Discovery in Homoeopathy – Discover Yourself

Dr Shiv Dua

The world scientists are continuously making experiments and stalling inventions from time to time. In the last few decades we saw invention of TV, computers and mobile phones. In medical field, surgery has excelled and become bloodless. The scientists have taken photo of DNA in the body. So far you had seen sketches of DNA. Magic of ‘Harry potter’ to be invisible is a truth now. Here is the news item in ‘Times of India’ of 12.12.12. ‘New Harry Potter style camouflage fabric coat could make soldiers completely invisible on battle field, by bending light waves around them, has been developed by a Canadian company. This fabric can fool night –vision goggles. However the development is a secret….’

Wear a coat of this fabric and no one can see you during night. This phenomenon called ‘dark energy’ was a concept of great scientist Einstein and is now materialized after eighty years.

What is new on the front of Homoeopathy? We have not tasted any discovery within homoeopathy. We are following what the master taught us and did not deviate from theory. Some scholars of homoeopathy created new schools of opinion and named them ‘Vijaykar’ or ‘Sehgal’ or other method. These are good discoveries and their faith has large fellowship. These are not inventions but discoveries within premises of invention made by great Hahnemann. It is praiseworthy that these schools are trying to make a bend in the procedure of reaching totality of symptoms. There is no ‘discovery’ in homoeopathy. You have to discover yourself.

Here it is how to discover yourself. You have to make some suggested experiments. Let us start.

Difference between discovery and invention
Before starting experiments, we should find difference between discovery and invention. Obtaining knowledge or sight is discovery. To make something new is Invention. Within the theme of homoeopathy we can not invent anything new. We can only discover the secrets of homoeopathy remaining within its principles. There are many untouched avenues that need exploration. Experienced doctors with good practice can experiment discoveries. The Professors and lecturers of colleges, and the government departments attached with homoeopathy can make discoveries.

Why need for discovery?
Great Hahnemann developed a true system of therapeutics to compare with the validity of prevailing pathological doctrines. He found that some change was needed. The pathological theory needed a change to suit his theory of therapeutics. He invented a pathological doctrine which could suit his therapeutics. The pathological theory emphasized on the living organism that is made of different parts of body. On any illness in organism, his theory was helpless. He could not prescribe on the names of organs. For example, if liver was diseased, there was no liver medicine to cure liver. He discovered a different method. He found out the reason of reason of liver-disease. In reasons, he came across predisposing and exciting causes of disease. After finding this, he concentrated on other causes like temperament, idiosyncrasy, habits, climate changes, diet effects, external environment, viruses (miasms) etc. which diseased the liver. He called this finding as subjective and objective symptoms. His next step of discovery was to find the medicine that had similar symptoms of liver disease. In this way he discovered that liver could be cured by finding a series of symptoms similar to those of the disease. Great Hahnemann discovered all this by pure experiments. This was invention.

You need not change this theory but can certainly make experiments to improve upon our present practice. I have toured almost whole of India and visited many homoeopathic clinics in different states. It is seen that there is ONE common method of administration of medicine and that is oral, direct on the tongue. Your first experiment is on this method. 

FIRST EXPERIMENT- Administration of medicine
We have different methods of administration of medicine. Routes can be oral (on the tongue), olfaction (inhale through mouth and nose), rubbing medicine on the skin and through mother’s milk.

1. Great Hahnemann says ‘Globule placed dry upon the tongue is one of the smallest doses for a moderate recent case of illness. Medicines touch few nerves. Globule crushed with some sugar of milk and dissolved in water, stirred and taken produces powerful medicine. Every dose, no matter however minute, touches many nerves.’ (Aphor 272)

2. Besides the tongue, mouth and stomach are most commonly affected by the administration of medicine, the nose and respiratory organs are receptive of the action of medicine in fluid form by means of olfaction (smelling) and inhalation through the mouth. (Aphor. 284). 

Sub-lingual method
There is another method of intake of medicine and this is sub-lingual method.  Great Hahnemann did not pay attention to this method. It could benefit the doctors. When the dilution, globules or powder comes in contact with the mucous membrane beneath the tongue, it diffuses through it. The connective tissue beneath the epithelium contains a profusion of capillaries. The globules diffuse into them and enter venous circulation. In contrast, substances absorbed in the intestines first pass through metabolism of the body. Later it goes to liver to enter the blood circulation.

Sublingual administration has advantages (Read the advantages under heading, ‘experiment the sublingual method’) over on the tongue administration. Its action is faster. The substance will risk only degradation by salivary enzymes before entering the stomach and bloodstream. On the other hand, on the tongue administered -drugs have to survive passage through the hostile environment of the gastrointestinal tract. Before getting dissolved in blood, drug is influenced by stomach acid, bile and other enzymes (such as monoamine oxidase (MAO). On the tongue medicine is completely or partially changed.

You must have seen people addicted to drugs take morphine, LSD etc. through this sub-lingual route. They get quick intoxication. The action of sub-lingual method of intake of homoeopathic medicine is hence fast.

Experiment the sub-lingual method instead of direct on tongue

  • This method of introducing foreign substance beneath the tongue has long been recognized as rapid -acting and efficient. We have an example. In allopathy, the doctor tells the patient with heart pain from constricted coronary arteries (Angina Pectoris) to put the tablet sorbiterate (nitroglycerin) beneath the tongue. This route puts medicine into the blood stream. It is quickly carried to the heart. Heart distributes the whole of medicinal impact into blood stream and patient is free of pain. 
  • Homoeopathic medicine when sent through the same route will have the same impact as that of nitroglycerin. The medicine will reach the nerves through blood quickly.
  • It will be better if the patient observes‘water fast’ for 15 minutes before taking the medicine so that the saliva in the mouth acts efficiently to dissolve the medicine and send it direct to blood/nerves.
  • Similarly one should not take any eatables half an hour before and after taking medicine.
  • The patient should maintain calm and peace while taking medicine. In anger and emotional upsets, the medicine may not work properly.
  • The medicine should be taken either on empty stomach or while retiring in bed after day long day of up and downs of life and tensions. The morning is always a hope of new day and night is for rest after hectic life-routines.
  • The medicine should not be taken while watching TV or cinema. The mind is occupied with the plot of the drama on TV. Some people are very sensitive. They weep, laugh and carry away with the characters. Their emotions and horrors become ‘onlooker’ property.
  • The mouth should be rinsed with some water before taking medicine so that there are no food contents in the mouth.
  • It is better to clean the coating of the tongue, if any, before taking the medicine beneath the tongue.
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco and ‘gutka’ should be stopped during intake of drugs by sub-lingual method.

Once you start this experiment, you will find the difference. Please feed back the report of this experiment to the editor of this magazine so that people know about its success or failure.

This method is not going to cost you extra. Start preaching it.

We have made an experiment with the lingual method of intake of medicines in the last issue. Now is the time to conduct second experiment. In my earlier article, ‘Peremptory need for specific medicines’ published in many homoeopathic journals; there was a mention of mixing of medicines. This trend is in vogue but people are shy of accepting it. Keeping this in view, you have to make an experiment on mixtures of medicines.


Mixtures and patents method
Please note that Dr. Hahnemann in Aph.272-74 says that only one, single simple medicine should be given to the patient at one time. This rule will be violated by resorting to mixtures of medicines. Experiments are meant to obey or violate the norms of a theory in every sphere of life. If some one goes to a cinema hall to see the movie and does not get the ticket, he will either return home or buy a ticket on black. This is wrong practice but still people do it. There is risk of getting caught by police. In our case of making experiment with this new method, there is no risk of punishment.

Most of us know about mixtures of medicines. The logic is that if the medicines mixed are related with each other or complementary, the results will be good. To have guidance on the mixtures, we can refer to books. Book by Dr. P. S. Khokhar is excellent. There are many books on right kind of mixtures with the name of diseases. These are available in the market. I shall cite an example. Suppose a mixture of Aco, bry, china and sulph is suitable for simple fever. (It is a mixing formula prescribed by Dr. Shingle in his book ‘Bedside Prescriber- B.Jain Publishers).

Take two drops each of dilution of Aco, bry, china and one drop of sulpher. All are in thirty potency. Fill it in dropper of 5 ml. Now take one drop of this mixture and mix ninety nine drops of SL in it. Give the mixture downward ten strokes of equal velocity and strength. Mixture has now 1 c potency. Prepare the medicine up to 30 c each time shifting a drop to a new dropper bottle and giving hand-strokes. You know this method. Now the new mixture is ready. Put six drops of this mixture in one dm bottle having globules no. 30 and give four pills thrice daily to the patient having simple fever.  Similarly you can make more of mixtures that are disease wise. I have tried this potentized mixture and found quite effective in simple fever. Along with this, you can prescribe Bio-11, if you desire so. Suppose you have made a medicine with fever mixture, name it as Fever-I. ‘I’ stands for Isopathy. Please note that this is the procedure of Isopathy.

I agree that we are going against the rule by using mixtures. In doing so, there is no violation of principle laid down by great Hahnemann. We have already proved many mixtures. The examples are chloride of potassium, nitrate of potassium, Phosphate of iron, nitrate and chlorate of sodium and so on. 

Same procedure should be followed in the case of patents. The method of preparing mixture is same. You can select any patent for cough, indigestion, prostate, asthma, kidney stones, liver, menses problems etc. made by different drug companies.  You could also make medicine with numbered mixtures like R-1, 2 or B1, 2 etc.

In the case of patents, you have to take one drop of patent drug and mix the same with 99 drops of SL with ten hand strokes as in the earlier procedure. It may be noted that most of mixtures and patents available in the market are in mother tinctures, 3X or 3C potency. I made them into 6 X potency- mixtures being easier but the success rate was negligible. The results were only in 30 C potency. Perhaps potency of 200 may be more effective. You have to make further experiments on this line. This is your choice.

You can make experiments and write your success/failure rate to the editor of this magazine. It will be a discovery from your side, if the procedure works. The fraternity will benefit.

Every remedy has its time of aggravation. For example, arsenic has 12 to 2 Am or PM, Kaliums have 3Am to 5 AM, and Lyco has 4 PM to 8 PM and so on. Since we have made mixtures of many medicines, it is not easy to find out the time of aggravation and hence the patent mixtures can be given at any time and results should be watched. If you find little aggravation on a particular time, better change the time of intake and watch. After all you are making experiment and hence have to bear with failures. Wish you all the best.

Nano or ‘N’ medicines.
To make ‘Nano’ brief, I have named them ‘N’ medicine or nano medicines. Procedure of making this medicine is simple. The best results are seen in two hundred and thirty potency.  Take a drop of, say, calcarea carb 200. Mix it with 99 drops of SL. Dilute the same as per procedure up to thirty levels. This means that the potency of 200 has increased to 230. Label this medicine as CC 200N. Five to six drops of this medicine is to be poured in 1 dm. globules. Only four pills of this CC 200N are to be given to the CC patient.  The results of CC 200N are far better than CC200. 

No medicine with potency beyond 30 and below 200 is available in the market. Similarly no medicine with potency beyond 200 is available except 1 M.

We are increasing the potency of 200 by its consequent dilutions per procedure. Many of you will object that there is not much of difference between 200 and 230. Dear friend, there is difference. I have experienced it. You will wonder that I have purchased very few dilutions from the market during last many years. The stock of medicines with me is updated with addition of S.L and strokes with hand as per procedure. All the medicines of 30 potency in my clinic are 31,32, 33 or 34. The same is with 200 potency medicines. They are 201, 202, 203 and so on. After years of giving these up graded medicines to the patients thinking they are equal to 30 or 200, I found that these medicines were fetching better results.

This is the reason why I thought of upgrading the medicine’s potency up to extra thirty. 200 becomes 230 and 30 becomes 60 potency.

As usual with every method, accurate selection of medicine is necessary. CC 200N (example) may be too strong a dose of a medicine which may have been even quite homeopathically chosen for the morbid state and it may prove injurious by its mere magnitude if sensitive persons use it. Vital force may be affected for highly sensitive persons.(Aphor 275). If we study Aphor. 276, it is clear that too large dose of an accurately chosen homoeopathic medicine and especially when frequently repeated, can bring much trouble as a rule. Please note that single dose of ‘N’ medicine should be given. Please do not make any repetition till a considerable time or when it fails. If the aggravation takes place, it is better to give anti-dote of CC. If the dose is small and there is no repetition, it has to give advantageous result. 200N potency needs this caution but 30N may be given in repeated doses according to the nature of medicine. (Example is Belladonna)

In Aphor. 278 and 279, great Hahnemann confirms that ‘pure experiment, careful observation of the sensitiveness of each patient and accurate experience can alone determine this in each individual case.’ He further says that the dose of the homeopathically selected and highly potentized remedy is important. In chronic diseases, the medicine should be stronger artificially so as to overpower the original disease.

I am giving some cases for your information as how wonderfully they have worked on my patients.  There was no adverse effect or aggravation in these cases. Before you read the cases given below, please note that this procedure is suitable for both chronic and acute cases. I have tried 200N and 30N potencies for my patients.

As detailed in our first experiment, precaution should be taken on the time of giving medicine as this may have an adverse effect on the patient. We know the aggravation time of Lyco, Ars, Kaliums, Natrum mur and sulpher. Better to give the medicine during safe zones.

If some aggravation occurs and symptoms are not violent, the next remedy must be given. If the symptoms are violent, the antidote should be given first and case again undertaken for a revision.

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