored By : Department Of Ayush, Ministry Of Health &Family Welfare, Govt. Of India

Organizer : M.N. Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Institute, Bikaner(Rajasthan)

Resource Persons

  1. Dr.J.D.Daryani,
  2. Dr.V.C.Acharya,
  3. Dr.Sahani
  4. Dr.T.K.Jain,
  5. Dr.Jawahar Shah
  6. Dr.Sameer Bidwalkar,
  7. Dr.Sinha P.S.,
  8. Dr.Jatin Shah, ,
  9. Dr.Chetna ,
  10. Dr.Patil,
  11. Dr.B.P.Srivastav,
  12. Dr.Bipin Jethani,
  13. Dr.Sanjay Panday,
  14. Dr.Aijaz A Sulemani. 

Correspondence Address
M.N. Hospital Campus Near Karni Singh Stadium, Bikaner


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