Dr Abhin Chand HMC Bhubaneswar MD (Hom) Admission 2011

Topics : Materia Medica, Repertory, Organon, Pharmacy, Practice of Medicine

Last date of forms reaching the office is 22nd August 2011

Dr Abhin Chand Homoeopathic Medical College Bhubaneswar 751 001  Orissa
Tel. No. – 0674 – 2391737

Website – www.drachmc.ori.nic.in
For the Session : 2010-2011

Dr.  A.  C. Homoeopathic Medical College &  Hospital, Bhubaneswar  is   one   of  the  best   Homoeopathic      Institutions  of   India.   It   is  the  premier   Govt. Homoeopathic Medical college of the State, established in the year 1969. It is the first Homoeopathic College in the country to get the recognition of Dept . of Indian  Systems      of   Medicine   and   Homoeopathy,      (presently   Dept.   of   AYUSH)  Govt.   of  India as the Model Homoeopathic College.

It  is  the  only  institute  among    all  the  Homoeopathic      Colleges     of  Orissa   to   get  accreditation  with   the   Dept.   of   Indian   Systems of  Medicine   and Homoeopathy        (presently   Dept.   of   AYUSH),   under   Ministry   of   Health   &  Family Welfare, Govt.  of India, for Research & Development  in Homoeopathy.

Initially,  the   name   of  the   college   was “Govt. Homoeopathic Medical  College      &   Hospital”     which   was     later   renamed      as   Dr.   A bhin    Chandra  Homoeopathic   Medical   College   and   Hospital”,   in   recognition   of   the   services   of  late Padmashree Dr. Abhin Ch. Rao, the renowned Homoeopathic physician of  Orissa     who    served    as   Honorary     Homoeopathic       Physician     to  three   former  Presidents of India.

The    College    imparted    4  &   1/2   years’   Diploma   course   (D.H.M.S.)  from   the   session   1969-70      which   was    substituted   by   5  &  1/2  year’s   Degree  course   (B.H.M.S.)  from  the   session  1977-78.  Besides,  the   college was elevated  to P.G. standard during the academic session 1996-97.

The   college   is   affiliated   to  Utkal  University  and follows the syllabi  and   curricula   prescribed   by  the   university  in  the   light  of  the   recommendations of  the   Central   Council   of   Homoeopathy,   New   Delhi,   both   for   Under   Graduate   and  Post Graduate   courses.

P.G.   Course     in   Homoeopathy-M.D.(Hom.)   in   the   subject       Materia  Medica      was     introduced     from   the   session    1996-97     vide  G.O.    No.9155/H.,  dt.29.03.95,    in   the  subjects   of  Organon     of  Medicine    and   Repertory   from  the  session     1997-98,    vide   G.O.   No.   44267/H.,  dt.28.10.97     and    in   the  subject   of  Practice     of   Medicine   and   Homoeopathic      Pharmacy   from   the   session   2007-08  vide G.O. No.15750/H.,  dt.14.06.2007.


i)      To    provide   adequate,    meaningful    teaching ,   training  and   researchfacilities in the field of Homoeopathy.

ii)     To    produce    young,   skilled  and   efficient  physicians,   teachers   and  research scholars and specialists in respective fields.

iii)    To   encourage   research   works   in   the   field   of   Homoeopathy,   with  a view for establishing its scientificity.

Name of the Subject with  No. of Seats

i)       Materia Medica –   03 (Three)

ii)      Organon  of Medicine & Philosophy  03 (Three)

iii)     Repertory-  03 (Three)

iv)     Practice of Medicine   03 (Three)

v)      Homoeopathic Pharmacy – 03 (Three)


The    duration   of   the  P.G.   Course  shall   be  of   3   years   including   one   year  House   Job   in  the Hospital attached to Dr. A. C. Homoeopathic Medical College, Bhubaneswar.

Session :

The    academic      session    shall   ordinarily   commence       from   July,  unless  otherwise   change   of  period   is   notified   by the competent authority.   Admission to  the P.G Course will be made once in a year.

Reservation :

A)   In   the   subject   of   Materia   Medica,  Repertory  and   Organon  of  Medicine   &     homoeopathic Philosophy –

i)  02    (two)    seats    in   each    discipline    are   open     to   all  eligible  candidates belonging to State of Orissa.

ii) One seat in each discipline mentioned above are reserved for in – service candidates .

iii)  All   seats   mentioned   in   (i)   and   (ii)   category   are   reserved   for   the    permanent residents of Orissa only.

Reservation for In-Service candidates belonging to Clause
n   case   of  In-service  doctors,   03   seats   are   earmarked  for   them,   i.e.  one   each   in   the subject    of   Materia   Medica,  Repertory    and   Organon   of   Medicine   and   Homoeopathic   Philosophy provided   the   candidates    secure   qualifying   marks   in   the   entrance   examination. In-service   doctors who   have    completed     atleast  5  years   of  continuous     service  being   regularly   recruited   are  only eligible   for   the   above   category   and   will   get  their   salary   from   Govt.  of  Orissa  as   these   seats   are supernumerary       seats   and   no   stipend   is   earmarked   for   them.  As   these   seats   are   supernumerary seats and no stipend is earmarked against these seats, these cannot be filled up by other than in – service   candidates   even   if  the   seats   are   lying   vacant   for   any   case. To   achieve the percentage of representation   in   P.G.   Admission   for   S.C.   & S.T. candidates as well as general candidates  in in- service   category ,  a   period   of  five   years   has been taken as one block to complete the percentage of  representation.  20%   of  seats   shall   be   reserved   for   S.C.   &   S.T.   candidates;   of  these   12% for S.T.   &   8%  for   S.C.   candidates.   In   case   of  non-availability   of  eligible S.C. candidates, the seats shall   be   filled  up  by  the   eligible   S.T.  candidates  and   vice   versa.  In   case   of   non-availability  of eligible   S.C.   or   S.T.   candidate(s),   the   same   will   be   filled   up   by   the   eligible   general candidate(s), subject    to  possessing      the  qualifying   marks.  The    block   period  started   from   2007-08   and    will continue upto 2011-12   which is shown in the table below.

a)       The     P.G.    Students    except     In-service    candidates,    under     State  Government   or   Government  of  India   shall  get  monthly  stipend   at  the   rate   as   will  be    decided     by   the  Govt.   of   Orissa  from   time   to time,   subject   to   satisfactory  performance   of   their  duties   and   maintenance   of  academic   discipline,  during   the  whole period of study.

b)   The stipend of the in-service P.G. students under employment of Govt.  of   Orissa,   will   be   governed   by   the   Resolution   No.   3085/H   dt.5.7.1976   and   No.  38447/F      dt.29.7.80    and   such   other   orders    of   the  Govt.   of   Orissa,   as   may   be issued from time to time.

c)   Every   P.G.    Student,   on   admission,     shall   execute    a  bond    on   stamp  paper valued Rs.100/- in the form specified in Annexure – 4 abiding to study and  complete the course and in case he/she leaves the course or if his/her admission  is   cancelled    by   the   authority,   before   completion   of   the   course,   for   any   reason,  he/she   shall   return   the   amount   of   stipend   received   upto   that  date   by  him/her  to  the college.

d)    The   stipend     is  payable     after   verification   of   attendance      and    on  recommendation          of   satisfactory    progress     by   the   Head     of   the   department  concerned.

Eligibility for admission

(A) There are 02 (two) categories of candidates eligible for admission to     M.D. (Hom.) course.

(i) In   the   subjects   of   Materia   Medica,   Repetory   and      Organon   of           Medicine   and   Homoeopathic   Philosophy  being   funded by Govt. of Orissa,  the   candidates     who    are   permanent      resident   of  Orissa    are  eligible    for  admission.

(ii) In   the   subjects    of Practice     of  Medicine      and   Homoeopathic           Pharmacy  being        funded    by   Govt.   of   India,   50%   seats  are  reserved   for           candidates outside the State of Orissa and rest 50% of seats are reserved   for    candidates     belonging     to the    State   of  Orissa.    Candidates      seeking           admission  under  the        later category  of   Clause   (ii)  must   be   a  permanent    resident of Orissa.
(B) The candidates seeking admission for M.D. (Hom.) must possess :

i)  A   Degree     qualification   in  Homoeopathy  of   not   less      than   5&1/2    years  duration     (including   1  year    compulsory     rotatory   internship)   and   included    in   the  Second Schedule to Homoeopathy  Central Council Act, 1973

Basis of Selection

i)      The   selection   of   candidates   for   M.D.(Hom.)   Course   will  be   made  on    the   basis   of   merit   in   the   Entrance   Examination    (written   test).   The         examination  shall be conducted   in English medium only.

ii)     Qualifying     marks    for   admission    will  be  50%    of  the  total   marks  in          Entrance   Examination  in  case of general candidates & 40% of the total   marks   in case of S.C./S.T. candidates. The candidates without securing  the qualifying   marks shall not be selected even if the seats fall vacant.

iii)    There    shall   be one    paper   of   1&1/2   hours   duration   containing   100  multiple   choice   questions.   Each   question   will  carry  2   marks   and   as  such the total marks shall be 200 .

iv)     The  subject  wise   distribution  of  question  i n  the entrance examination is   as follows.

Number  of    questions

1.      Materia Medica    –  15

2.      Organon  of Medicine  –  15

3.      Homoeopathic Pharmacy   –  15

4.      Repertory – 15

5.      Practice of Medicine –  15

6.      Obstetrics and Gynaecology –   05

7.      Pathology –  05

8.      Surgery –  04

9.      Community  Medicine –  05

10.    Anatomy –  02

11.     Physiology  & Biochemistry –  02

12.     F.M.T.    –  02

Total    =   100

Evaluation :    All  questions    will  be  of  objective   type,  of  the  standard    of  B.H.M.S.

Examination   and   mostly   cover  all  the   subjects   of  the   B.H.M.S.  Course.

The marks will be awarded as follows   :

Response  &   Marks

Correct   –    2 (two)

Incorrect –  -1/2 (Minus   half)

More than  one response –  -1/2 (Minus   half)

Blank answer  box –    -1/2 (Minus   half)

Answer box marked “X”   –     0 (Zero)

Cutting,      erasing,     overwriting     or   writing    with pencil –  0 (Zero)

vi)      In case of equal mark at the Entrance Examination), the inter-se merit of   the   candidates   shall  be   determined   on the basis of the marks obtained  by  the   candidates   in  the   Final  B.H.M.S./  Graded   B.H.M.S.  Examination  in first attempt.

In  case   of  further  tie,  the decision of the P.G. Selection Committee shall be final.

vii)     The   subjects   will   be   allocated   to   the   candidates   on   the   basis   of   their merit in the Entrance Examination,  during counselling.

viii)    Scrutiny  or  re-valuation  of  the   papers   of Entrance Examination shall not  be   allowed   on any ground. In any controversy, the decision taken by the Selection Committee shall  be final and binding.

ix)      The   benefit  of  additional  weightage   of  marks   to the extent of 5% in the qualifying    examination       will  be  extended     to  in-service    candidates      only   who have rendered minimum 03 years of service in the tribal / backward  areas   notified   by  Government.  (Letter  No.22839/H., 1.07.1998 of H.    & F.W. Deptt.)

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Visit College Website : Website – www.drachmc.ori.nic.in
Moe details and application form : http://as.ori.nic.in/drachmc/FORM/form-prospectus-PG.pdf

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